Personal Rainbow Aura Photo
Personal Rainbow Aura Photo
Personal Rainbow Aura Photo

Personal Rainbow Aura Photo

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What would the world become if every person on Earth saw themselves as an energetic being?

Aura Photography isn't just beautiful, it's a helpful tool for tuning into the energy that you're putting out. In each Personal Rainbow appointment, seekers will receive a keepsake instant-film photo of their aura, and a personalized interpretation of what the colors in that photo say about their vibe of the moment. Every photo is different, and EVERY photo is gorgeous! 

Personal Rainbow appointments are released one month in advance. If you would like to gift an aura appointment, HausWitch gift cards can be used on Personal Rainbow aura photography.

**Please note: Your time is not reserved until you check out. Appointments can be canceled for store credit up to 24 hours in advance. Please leave ample time to find parking before your appointment; as demand is high and appointments are 15 minutes, guests who are more than 5 minutes late forfeit their time. No refunds will be issued for missed appointments.  


Melissa Nierman

Melissa is a trained clairvoyant and alien mystic who offers readings that uplift the spirit and help people connect with their greater intentions on this planet. Her greatest hope is that all beings awaken to the joy of their own light.


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Gather all your favorite witches and come celebrate at HausWitch with a TOTALLY Private Aura Party right in the heart of downtown Salem! Learn more here or simply fill out the form and we'll be in touch.


An aura photo is a visual representation of your energetic field printed out in a material form. We all have a physical body and also an energetic one. Depending on how we run our energy and what colors we vibrate at, our energetic field can look and feel very different to ourselves and also others. An aura photo allows us to see with our eyes what most of us are able to sense already. 

Color itself is a vibration. We all experience the vibration of different colors in our own way and are drawn to certain vibrations based on our personal preferences and what we need in the moment. Hotter colors (like red, orange and yellow) tend to feel energizing and more physical when we run them in our field. Cooler colors (like green, blue, purple, and indigo) tend to feel more calming and ethereal. There are no "good" or "bad" colors - the question is always: Is this particular vibration in balance or out of balance?

We use an AuraCam 6000 that has been the industry standard since its invention in the late 1970s by an electrical engineer, Guy Coggins, who worked with fellow clairvoyants to create an algorithm that organizes biometric data from the energy centers located in the palms of our hands. The date is collected via sensors on two metal handplates and printed out via double exposure on a Fuji Instax Wide photo. 

Each photo can include one or two people within it and the price is per photo, not per person.  Photos with one person in it capture an individual's unique way of running their own energy, while photos with two people in it capture the energy of the relationship itself. Sometimes an aura of a relationship can look very different from the auras of each individual separately. 

We love your children and your animals - please note, though, that since the auras are captured via adult-human-sized handplates, it can be difficult to get a completely accurate read with anyone with smaller hands/ paws. You're welcome to have small children and animals on your lap while the photo is taken, as their presence can still affect your energetic field! 

Yes, we offer private aura photo parties after-hours inside the HausWitch store for groups of 5 or more! These allow you and your group to share the experience of getting your aura photographed and interpreted together, as well as having the extra perk of having the store all to yourselves for private shopping! You can request a datehere. For off-site events, please reach out to