Witchlist: OBSESSED

So I'm gearing up for a bunch of projects right now. I'm working on the JP Nooks bedroom, the Raspberry Towers "mad scientist" nursery, my porch, and a wolf den (seriously, kinda!) But I don't have much to report yet. So in the meantime I thought I'd do a Witchlist post and talk about some stuff I'm into right now.


Okay, I'll admit that even as I'm typing this I can't really think of a use for these little Instagram Mini-stickers. But I meeeeeean, they're really cute. Who doesn't like a sticker of an Instagram?! Plus, I still have a scientific calculator that I got in the eighth grade because of the awesome stickers on the cover. It hasn't worked in YEARS. So there. Also you get like a million (252) for $10. otherwild2text Otherwild Goods and Services is a "hybrid retail store and graphic design studio "in Los Angeles. They also have an online shop THANK GOD. This place is genius and I want everything. Since I probly can't actually have everything, here are some of my favorite things: 1. These posters by Eve Fowler. This one is a quote from Gertrude Stein. If the price tag is too high maybe this can inspire a DIY project? Just sayin'. 2. Darlene Tote Bag. Need I say more? 3. Woodward Gardens Sage and Mugwort Bundles. Perfect for smudging a new apartment/haus! 4. Ceramics by Jen Kuroki. I'm having a hard time picking my favorite one but I'm pretty sure it's the Ceramic Unglazed Circle Canister... or the Ceramic White Drip Glaze Cup... or the Ceramic Vase/Cup Glossy White Glaze Dots with Unglazed Surface. Forget it, they're all gorge and I love them. 5. Queer Lit Pillows by Stephanie Berks. When I tell people that I have an MA in Gender and Cultural Studies, it usually elicits a response like, "hmmmm, what does that even mean?" or "awwww, well bless your little heart!" So when I see a pillow with Judith Butler on it, I pretty much have to post about it. GCS people: amIright? 6. Boundaries In A Bottle. Okay so I actually bought this one and it pretty much changed my life. First of all, it's made by a witch named Dori Midnight, so it's got that going for it already. Then, a fan described it on the website as "psychic barbed wire " which is pretty awesome and totally accurate. I won't pretend to know exactly how it works but I spray it on every day like perfume and not only does it smell delicious and herbal-y but I can honestly say that I notice a difference. I'm dead serious. Buy some if you feel like you or your space need some protection from meanies. crazies or creeps. vaso-planters So I've spent the better part of two weeks planning out my porch makeover (stay tuned), browsing and pricing plants, planters, birdhouses, and all sorts of porch-related things. I can now say, with certainty that love is a battlefield and most inexpensive outdoor furnishings are ugly as sin. Refreshingly, these Vaso Planters from CB2 have a little bit of moxie to them. $10 for the small guys and $22 for the big'in. I saw stuff at KMart that cost more than that and it was the color and shape of sadness. So there was a new moon AND a partial solar eclipse and now the moon is in Cancer. Go forth and smudge. "Speak a secret word" on Wednesday.