Simmer Spells
Simmer Spells
Simmer Spells
Simmer Spells
Simmer Spells
Simmer Spells

Simmer Spells

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Simmer Spells


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Our newest HausWitch exclusive!

Instructions: Empty ingredients into a gently simmering pot, and let the scent fill your space. Strain after steaming + refrigerate in jar to re-use for up to a week, or until scent fades. Not for consumption.

A Simmer Spell for Spring
With Lavender for purification, Lime + Mint for healing, Ginger for motivation, Butterfly Pea Flower for transformation, and Cornflower for protection.
Spring cleaning! Tidy your space, then set up your simmer pot and whisper into the water something you’d like to release. Once you’re all simmered out, flush the water and wave goodbye!

A Simmer Spell for Summer
With Lemon + Life Everlasting for longevity, Basil for wealth, Calendula for solar power, and Strawberry, Rose + Lemon Balm for love.
Praise summer! Set up your simmer pot and stir clockwise as you reflect on gratitude for your favorite summer things. Once you're all simmered out, anoint your favorite spots in your home with a drop or two to show your appreciation.

A Simmer Spell for Fall
With Cinnamon + Chamomile for protection, Star Anise + Mugwort for psychic powers, and Apple for manifesting.
The season of the witch! Before adding it to the pot, use the Cinnamon stick to draw symbols of protection in the air around your space. Once you’re all simmered out and the water is cool, dip your fingers in and draw a line of security across your thresholds.

A Simmer Spell for Winter
With Bay Leaf + Blood Orange for divination, Clove for abundance, Juniper Berries + Eucalyptus for protection, and Cranberries for rejuvenation.
Intentional wintering! Before adding it to the pot, write an intention for the new year on the Bay Leaf. Once you're all simmered out, anoint your pillow with a few drops for visionary dreams.