Dreaming of You Sugar Spell Scrub

Dreaming of You Sugar Spell Scrub

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Dreaming of You Sugar Spell Scrub

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This scrub contains the energies of a come to me style amplifier drawing in the energies of a dreamy love rooted in truth, safety and progression. Specifically highlighting a more commitment partner-based relationship type of love. It operates as a navigational device for attracting the love that you so desperately deserve. Focusing on the energies of love, whether that love is rooted in that of a sexual/romantic partner or the love + healthy relationship of one’s self.

Here we focus on a love force that is sweet, passionate, satisfying, team building, trusting and empowering, ultimately casted upon with truth and quality in mind.  Focus on the concept of love and not the specific scenario you’ve created in your mind.You must be willing to do the personal work that goes along with welcoming in love, you have to work towards having a relationship to yourself in positive aspects.

The organic vegan sugar used to conjure up this magickal concoction makes this scrub a way to turn yourself into a sweet magnet for the energies of romance & love.

In magic we often see sugar being used as a additive in spell work to sweeten the energetic output of the magical work we are doing. Sugar creates an energetic field that welcomes in desired energies, making the environment or spell work”sweet” and more enticing for the vibrations you wish to call upon. 


Packaged in a reusable 4oz BPA free plastic jar featuring original artwork label by Firme Arte