Book Review: Radiant Human

Book Review: Radiant Human

Radiant Human: Discover the Connection Between Color, Identity, and Energy (What Aura Photographs Tell Us About Ourselves) by Christina Lonsdale truly has it all: extensive info about her 8-year experiments in aura photography, gorgeous eye-candy photographs, and fascinating observations about being an energetic being having a human experience. 

We just launched our own aura photography project, Personal Rainbow, and Radiant Human has obviously been a huge inspiration for our fascination with the color magic of energy! We love that Christina didn't just accept the standard aura reading approach that other photographers subscribed to. She did her own research, mapping out patterns and spending time with clients to note the different factors that contributed to their changing vibes. There are “case studies” throughout the book charting auras of different subjects over time, including celebs like SZA and how energy shows up in different relationships. As DIY Witches, we really appreciate the "why" behind the "what"!

Lish: "I loved the section about the couple! I always thought couple photos showed one person's energy on each side, but in this study she explains how the photo actually shows their whole energy as a couple."

Denali: I love the section about twins, I point it out to everyone who picks up the book in store!

Cole: “As someone raised around very skeptical people, the ‘science experiment’ of tracking all the patterns and trends is the coolest part and proves that it IS real!”

Christina blends all these studies and her philosophy of energy into a how-to of reading Aura Photography, dedicating a chapter to each color (including how different colors interact with each other) and explaining her "distribution map" of energy. She also shares snippets about her own life, like coming of age in the 90s underground rave scene and following her intuition to unlikely places. 

Paige: "I love how Christina describes her unlikely path of landing in energy work- that working as a loss prevention secret shopper gave her the opportunity to observe human habits and mannerisms from a unique perspective. We all wound up at HausWitch via pretty weird and winding paths that turned out to be perfectly aligned, so that's super relatable!"

All that to say, Radiant Human is the coolest textbook ever for anyone learning about energy on a practical and also PRETTY level. Beautiful format, fun presentation, and pretty much the entire staff bought one as soon as they saw the holographic cover!





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