A Spell for Finding Vintage Miracles

A Spell for Finding Vintage Miracles

by Paige Curtin @junk_witch

This spell is tried and true by the thrifting witches of HausWitch, and we're SO excited for our Witch Switch table at the first Eleventh House Vintage clothing swap we had to write it down! Send us pics of what you find!


-At least 1 item to donate

-Paper + something to write with

-A candle

-A piece of sea glass, a crystal for abundance like Pyrite or Citrine, OR a tiny trinket you’ve already thrifted (think skeleton key, thimble, mini animal figurine, etc)

-Hand sanitizer

Step 1: Turn your trinket into a talisman! I think seaglass is PERFECT for finding vintage miracles, since the ocean herself upcycled it from litter to treasure. But if you don’t have access to beach glass, Pyrite + Citrine are amazing attractors, or you can charm a small trinket from a past thrifting adventure! Place your trinket and hand sanitizer together in a special place (an altar if you have one, or a particularly sunny windowsill if not. Or your nightstand, or the edge of your bathtub, or your favorite tree, or wherever else you feel magical!)

Light your candle and imagine the flame lighting the path to your Perfect Thing. Imagine the glow from the candle surrounding your altar and you. If you have a clear idea of what you’re searching for, write it down (be specific!) or draw a picture, and place the paper on your altar too. Take a few deep breaths here and focus on your intention. When you’re ready, extinguish your candle if it hasn’t burnt itself out. 

Step 2: Make an offering; offerings are traditionally libations, flowers, or crystals (among many many other things!) that you place on an altar during spellwork, as a gift to the spirits and ancestors who guide you. Magically speaking it’s just polite, and when it comes to consumerism “one in, one out” is generally a good principle to follow! So our offering for this Vintage Miracle spell is a donation to either the store you’re shopping at, or a local organization that accepts item donations. Do a little de-clutter of your space Marie Kondo-style, make sure you WASH any clothes you’re donating, and as you hand them over focus all your intention on the next person having a joyous thrifting moment as they spot your treasure. 

Step 3: Pop your trinket in your pocket or purse, and make sure it’s on your non-dominant side (so if you’re a lefty, put it in your right pocket). Your non-dominant side is your “receptive” side while your dominant side is “projective”, and this spell is all about receiving, baby! Cleanse your hands with hand sanitizer and as you rub them together notice the tingling energy that will lead you to your miracle.

Step 4: Treasure hunt! Let your intuition lead you. 

Step 5: Repeat



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