Winthrop Waterloo

When I was in 7th and 8th grade I had that algebra teacher that everyone in the whole school talked about because she was so mean. Her name was Mrs. Beinhoff and she kept a statue of Napoleon in her desk. When we would encounter a certain type of problem that seemingly didn't have an answer, she would pull out the statue and start asking it about the Battle of Waterloo like some sort of demented Shari Lewis routine. For those of you who aren't history geeks familiar, the Battle of Waterloo was where the French military dictator, Napoleon was finally shut down after 10 years of successful military conquest. Basically, Waterloo has come to symbolize defeat. What does all of this have to do with HausWitch? (Or anything really?) Well, my new clients Suzanne and Alan have come to their Waterloo. They have a lovely, well furnished home in Winthrop, Massachusetts, right on the water, with an amazing deck, beautiful views off the kitchen and ABSOLUTELY NO DECOR. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, there's a mirror here and a vase there but for all intents and purposes there isn't much. The reason is that Alan's taste and Suzanne's taste are on completely opposite ends of the design spectrum and they have given up trying to meld them. Here's what I'm talking about:


Yep. Dead serious. You can see why they haven't been able to agree on much. So I'm gonna start in the bedroom. Here's a picture of it now:


The budget is $200-300. The task is to "warm it up"...aaaaaand figure out how to combine Suzanne and Alan's style without ripping a hole in the fabric of space-time.

I am convinced I can do it. Mrs. Beinhoff, this one's for you.

****The moon is in Leo and THIS (for inspiration)****