Power Palette: A Color Magic Ritual for Pisces Season

Power Palette: A Color Magic Ritual for Pisces Season

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by Kalyn Anderson

Welcome to Pisces season, witches! The final sign of the zodiac asks us to dive deep into our dreams, fantasies, and subconscious in order to access our own inner wisdom. This water sign carries an energy of creativity, abstract thinking, empathy, and imagination--and this season is the perfect time for any sign to tap into their sensitive, creative side!

The practice I'll be guiding you through for this season is actually inspired by a birthday gift I made for our HWIC Erica--a watercolor painting with swatches of color inspired by key things I associate with her. There was a red-orange labeled "Lady Danger"--inspired by her signature lipstick, a deep purple that shared a name with her purple car from high school, and a whole range of shades with names associated with various inside jokes. Creating it was a really wholesome process that allowed me to reflect on so many of the things that were uniquely "Erica". This season, I'm encouraging you to try this practice for yourSELF! Take some time to reflect on the things, places, and memories that make up your story. Use your imagination--it's Pisces season, after all! To boost your powers of creativity and imagination, take a couple drops of Carnelian Gem Essence or light a Color Magic Drip Candle

You can use whatever kind of art medium you like or have on hand for this practice, but watercolor is my favorite because it adds an extra layer of "water" energy to the ritual (and mixing your own custom colors is much easier than with something like markers). 

1. First, decide how you'd like your Power Palette to be laid out. Rows of blobs? A grid of squares? A color wheel sliced into wedges? A spiral where one color fades into the next? Decide what you like best and then figure out how many colors you can fit into your design.

2. Come up with the names for your shades and the color that suits them! I prefer to think of names first and then match a color to that name in order to avoid just making a palette of my favorite colors--that's a fun exercise too, but this practice is more about reflection and freedom to be creative than the aesthetics of the final product. Here's some inspiration for coming up with shades/names, but really let your imagination run wild with this part! 

- A signature piece of clothing/jewelry/makeup

- A color inspired by one of your favorite places (ex. "Seapoint Beach Sunset)

- A color inspired by your pet/s

- Colors inspired by your favorite hobbies (I included a vibrant purple I called "Consult the Cards" in my own palette inspired by my Tarot practice!)

-A color inspired by a phrase you're known for saying all the time

-A color inspired by your favorite food or drink

3. Think of what shade would best represent each of the names you've created and get to work creating! Being gentle with yourself is key to this ritual--this isn't about creating a museum-worthy masterpiece! This is about creating something thats uniquely YOU--and the process of examining your own "mythology" and story that comes along with that! 

4. When you've finished, make sure to take a moment to step back and appreciate what you've created--whether you find it "beautiful" to look at or not. Appreciate the time spent reconnecting with yourself and the ability to play creatively without the usual attachment to an end result. Keep your power palette on your altar or in safe place with a favorite crystal or talisman and revisit whenever you need a reminder that you know exactly what you're made of.

As always, take what serves you from this practice and leave what doesn't. Hope your Pisces season feels like floating on a lazy river of dreams!!! xoxoxo



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