Between the recent Autumnal Equinox and Libra season, we're feeling those 'get balanced' vibes! We'd love to share a spell with y'all that some very special witches did with us over the past weekend. It's a spell for bringing balance and harmony to your life; you don't need too much, just a few stones and things. Gather up your materials, and if you want to show us your spells you can tag @hauswitch on Instagram or Facebook!


Tealight candle
Paper and writing instrument
One Sunstone and one Moonstone (or whatever dark & light stones you have access to; even pebbles from your backyard will work just as well!)

Spell Instructions:

Go somewhere you feel safe + comfortable. Light your tealight.
Jot down a few thoughts about how you can bring balance to your life, then place the paper underneath the tealight; the flame will carry your intentions up into the ether where they can be manifested.
Hold your Sunstone in one hand + Moonstone in the other. Tune into each one's vibrations separately, then together. Embrace the certainty of the Sun + the mystery of the Moon. Remind yourself that their cycles move in you too.
Now picture the two crystals glowing with colorful light, which arcs between them to create a rainbow. Allow yourself to become Libra's scales, anchored by your crystals. Notice how the light + colors shift as you consider the areas in your life that need balance. Which end is your energy drawn to? Why?
Do your best to let each end of the rainbow rest gently, evenly, on your palms. Immerse yourself in the floating sensation of total balance, both surrender + ownership.
Say out loud "I have the power. I have the ability. I deserve lightness + ease."
Leave the piece of paper under the tealight even after its burnt out; place it somewhere that gets sunlight + moonlight. Carry your Sunstone in one pocket + Moonstone in the other, or place them at either end of your bed while you sleep. Check in with your rainbow whenever you feel "off."


Paige Curtin is HausWitch’s Shop Manager, Spell Specialist, and blue-haired angel. You can find her at the shop, posting at @witchthevote on Instagram and Facebook, or baking too many cookies.