Introducing Personal Rainbow!

Introducing Personal Rainbow!

Introducing Personal Rainbow!
Channeled via Melissa Nierman

Twenty years ago, the Internet barely existed…

We saw each other only face to face, skin to skin, eye socket to eye socket. 

Maybe we heard each other’s voices over a “new” piece of technology (at least in the context of history) called a Telephone. 

Or we read each other’s words transcribed on a piece of Paper born from the body of a tree. 

And before that…and before that…

We still knew each other. 

We’ve always known each other - in physical form, yes, but also in a form just under the surface of material reality - in the form of ENERGY. Our energetic bodies formed in a Timelessness that we can sometimes drop into in moments of quiet, when the hurried pace of this Life seems to evaporate and we can FEEL something that is more Real than anything we can ever encounter with our physical eyes. It’s US, it’s YOU, it’s who we are without names, labels - all the trappings that keep us grounded (and sometimes stifled) in this buzzing world of modernity. 

And yet the same technologies that assure that we stay firmly in the 3-dimensional reality of sights and sounds and apps and convenience beyond any historical person’s wildest dreams, can help make us feel whole again. The key word being FEEL because we are in fact always whole, but so many of us have been tricked by narratives we’ve been fed since birth to believe otherwise - that we are somehow unworthy, broken, weird, unwanted, not enough…

How can we ever learn believe in our wholeness?

(Maybe it takes a deep unraveling of a million layers of socialization and a lifetime of learning self-love). 

And yet something as seemingly “mundane” (in today’s sci-fi world) as a camera could help us confirm what our senses already KNOW, but our modern brains don’t always allow us to believe: that we’re all just ENERGY…beautiful, swirling, changing, vibrational negotiations with the energetic forces of the world around us. 

What if everyone could “see” what they’re already sensing? 

When they walk into a room and KNOW that something is off….something. Or they meet a stranger and immediately feel at ease in their company. What is that SOMETHING, if not Energy? 

And so, we whole-heartedly welcome this next generation of Seers, an oracle made of metal and wires and melted sand to help awaken what we already know and that we all have glimpses of however fleeting - that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL ENERGETIC BEINGS. 

No matter how much we struggle and feel like we’re “failing,” no matter what we wish we did or didn’t do, no matter how the physical manifestation of our bodies compare subjectively to that of the Kardashians…’


And so we proudly Introduce to You All…. Prismatica (otherwise known as an AuraCamera 6000), whose essence is as Alive as the rest of the UNIVERSE:

And Delores (otherwise known as a Photo Booth), our vessel, our sacred space for scrying into our energetic beings, for daring to SEE what we already know:

And finally, to Personal Rainbow, our sigil, the seal of our intentions: 


And so we hope that Together, we can bring a little confirmation to the world, a nod to what so many of us already KNOW but may still may need to be reminded of sometimes… even if just in the form of a photograph: 

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