With this new moon in Aquarius we are being called to embody our highest humanitarian values.

What are Aquarian values? The bringing together of people towards a new vision for our culture. Aquarians are the visionaries, the rebels, and the innovators. With Aquarius energy we are leaving the theme of me-ism behind. Instead Aquarius sees how we are all part of the human family. 

The hidden symbolism for this moon is all about the idea that you ARE the change you wish to see in the world. This moon is calling us to authentically step into that reality without faking it. Really becoming who you know you are, embodying the visions you have to change the way things are, and knowing through and through that power lies within you.

How can I be of service?

As I look at the rest of the chart for today and the energies we are feeling this week, I see that this Aquarian energy wants to be put out there into the world in practical, service oriented ways. It falls in the 6th house of health, healing, service, agriculture...It is asking us to cultivate our dreams on the planet. To actively serve others. Begin planning that garden you wanted to plant, make that artwork, put your work into the world. And don't get too picky about it. We want it to be perfect with these configurations, but perfection is something you can affirm inside. A mess can be perfect too. We don't always know Divine timing, or what those around us need.

This theme of service runs through the chart in other ways too, today with the North node conjoined with the rising sign both in Virgo. Virgo is our collective soul path still this year. What does that mean? Keep purifying your body, mind and soul. Seek wholeness where you cannot feel it or find it in your life. Give back to others. Be humble, and listen, but do not be humiliated. The earth is also undergoing a huge purifying. What is broken is coming up to be healed as well. So keep your body in good and vibrant health as well.

Where are my roots?

Another theme on a subconscious or unconscious level, you may be noticing which is related to Lilith's placement in the chart is that you may be noticing where you were disempowered by your roots, where you grew up and your family. You may have noticed those old mother or father issues coming up, and this energy is here to help you step more fully into who you are now and your authentic power. Let it out, and let it go. See your healer, your counselor, or talk it out with a friend. It's old energy and you don't have to do it alone. It's truly a transformative time.

What can I learn?

We can learn from our Virgo type friends right now, the ones who are giving back. Who are serving others with a pure heart. Ask yourself this week, how can I serve and embody who I am as a change agent? Make sure to take the high visionary road and soar above what is to see the whole picture. Aquarius sees the big picture and organizes others to do something about it.

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