These photos are from the women's march on Boston. They are a small collection of messages from the future. They represent where the country is heading as much as Donald Trump's election represents the final death throes of the past.

I wanted to focus on the messages more than anything with these. The signs, clever, beautiful and diverse. Movements like we saw across the U.S on January 21st will likely be criticized by some as exclusive and a backlash against white men. didn't see that, I didn't feel that. Hell, I'm a white hetero guy from Iowa named Dave. If this protest was against white men I could serve as the poster child. But it isnt about hate or exclusions. It isn't about revenge. This march was on my behalf too. It was about a human population showing up for inclusion and one big open-hearted collective step forward toward a nation that will insists on a place for everyone. I just wanted to document that here. To show up and stay out of the way, and let everyone speak at once.





Dave Wells lives in Somerville, MA and is a photographer and filmmaker. He's pretty tired of the patriarchy too. You can see more at