What's Your Type? Spells for 7 Kinds of Love

What's Your Type? Spells for 7 Kinds of Love

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Who says you can only have one true love? Love comes in a billion different flavors, so even if you're anti-Cupid you can tap into the vibe of the season and honor the sweethearts in your life. 

Self Love- First on the list because it always starts here! Light a fancy scented candle like Queendom of Heaven and inhale love, exhale doubt. Or inhale something else from a special-occasion piece that makes you feel like a high priestexx! Following your whims is an exercise in intuition, so eat whatever sounds delicious for dinner. And dessert! Light a beeswax candle illuminate your sweet side- bonus points if the candle is a super sexy goddexx

Friends- Nothing’s better than friends! Light a Season of The Witch candle to keep your circle close or find your people- they're looking for you too! Give your besties a little token of your affection to wear or carry every day... our coven loves these scout-style buttons, because the fun of a coven is honoring everyone's unique talents (collaboration over competition, always). Or you could wear your bestie's chart on your sleeve with Zodiac crystal bracelets! Grab a pack of Goober Candles and use a safety pin or bent paperclip to carve a wish for your buds into the wax. Then get silly and play some games together, IRL or online because laughing is one of the most powerful spells there is!

Romance- Jump in a hot shower and scrub up with something sugary to encourage attraction on an energetic level. Dreaming of You was crafted in ritual to help sweeten the vibe... and it smells so good, everyone will wanna get close ;) Turn your bedroom into a love nest: cast A Secret Spell for Romance, freshen up the bed with clean sheets, and bring earthy allies into the space like cinnamon and garnet. Seeking a soulmate? Slip a rose quartz into your pocket to boost your signal! 

Parenthood- Raising a future generation of witches takes radical softness! Wrap yourself and your little witch in a snuggly blanket, and imagine the blanket glowing with a warm pink light. Remember this loving light any time you feel stressed or distant from each other (because it happens, you're only human!) Hold a supportive crystal while you do, OR place one under your bed to help with baby making... we always recommend Rainbow Moonstone for inviting ancestral guidance. Aura Quartz can help you connect to childlike energy, plan a playdate with your wee one and let them teach you something! 

Queer Love- No one does chosen family like the queers! Queer love transcends all categories: self-love, friendship, romance, parenthood, community, it's all here and queer! Put a rainbow on your window to keep your space cleansed with queer-friendly vibes. Connect with the wider LGBTQ+ community by reading stories and appreciating art, because queer culture is magic! Send a love note to all your friends and let them know you love them BECAUSE they're gay, not in spite of it. Cast a protection spell for queer youth everywhere and end your ritual with a donation to a queer-led org doing the work of deprogramming. Every queer is magic! 

Cosmic Community Love- When you're just so dang grateful for your community, local and global! There's always some love you can give back, magic or down-to-earth. Gather some friends for a neighborhood cleanup, then share a meal and brainstorm other community service projects. Cast a simple spell for tearing down anti-Earth systems like the patriarchy, and hold yourself accountable for doing better. Light a candle and put it near a window to create an energetic lighthouse of hope (bonus points for sparking a radical ritual match!) Find your local mutual aid, food pantry, or shelter and volunteer your time, energy, and magic: abundance spells all around! Let the world know that someone you love is a working class artist!

Bonus spells for broken hearts: It happens and you're not alone, but it sucks this time of year! Surround yourself with flowers, or take a supportive flower essence. Nourish your body even if you don't feel like it (yes, that is a spell!) Connect with others who are Going Through It and share your stories to spread the solidarity; How to Heal Heartbreak: Stories of Sadness, Ritual, and Food covers all those bases. 




The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.