Our September Full Moon is this Friday, September 13th if you are located in the PST, or it’s on the 14th, if you aren’t. (To listen more about the significance of the number 13, and why it is the number of the Goddess, check out this episode of Strange Magic.) It is in Pisces; an archetype that corresponds to dreaming and dream states, emotions, intuition, imagination, creativity, service, healing, and other worlds. 

This promises to be a powerful Full Moon — it is a Harvest Full Moon, so themes around what you are gathering, what you will be working with until the Solstice may be coalescing in your psyche, and in your actions. Trust yourself. 

This is a Full Moon of helping. If the last Full Moons have overwhelmed some of us, this time period can help us understand the whys and whats: why things were stalled, how to proceed, what we are ready to undertake...If we decide to pay attention. At the very least, this Full Moon can grant us some perspective. Pay attention to what this Full Moon is illuminating for you. Even if it is painful, it could offer you awareness. In that awareness is a way through.  

I have pulled Tarot cards for all the signs. Feel free to read your Sun, Moon, Rising, or any sign you feel called to. Take what you need and leave the rest. 

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Page of Pentacles

This is a Full Moon asking you to get real about your roots. Our ancestors gave us a lot: our bodies, our backgrounds, traditions and certain effortless skill sets. They also gave us allergies, intergenerational trauma, and very outdated beliefs. One way to heal is to love all of the parts of ourselves that we wish we could change. One way to heal is to be thankful and grateful for our ancestors’ resilience and gifts, and to show our thanks, tangibly. One way to heal is to untether psychically to the harmful parts of lineage: to have boundaries, enact reparations, start new traditions. One way to heal ourselves to to remember who we are, separate from a family tree. Separate from the family stories about ourselves that do not fit. This also evolves our blood line, extending healing backwards and forwards. 

Around this Full Moon are opportunities for you to really claim yourself, especially in the context of all you’ve come from. You are allowed to establish healthier roots in this lifetime, while still paying respect to where you came from. You can do both, that’s what makes life so weirdly wonderful. All of this work will result in a huge growth spurt in your healing and in your self-worth. 

Suggested spell ingredients: desert rose, Dalmatian stone, obsidian, yarrow, rosemary, brown, green, and yellow candles, and a new Full Moon ritual to do with loved ones — even if it's just you, or just you and ancestors who have passed over. 



King of Pentacles 

This is a Full Moon reminding you of the long term. Of your very real leadership ability. Of what makes a life worth living. This is a Full Moon that might point out where some of your goals have been too short-term, too in line with everyone else’s. You aren’t everyone else: that’s part of your superpower that you keep hidden, and usually just show through your stellar work and your supernatural work ethic.

What are the best investments? Investments that allow you to grow and be flexible, that allow your particular creative language to shine through. What are the best investments? Investments in other people, in fostering community, in cultivating long-term intimate relationships and partnerships of all kinds. In order to truly grow in the most authentic ways, your goals and investments most completely and totally be your own. The last thing you need to do right now is to sell yourself short. 

This Full Moon wants you to invest in yourself. If it's love you want, go for that love. Do it in a way that reflects what you need, that will hold you in the ways you need to be held. If it’s a career change you are craving, take risks from your soul, not a spreadsheet. If you need to invest in community, remember that everyone is God in drag, and proceed accordingly. 

Suggested spell ingredients: a money tree, petrified wood, grapes, meet ups with new friends, a meeting with a financial planner, adding to your savings (specifically a vacation account or escape route account), reconfiguring your long-term plans, and a stay-at-home-vacation where you dream, plan, and luxuriate. 


Queen of Cups

This could be an emotional Full Moon, gorgeous Gem. And that’s totally, completely, ok. The trick is to not overly identify with the waves crashing on the shore of your heart. Tears are release, a way of processing and letting go. Periods of grief, regret, or nostalgia are notes on the symphony of human experience. Your feelings don’t need judgement, they need the space to be processed all the way through. What you are feeling needs to come out, not be overanalyzed. Make beautiful art from your beautiful heart. 

Underneath any emotions are greater insights about your spot on intuition. Your psychic abilities have been amplified over the past few months — this could be a Full Moon to really let messages flow through. Similarly to your emotions, don’t block any insights or impulses with fear or doubt. Make them become something else. Give them space: in a song, a tarot reading, a notebook, a conversation with the Moon.  

The quality of your magic at this time is greatly influenced by all the ways in which you show up for yourself. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Seashells, manicures as psychic protection, art as psychic channelling, meditating to recordings of rain and waterfalls, aquamarine, selenite, salt water, and pearls. 



Four of Cups

Courageous Cancerian, life hasn’t been easy as of late. The last few months — the past few years, to be honest — have been challenging. It’s because you are going through ch-ch-changes: huge ones, ones that require deep excavation and true transformation, and you know it with every cell. You’ve been doing really wonderfully because even through the fear, you’ve been breathing. Even through the chaos, you’ve found pockets in which to make art. You’ve been doing wonderfully, because you feel everything, everything. And here you are, still alive, still surviving — helping others, not letting on what is happening on the inside of your skin. You are the psychic equivalent of The Princess and the Pea, and because of this, a lot can accumulate. A lot has accumulated on and around your psyche and energy. This is the Full Moon to slough it all away: particularly all that has transpired since May. 

Do you know that this all isn’t your fault? Sometimes, just gross things happen and cruel folks slip in, underneath your sweet skin. Don’t ruminate on what isn’t yours to fix. 

For this Full Moon, the prescription is to take your psychic and emotional hygiene seriously. Clean house. Scrub your body clean. Get rid of any items that simply do not resonate with you anymore. Decide to let go of relationships that can’t let you be who you know yourself to be. Give yourself time to explore what you are becoming. For this Full Moon, the fortune cookie says stop boxing yourself in with outmoded ideas of who you are. You are so, so much more than your worst days. So much more than the the people who’ve treated you the worst. Slough that all away. Look up at the stars and let yourself start dreaming of your brilliant new trajectory. 

Suggested spell ingredients: a salt bath, an afternoon spent seriously cleaning and donating items, trance journeying, your dreams written down with your non-dominant hand, poppy jasper, motherwort tincture, and a foreign film in a language you don’t know.  

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6 of Wands

You’ve made it through the wilderness, Leo. Somehow, you’ve made it through. What you’ve learned during the process has absolutely made you stronger and more experienced. This Full Moon feels like a rebalancing. A reclaiming of parts of yourself that previously you’ve had to put on the back burner. Now, you know what those are and you are ready to lead with them. Continue to take the high road. The path that leads to the arena. That is, the path that is most true, most exciting, most able to help you master your genius. That is, the path that is least littered with pettiness, comparison, small thinkers, under earning tendencies, and people who will never understand you—no matter how much explaining you do. 

You are leveling up now. You have been doing it for this entire year, and you will be continuing to do so until at least February of next year. It will not always be easy but it will always be worth it. Align yourself with your truest values and your most creative instincts. The strategies outlined above will keep you moving forward. This is your time.  

Suggested spell ingredients: sunstone, citrine, garnet, road-opening candles, a new outfit in your power color, and recordings of horses galloping.



King of Wands

This Full Moon is a fiery one for you, Virgo! It’s still your season, thank the Goddess. So much vibrant energy and attention is in your corner. Know it. Use it. Just don’t get too close to the flame. Why? Well, your Full Moon card is the King of Wands: keeper of the flame, helper to all, philosopher, creative genius, innovator. The thing is, you sometimes do not always let others see this. The thing is, you sometimes second-guess yourself; you don’t want to take all the credit; you don’t want to all caps underline call attention to your incredible work. This is where you sometimes burn yourself unwittingly. In order to facilitate the reach your work actually needs, you’ve got to claim your authorship when and where it matters. Believe it or not, this is also healing, and it is also healing for the work. If there was ever a time to tattoo the womantra “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” on your eyelids, that time is now. 

This is an opportune time to bring seeds and sparks out into the world. Do something with the absolutely stunning daydreams that follow you on your walks, visit you in meditation, and keep coming up in dialogue. They are ready to be taken seriously. You are ready to be your own muse. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Moss agate, amazonite, amber, ruby, dance magic, art magic, photo shoots, PR pitches, and friends who can help you shine and get your message out there.



Page of Swords

You want to know what exactly to do, and you want to know now! If only you knew, if only all of the steps were laid out, then you’d climb up every last one. You’d fill out every last form, go to every last class, take any test, do anything, if only it would get you over this current energetic hump. Spoiler alert: you aren’t supposed to know! You aren’t supposed to get the answers from outside of you. All your resistance is doing is creating more tension — taking you further away from the knowledge inside. 

Curiosity changes the tone. Try to use your overflowing imagination in every aspect of your life. Is a trip to the grocery store just an errand? Or, is it an opportunity to smell fruits that come from lands you’ll never visit, to talk to people you normally never would, to listen to what your body craves and to practice the art of intentionally choosing yourself and choosing each moment? You can extend this sort of mindset to everything in your life right now, Libra. Especially the very hardest, huge picture stuff. You are trying to put your hands around something that cannot be held. It can only be noticed, engaged with, accepted, and used as fertilizer for your next phase.

A special note to all you Libras in the industry of communication — which is all of you, because clear communication is imperative for every human being — say what you mean, mean what you say. If this was easy, I wouldn’t be telling you to do it. Make the language you frequently use resonate with your aspirations. Communication pitches, writing projects, speaking gigs, podcasts, and other language-centered efforts are especially rewarded for you right now. 

Suggested spell ingredients: clear quartz, lots of water, morning pages, amazonite, elderflowers, chamomile, and optic calcite.


2 of Wands 

Alexander the Great supposedly wept when he found out he had conquered the entire known world. He had nothing left to live for after achieving his goal.* While you probably aren’t in exactly the same situation as Alex, there could be a similar feeling that is coloring this Full Moon for you. A dream that you’ve been working towards might be right in your sight, on the horizon line. For some of you lucky Scorpios, it might be right here: in between your hands. You, better than most, know that luck is usually just hard work and sacrifice, dedication and follow-through. Now you are looking for something more.

Parse out what part of your postpartum is exhaustion. Make a revitalization plan. Follow through with that, take your health seriously. Then, allow yourself a reintroduction to what you want; to what will fulfill you spirituality, creatively — not what will have you hunting for the adrenal thrill. Who are you now? Where are you headed? You are playing the long game, because that is what life is. So figure out ways to keep your creativity sparked, your desire satiated, and your dreams sustainable. 

Expand your vision to reignite. 

Suggested spell ingredients: fluorite, amethyst, a vision board, some new art to look at, a spell to summon the energy for new goals, and a dedicated spiritual practice.

*this lore comes from Rachel Pollack, as well as has been talked about by James Baldwin, and in the movie Die Hard. While we don’t know if this is true, we do know that Alexander was prone to the dramatic, so I don’t doubt it. 

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4 of Wands 

Happy Full Moon, Sag! This is a Full Moon that is particularly supportive of you making time to commune with others. With your people. For some of you, this will be through work: remember to infuse your time with joy, laughter, and levity. For some of you, this will be socially: even if you may be tired, show up for others. Even if you may be feeling shy: reach out. 

A major theme for you around the rest of the year could be around community. About prioritizing relationships, specifically those that enhance your creativity, those that enhance your work. Being only with people who see you. Choosing only people who celebrate your wins as if they are their own. The 4 of Wands is often about inclusivity; about letting everyone in; about celebrating differences. We can also take this into your interior life, your creative life, and your inner dialogues. By making a point to actively love all the parts of you, more space shows up in your garden. When you find yourself undervaluing yourself, or judging parts of yourself, say: “I love you. I am here for you.” This is how you make more space for acceptance to seep into the core of your being. 

Suggested spell ingredients: flowers (the more the merrier), phone calls that lead to meet ups, intentional love beam heart meditations, cinnabar, green opal, reishi mushroom tinctures, and a really fabulous evening out with new and old friends: maybe, a group moonlit hike under a Full Moon. 



6 of Cups 

There are Full Moons that are motivating and Full Moons that are draining. Full Moons where nothing much happens, and Full Moons that are completely infused with healing potential. This Full Moon, for you, is the later. This is Full Moon that could feel as though you are turning an emotional corner. 

You are feeling more hopeful because you are finally prioritizing your emotional and spiritual needs as never before. There is a tiny shift every time you affirm that you are safe to feel your feelings. Tiny movements happen every time you identify and assert your needs, your very softest ones; the ones that feel like peach fuzz gently brushing your cheek. When you make those needs as important as taking a shower or responding to an important email, when you begin to restructure your life more and more about what you know the most hopeful, the most innocent, the most vulnerable parts of you needs to feel fulfilled — this is how you float down the rapids into a turquoise colored, serene beach. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Violets, playlists about self-love, rainbow cactus tincture, lepidolite, rosehip tea, a new pair of very soft, satin or cotton sheets, and honest, loving talks with your inner child, or yourself, or those you need to be most vulnerable around.



The Lovers 

The Lovers card is an easy card to interpret, because all interpretations point back to love: platonic, romantic; the experience of love, the longing for it, how we express it. The love of art, music, food, the earth, deities, your postal worker, clouds. What we love, and what we value, and what concessions and choices we must make in the service of maintaining those necessary ties to love. 

Sometimes cards come up to remind you. That this energy still exists, even if it appears to be hiding. The efforts were not in vain. To remind you to remember that love is what got you here. And love is what will keep you going. Love on a deeper level, love on multiple planes. Isn’t that right, Aquarius? 

There could have been some falling-out of love — with life, or with the thing you thought would grant you a life full of love. In actuality it is much more complicated than that, now that you’ve been on the journey for a while. This Full Moon is calling you back into the work of love. One way to get motivated to come back to love is through choice. Choose to surround yourself with an abundance of experiences that remind you of what you love, and how very loved you are. Part welcoming love includes being vulnerable enough to receive.  

Suggested spell ingredients: orchids, rose quartz, sex spells, self massage with coconut oil, an evening watching epic love stories and romantic comedies (think: Beaches, Moonlight, Romeo and Juliet, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance), Hawthorne berry tincture, and red and pink candles. 


9 of Cups 

Listen Pisces: you aren’t here* for a long time, so might as well make it a good time. This concept could be harder for some to embody, but this magical homework is some of the most pleasure-filled you’ve been tasked with in a while. Please consider your dreams, your wishes, your desires as incredibly valid and incredibly likely to happen in this lifetime. Once you’ve begun the promise of naming them, knowing that they are your birthright, and infusing your entire being with their vibration. 

This is your Full Moon. It is in your sign. It is also the Harvest Moon. Harvest your dreams by making yourself so irresistible to them that they have no choice but to enter your world. Make yourself utterly irresistible to yourself. Make yourself your dream lover. Write love letters to your future self. Reconstruct and enact how you regard yourself, how you spoil yourself, and what you expect. This will make this fall so fantastic that it won’t even matter what ends up happening. Anything on top of what you’ve created is just icing on the cake of your days. 

*by here, I mean in this current incarnation in this current body. Your spirit has actually been incarnated and spent time in the spirit realm and underworld for thousands of years, if not longer. 

Suggested spell ingredients: long stem roses, chamomile, a hand carved abundance candle rolled in cinnamon and gold dust, pineapples, nettle & peppermint tea, and an afternoon of pure self-care listening to Sade. 


Written by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

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Sarah Faith Gottesdiener lives and works in Los Angeles. Sarah is an artist, designer, writer, teacher and Tarot Reader. Sarah’s artwork and designs are based in the spiritual, feminist, and mystical. You can shop her intersectional feminist line of clothing, accessories, art and paper goods through her store, Modern Women or on the HausWitch site here.



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