Virgo season is here! Have you made a list of your lists yet? This Virgo season is super charged with several planets in Virgo so you better get yourself a cute new notebook just for lists. Mercury, Venus and Mars all make calculated dances with Virgo this season, creating a complex and multi-layered experience with the zodiac’s notorious taskmaster. I don’t know about you, but the moment the sun transitioned from free spirited Leo into regimented Virgo, I felt strikingly different. 

During Leo season, all I wanted to do was hang out with people and spend money on making myself look more fabulous. I’m not saying I regret anything, but my bank account sure hurts after all those cocktails and fancy skin care products (worth it!). As the sun shifted into Virgo, my attention shifted sharply towards my financial indiscretions. Virgo has a very critical energy and the sweet spot for harnessing the magick of this time is challenging. We don’t want to shame ourselves for enjoying our lives and hard earned cash. Yet, we want to listen to the detail oriented, efficient suggestions of Virgo in order to get our shit together. 

This is the time for increased focus and concentration towards the details of our lives. How can we improve our financial systems? Work systems? I know I need to create a personal and business budget that truly works for me. I definitely need to get better about staying on top of my bookkeeping for my business. These are the systems Virgo encourages us to make lists upon lists for, and then check the items off steadily.

As usual, herbs and crystals are wonderful allies to work with any celestial energy. Their strong Earth connection allows them to support our connection with the universe at large. The Earth is in a symbiotic dance with all the other planets in the solar system. It is as if the plants and crystals are the bridge between humans and the solar system at large. Here are a few allies to help you get organized and rock the details of life.

Crystal Allies


Grace Harrington Murdoch, our local astrologer and potion maker, includes this crystal in her Virgo essence blend. Robert Simmons writes in his classic The Book of Stones “Keeping one or more of the Clear Apophyllite in one’s environment can provide an atmosphere of purity and spiritual presence in one’s home, meditation area or work space.” He continues to describe how apophyllite has the capacity to help us see things from different dimensions, supporting the detail oriented nature of Virgo. Apophyllite essence is also a key ingredient in LightHaus’s Abracadabra all-purpose cleaner. Virgo loves a clean, high vibration space!


Robert Simmons describes this stone as the “psychic vacuum cleaner”, clearing the atmosphere of confusion, cluttered thoughts, negativity and astral contamination. Fluorite grows in cubic structures, a very organized shape. I believe it can help us organize our thoughts and ideas into functional forms. It’s a great stone for synthesizing many scattered ideas into a functional plan. It is the number one ally for the scattered mind. 

[caption id="attachment_81427" align="aligncenter" width="864"] Fluorite Print - $50[/caption]


At the shop we fondly call this the “do more stone.” It enhances both mental and psychic functioning. It allows us to more easily tackle tasks and use our minds more efficiently. Processing information becomes easier as we move through our lives with more intention. As it stimulates our third eye, we can also access our psychic senses to guide us towards favorable outcomes. 

Hematoid Quartz

This is an archetypal Virgo stone. It supports focus and attention to detail while also promoting positive self worth. It really is the perfect combination for the ultra critical virgo eye. We include Hematoid Quartz in our newest spell kit, Focus Pocus. One part of the spell involves writing what you want to focus on in the air to let the universe know you mean business. Pair that with a beautiful anointing oil from Grace Harrington Murdoch and an aromatherapy candle tin from Soy Much Brighter’s Katie Upchurch (of Witches Candle fame!). 

Herbal Allies


Some have observed Rhodiola can remedy a scattered, disorganized mind. It can help bring focused energy and motivation as well. It is an adaptogen, meaning it helps the body cope with stress. It has a balancing effect on the adrenals and regulates stress hormones. Though contraindicated for Bipolar folks, it can be an energizing, supportive herb for people. Please note that it’s not a substitute for proper sleep and self care. Yet, life doesn’t slow down when we need it to, so sometimes we have to prime our engines for extra miles. 

Holy Basil

Another adaptogen, yet this one can be grown fairly easily wherever regular culinary basil grows. This is one that I love and prefer as a regular use adaptogen because it’s abundant, easy to grow and has many benefits. Holy Basil is also one of the only adaptogens in a leaf form so it makes a quick and delicious tea. I actually prefer it in tea form, especially mixed with rose petals. It promotes focus and alertness, while also balancing the body’s stress response. It allows us to respond to stress in a centered, grounded way. We can get much more done if stress isn’t the driving force. We cannot access our executive functioning brain when we are in fight or flight stress mode. Stress makes it impossible to think clearly and execute tasks with Virgo like precious and efficiency. 

[caption id="attachment_87877" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Dandelion Flower[/caption]

Dandelion root

Part of Virgo season’s magick is the encouragement to cut off and clear out what does not serve us anymore. Virgo wants to clear the clutter, free up working space in our lives. As a holistic Witch, I am a firm believer that any change we make in our physical, spiritual, or emotional lives affects all parts as a whole. This is why I love using physical doses of herbs to mirror what we are doing emotionally and spiritually. If the intention is to clear out what doesn’t serve us spiritually and emotionally, its serves us tremendously to do the same thing physically. Dandelion is a power cleanser and detoxifier with a particular affinity for the liver, one of our body’s primary filtration systems. Clearing our liver of toxins and stress hormones signals our entire system that it’s time to let go and detoxify. My favorite way to consume dandelion root is in a roasted coffee substitute. It can be purchased in a roasted form and lightly boiled for 15 minutes to create a rich morning drink. It also blends well with chicory and cinnamon.

Milk Thistle

I don’t know about you, but I definitely did my fair share of indulging in fancy cocktails during Leo season. I was reveling in the joy of lounging on the beach drinking cold drinks and soaking up sunshine. What’s better than a rooftop bar on a warm summer night? The point is, Virgo season is the time to pick up the pieces after throwing caution to the wind with Leo energy. Milk thistle is very detoxifying to the liver like dandelion but has added magickal powers, protecting the liver from further damage if it’s been compromised in any way. Consider it like herbal harm reduction. What’s more, Milk Thistle has been shown to enter the mitochondria of healthy liver cells and promote their replication. I mean, who can say magick isn’t real when powers like that exist?!

[caption id="attachment_87880" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Hug your herbs! [/caption]

Whether or not you partook in the destabilizing bacchanalia of Leo season, Virgo wants to tighten your ship. No matter how tight your ship is already, there’s always room for more streamlining and ease. These herbs and earth treasures can make your body and life feel so much better. Don’t be hard on yourselves, witches. We all deserve to have carefree fun and feel good! That’s why Virgo season comes around to make sure you drink water and pay your rent. Now go out and get stuff done! 


Kate Laurel has been studying plant medicine, crystal and energy healing over 6 years. She runs Laurel Tree Healing Arts and supports her clients through Reiki, tarot, and distance healing. She uses her holistic and magical training to tap into the mind and body’s intuitive knowledge. Kate also leads the Herb Witch tour with NowAge Travel. You can book a magical herbal consult, Reiki session or tarot reading with her here.



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