WitchList: Top 5 Craigslist Finds!

WitchList: Top 5 Craigslist Finds!

So last week Dave and I scored a major Craiglist victory.
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So last week Dave and I scored a major Craiglist victory. We had been looking for "our bed" for a while since our bed was really my bed, and had been around for many shall we say, experiences. I wanted something like this, but I couldn't didn't want to spend the money. I know IKEA has its own version, the Lillesand, but its still like $200 and I'm really cheap. Now is probably a good time to admit that I have trouble paying full price even for IKEA furniture. This is because of course, I'm really cheap. But it's also because I have pretty much always been able to find EXACTLY what I wanted on Craigslist. You can probably see where this is going... I found the bed on Craigslist and now everything is officially right with the world!

So, in honor of our new bed I present to you my



5. Office Storage Ottomans!

These were $4 each. $8 total. Do I even need to go on? They keep junk and clutter out of sight and you can put your feet on them. What else is there?

white chairedittext

4. The White Chair

I searched every combination of "white chair" "mid century chair" "white vinyl retro" "danish chair' "mid century white" "side chair"... (on and on and on) everyday for about a year for this guy. When I found it, it was $45. It's not the most comfortable but it's decent. For 45 bucks, its a damn miracle.


3. My desk!

Its the Parsons desk from West Elm. This was another case where I just searched "Parsons" and it turned up. It retails for $349. That's what I like to call "the sucker price". I paid $100, but also I sold the desk I already had (on Craigslist) for $50 so really it's like I only paid $50 for a $350 desk. Which basically means that I rule at Craigslist.


2. My Kitchen Island!

This little beauty is 100% IKEA via Craigslist. It sells new for $399. We got it from a couple in Allston for $150! Stools included! The key to finding good stuff on Craigslist is your search terms. Figure out what you want and then be as specific as possible in the search bar. For stuff from stores that name their furniture just put in the name of the item and see what comes up. 9 times out of 10, you'll find exactly what you're looking for in a matter of weeks. This is the STENSTORP and it's worth every penny of the 38% of retail I paid for it. bed2edittext

1. The bed.

Finally. So, IKEA sells the bed for $169. I got it for $75. However, I did have to rent a Zipcar to pick it up since there was no way it was going to fit in my roller skate of a car. So that added another $36. But that's okay because its EXACTLY what we wanted and we love it and its amazing and it was still cheaper than retail price! So there you have it. I love and appreciate Craigslist in a major way. Maybe you do too? Have you ever found treasure in someone else's "trash"? Craiglist, curbside or otherwise? HausWitch wants to know! Brought to you by the new moon and "Disorder" by Joy Division.



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