JP NOOKS Kitchen Edition: Before and After!

JP NOOKS Kitchen Edition: Before and After!

Next up in the JP Nooks $100 per room makeover is the kitchen. I had three main goals for this room:
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Next up in the JP Nooks $100 per room makeover is the kitchen. I had three main goals for this room: 1. Declutter. 2. Add lighting. 3. Make it a happy place.


Here's the thing, when you rent (especially when you rent "vintage" apartments) you will almost certainly end up with either a hideous kitchen or a hideous bathroom. I have a hideous bathroom. Jackie and Liz have HAD a kitchen with some challenges.


So the first thing I suggested was to simply turn the island around to hide the cluttered shelves of pots and pans. This one, tiny, little, COMPLETELY FREE change has a huge impact on the room. The pots and pans are still totally accessible, but the jumble doesn't greet you right when you walk in the room.

Next, we brought in an unused bookcase from another room for extra storage. The beer poster was originally in the dining room/office but I liked it for the kitchen better. I love how the wood frame accents the wood of the butcher block counter top.


The rest was a conversation. It sounded like this: Jackie: "Hey maybe we could frame some of my instagrams for the kitchen?" HausWitch: "Sure!" [caption id="attachment_919" align="aligncenter" width="488"]kitcheninstagramcollage Instagram printing .89 each + Frames $6 each = 20.67[/caption] Jackie and Liz: "We really want bright red in the kitchen!" HausWitch: "Done."


Jackie: "Hey you know those canister thingies that you put rice and pasta and stuff in? Can I get some of those? " HausWitch: "Totally, but I will need the wing of a bat and hemlock gathered under the moonlight."


Just Kidding Just Kidding Just Kidding. I'm not that kind of witch... yet. Next was lighting. The overhead light in the kitchen worked only intermittently (yay for renting!) so they had a floor lamp plugged in by the stove. This bothered me on many, many levels. (I am a maniac about lighting). [caption id="attachment_925" align="aligncenter" width="488"]kitchenafterlightseditarrow Pendant Lamps (West Elm via Craigslist) $2.50 each. Cord Kits (IKEA) $5.00 each= $15.00 total[/caption] I found these West Elm pendant shades on Craigslist for $10. $10 Each? NOPE. $10 for both?! NOPE. $10 FOR A SET OF FOUR or $2.50 each!!! Maybe its weird but I had a design high for days after I found these babies. They're simple and diner-y, and the fact that they're metal makes them perfect for a kitchen.


Last was some simple red curtains, a "catch-all" bowl for the island and some cute tea towels to add a touch of whimsy to the space. That's right, I said "whimsy." And I meant it.



kitchenaftertoweleditHere's how the budget broke down:

Next up: Bedroom! Happy Beltane! Today is halfway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice and a traditionally big day for earth religions and the like. Hopefully you were up at dawn rubbing dew all over your face to make you more attractive or leading your livestock through the middle of two giant bonfires to bless them for the season ahead. No? Well maybe you can improvise. I'm going to celebrate Beltane by parading my cats between two candles and thinking of things that make me warm and fuzzy about Spring. Like my porch, (and it's upcoming makeover), eating outside, and wearing shoes without socks. Gratitude people, gratitude.




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