There Are No Bad Auras: Trading Social Programming for Psychic Self-Esteem

There Are No Bad Auras: Trading Social Programming for Psychic Self-Esteem

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by Melissa Nierman

When did you begin to decide who you ARE? Or rather who you are on Earth? 

Something that has struck me more than anything else when interpreting photos of people’s energetic bodies (aka auras) via Personal Rainbow is how many perfectly wonderful humans express the fear that their aura photo will come out “gray”…that it will somehow reveal the story of unworthiness that they’ve been secretly telling themselves for however many years. It doesn’t matter their path in life or how much they’re loved by others….because the pattern of thinking that repeatedly perpetuates the story of their unworthiness is stronger (or at least it can feel that way).

But when did we start deciding what we think about? 

There’s been many studies over the years quoted in clickbait articles about just how consumed we are by thought. Statistics like “we have over 60,000 thoughts each day and 90-95% are repetitive”…the same thoughts over and over, just like the same collective cycles being repeated over and over across generations. 

For most of us, what we think about (and how we think about ourselves) started in childhood…when we were first coming into contact with the stimuli of the world, with the perceptions of others from family to teachers to our peers - seemingly friend or foe. We saw what the world was, maybe even through the scrying mirrors of our television screens. And we started to decide what was the least painful way to be in the world. How can I minimize the pain that comes from being seen and yet misinterpreted, judged, criticized? How can I fit in with my social group? How can I be accepted by the grown-ups that are in control of my every worldly need? 

And how much of who we are (or what we think we are) is dependent on those 60,000 repetitive thoughts we supposedly have each day?

Even if there’s actually NOTHING in my present reality that corroborates that I’m somehow a “horrible, unworthy person”…even if all the people I surround myself with tell me how NOT horrible I am, it doesn’t matter if the me I know (or think I know) continuously thinks of itself as a horrible person…over and over again…

The reality is… no matter what we’re facing in our current life, whether it’s chronic depression or grief over a loss or stress caused by an unsupportive capitalist system that is not built or intended to take care of its people…we are ALWAYS beautiful, growing, changing, adaptable energetic beings. And I’ve seen that again and again in the reflection of people's auras. They’re ALWAYS beautiful, even when we’re completely depleted, even when we’re on our period and feeling pissed and petty…

(Above) Melissa experiencing the physical/ energetic effects of menstruation. Notice the bands of muddy/ missing energy above her head.  

And what’s the most energetically malleable part of people’s auras (aka the quickest to shift)?

The MENTAL SPACE…what we THINK about. Even if that can seem like the most solid part of us, it’s actually incredibly adaptable. 

I can start thinking about my cat and the color of the mental space of my aura completely changes…

(Top) Caroline thinking of her mom who has passed and (Bottom) Caroline thinking of her present cat. Notice the shift in the entire vibration/colors of her aura.

Or I can listen to a piece of music that reminds me of my deep love for my partner (music is vibration after all) and all of sudden I’m thinking about a different time and place and suddenly the lens that I see the world through -  the emotions of my body which are directly tied to my thoughts - shift and I’m overwhelmed with the vibration of LOVE flowing out of a newly open energy center…

(Top) Lish before thinking of her husband and (Bottom) Lish listening to a song that makes her think of her husband lovingly. Notice the shift in the color in the mental space above her head. 

So, what can we do with this information - that our THOUGHTS truly have an effect on our entire being? (It starts with the energetic and moves into the physical, after all)

It’s not about chastising ourselves or feeling shame around these patterned ways of thinking or trying to control our thoughts and only think of “good” things. It’s about embracing what has been our SOCIAL PROGRAMMING (aka self-preservation) for maybe 20 years or more, acknowledging that it is in fact just programming, and staying open to the possibility that inch by inch, day by day, minute by minute we can start making different choices about WHAT lens we choose to see the world (and ourselves) through. 

It’s not easy…programming is literally a PROGRAM, a way of being, that we’ve learned to associate with WHO WE ARE. But we’re not the program and the program is not Us. 

We’re MORE than any program. 

Melissa Nierman is an aura photographer and workshop facilitator via Personal Rainbow at HausWItch. If you’re interested in exploring your energetic body via the magic of technology, feel free to book an individual session or gather a group of 5 or more for a private event! 



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