Crystal Color Magick: Green!

Crystal Color Magick: Green!

by Cole Exley

Witches are no strangers to the power of color. We wrap ourselves in black for protection, light pink candles to attract romance, and construct altars of red and orange when we celebrate our fire festivals. One of the easiest ways we can practice color magick is through the use of precious gems and stones. Crystal properties aren’t based entirely on their hue, of course, but color is always a good indication of what kind of energy they emit. For example, you can bet a blue crystal will help you communicate effectively, as this color corresponds with the Throat. Building your understanding of color magick makes choosing crystals a thousand times easier, giving you a foundation of knowledge to lean on whether you know anything about a specific stone or not. It’s an incredibly useful bit of knowledge in many areas of witchcraft, from reading Tarot cards to performing glamor magick. While these articles will primarily focus on applying color theory to crystal magick, feel free to use them as a reference for any part of your practice.

Each color has a planetary association and corresponding Zodiac signs. With this in mind, let’s begin with the color associated with recently-passed Taurus season - green!

Taurean energy is very present in the Earth around us. Although green is also tied to Libra, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces, most astrologers feel that Taurus truly exemplifies the qualities of the color, especially since both are ruled by Venus. One of the most notable things about Taurus season is that we see so much more of this color as buds and sprouts emerge from grays and browns. We can see and feel the world growing in real time. Unsurprisingly, green is a color of growth and expansion, commonly used in money magick. Many witches will use sacred objects in these tones when practicing manifestation. We might choose some colored tapers to burn, or put a few dollar bills on our altars. But this growth isn’t limited to the material - green brings healing and vitality, opening us to new experiences and possibilities we hadn’t previously considered. Like a tree growing new branches or a seed setting down new roots, it initiates movement that fortifies us, and prepares us for incoming challenges and opportunities.

It could be this color’s direct connection to nature that makes green so healing to us. When you are surrounded by trees and moss, how do you feel? Most of us would say we’d find it peaceful or grounding, even revitalizing. Some of the oldest practices and medicines are based on the simple knowledge that nature is calming and beneficial to human beings.  If you don’t have easy access to wilderness, working with this color can be a great alternative. 

When working with green crystals (find a whole collection of em here!), try placing one over your heart space, or wearing one as a necklace. Our Heart chakra lies right in the center of our chest, holding our capabilities of love and interrelation. It serves as the bridge between our upper and lower chakras, and connects our mind, body, and spirit. As you might have guessed, this is also our energetic center that we associate with green. Gems in these tones can help you with all matters of the heart, from overcoming grief to forming new friendships. If you’ve been feeling shut off from the world around you, meditate with a green crystal to reopen and reconnect. Here are a few of my favorites to get started!


Moss Agate

This is one of the stones I use most frequently. Moss agate is a great worry stone, gently grounding you and stabilizing your energy. Anxiety and overstimulation are gently covered with moss agate’s nurturing energy and put to rest. It can be used to establish a deeper connection to Nature spirits, and the energy of the planet at large. Think of the feeling you might get laying on the forest floor, breathing in the life around you, listening to the birds singing. This is the vibe you can create by working with moss agate, creating your own liminal oasis. 



This is a material that has gained massive popularity on TikTok in the past few years, along with a few less-than-positive associations! Despite the rumors, moldavite is a favorite of the HausWitch coven, being an incredibly unique type of glass formed when a meteorite collided with the Earth’s surface. While you may have heard that it will cause a lot of chaos or disruption in your life, moldavite is essentially an initiator of transformation, especially in the heart space. If you feel ready to ascend to a new level spiritually, or if you simply feel a little stagnant, moldavite will ring in a new chapter. This can certainly include life changes that may be discomforting at first, but moldavite only clears out what no longer serves you. Connecting with moldavite is not equivalent to invoking chaos - it is putting total faith in the universe and opening yourself to new forms of love. Want to work with these vibes right from outer space without breaking your budget? Try HausWitch’s Moldavite Gem Essence, made with lots of love and magic by me!


Green Calcite

Green Calcite reminds me of walking through a meadow of flowers. Gentle yet affirming, it’s an ally for new beginnings and maintaining a zest for life. Think of this stone as a “spring cleaning” for your heart space. This crystal brings in the potential and rejuvenation of springtime, and makes space for new passions. Green calcite’s dream for you is to play and explore the world without inhibition. It’s a great choice for healing your inner child and returning to a more innocent state of being. Meditate with a piece to melt away the tension and stress that prevent you from adopting a more altruistic view. It’s time to open up the windows and let in the fresh air!



This stone is commonly known for its opulence and deep green hue, but the magickal properties deserve plenty of admiration as well. While you may not find many polished pieces that fit most budgets, I’ve found that raw specimens are just as effective and much more accessible! Even a small piece or essence will have a powerful effect, activating the heart chakra and aligning your energy to a frequency of abundance. This is a great companion for manifestation. Emerald will make you feel like royalty, increasing your self-love and reminding you that you are worthy of everything you want. 




Malachite is one of a kind, easily recognizable by its vibrant color. It’s a stone of balance, gently realigning your energetic body and inducing growth or healing where necessary. Once your foundation is sturdy, malachite helps you lean into your creativity and courage, guiding you to follow your heart without fear. If you take on the lessons of this gem, you’ll see how vulnerability and openness alchemize true confidence.


Tree Agate

Tree agate does not only ground you and stabilize your energy - it asks us where we would like to grow while reminding us to tend to our bodies. This is a good crystal to use when you’re planning to chase your dreams or take on a new project. Tree agate helps you see the beauty in small steps towards something divine. Another wonderful aspect is that tree agate reinforces the idea that we are interconnected creatures, and that we aren’t as alone as we may feel. Meditate on the web-like patterns when you experience feelings of isolation. Tree agate aims to remind you that you always have a place in the world, and no matter where you live, you have a home in the collective.



Having an open heart and embracing vulnerability can leave us drained in the world we live in. With the stress and disarray of capitalism, we can find ourselves in positions where we give too much, or someone may try to take advantage. What can we do to protect ourselves and our precious energy? We can work with bloodstone! Bloodstone will build a protective aura around your heart space, ensuring that your passion will never be depleted. It encourages you to keep practicing softness, and assures you it will have your back during the rocky parts. Purifying and balancing, bloodstone helps you return to your truest self.



Opening up your heart space may also leave your mind scrambling to catch up. A huge portion of what keeps this space closed are rooted in the mind - stressors, trauma, insecurities, etc. We can assist our brains in adjusting to a more vulnerable way of living by forming an allyship with serpentine. This stone helps you process through these roadblocks to change, dissolving fear and bringing self-assuredness. Serpentine wants you to proceed with certainty, head high and clear of worry. When our minds and hearts are aligned, there is no limit to the things you can accomplish or discover. There are many varieties of this stone, but lately I’ve been loving the Lemon Serpentine we have in the shop. It’s bright and cheerful, perfect for the sunny seasons!

And that's on GREEN CRYSTALS! Find these beauties and a bunch more heart healers here, and keep an eye out for the next installment of the Crystal Color Magick series... any guesses who's next? 



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