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HausWitch Home + Healing is a modern metaphysical lifestyle brand and shop, providing Salem locals and visitors with a selection of witchy and handmade products from independent makers from around New England and the US! HausWitch combines the principles of earth magic, meditation, herbalism, and interior decorating to bring magic and healing into everyday spaces. HausWitch will always be an inclusive space for all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, abilities, and anyone who feels like they are in need of a truly supportive and safe environment in this ever-changing world.Learn More

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  • MAR 12: Virtual Pisces New Moon Circle
  • MAR 30: Virtual Tarot Salon
  • APR 11: Virtual Aries New Moon Circle
  • APR 26: Virtual Scorpio Full Moon Circle
  • MAY 11: Virtual Taurus New Moon Circle
  • MAY 26: Virtual Sagittarius Full Moon Circle