Meet the Staff: Cole

Meet the Staff: Cole

Airy Fairy Cole breezed into HausWitch at the perfect time with the perfect outfit for every occasion, and some SERIOUS crystal ID skills- no stone left unappreciated with Cole around! Behind the scenes Cole makes our HausWitch Gem Essences with a ton of love, and other times they float around the sales floor making so many crystal+witch matches you’d think it was magic. Luckily their sleepy Soul Troll Posie keeps them well-rested, because that’s a lotta hats to wear! Learn more about Cole and their approach to all things Queer Witchcraft in Meet the Staff: Cole!

1. Name/Nickname: 


2. What's your sun/moon/rising?  

Libra Sun and Rising with a Cancer Moon!

3. What brought you to HausWitch? 

Shortly after I moved to Salem, I went to get my hair cut at Moon Baby in the downtown area. My stylist happened to be a witch as well so we had a lovely conversation about our practices. I unsurprisingly ended up chattering away about all my favorite crystals and she suggested I apply to HausWitch to put my knowledge to use. I sent in my resume as soon as I got home!

4. What's your "brand" of witchcraft? 

I honestly find it hard to pick a term to describe my witchcraft since it doesn’t really fit in one box - I'd just say it's queer in every sense of the word. It's mostly about healing my weirdo inner child, and letting them heal my weirdo adult self. Grappling with capitalism and the realities of the world felt greatly depressing as I got older, especially as a queer, disabled individual. What ended up helping me the most was tapping back into the fascination I had as a messy, barefoot little kid, especially concerning nature and its mysteries. Appreciating the things I loved when I was younger not only made me happier, but made me love myself more fully, oddities and all. The things I felt and believed at a young age still resonate now, and seem even more special with perspective. I think my little self would be overjoyed to hear I make potions for a living and look for faeries in my free time. My witchcraft helps me remember that no matter how unfair or frustrating things may get, the world is still a magical place, and I deserve to be here just as I am.

5. What's your favorite ritual tool? 

My partner bought me a ceramic incense burner a few months ago and it might take that spot. When you light the incense and place it at the top, the smoke flows and trickles down into little bowls, one after another like a waterfall. It’s really soothing to watch and puts me in the perfect state of mind to cast a spell.

6. What's your favorite show to binge-watch? 

Parks & Rec is probably my favorite, but I’ve been watching a lot of Bravo shows lately to fulfill my Libran love of uninvolved drama.

7. What's your favorite product in the shop? 

I’m biased since they’re my babies, but I have to say our Gem Essences - the idea of sparkly little potions will never not be enchanting to me. I’m a big crystal witch so having a way to take that magic a step further has been a joy. Making them is now one of my favorite rituals, performed with the assistance of my troll, Posie.

8. Finish this sentence: On a full moon, we can find you…

 Arranging as many crystals as I can on my window sills to charge them up! This is also my favorite time to light some candles, smoke some weed, and practice self care. My Cancer Moon is very sensitive to the lunar cycle so I probably need to recharge more than my crystals do. I prefer to save my more complex rituals for the New or Quarter Moon phases, when I don’t feel so emotionally or energetically overwhelmed. All I aim for during a Full Moon is relaxation and expressing gratitude for everything the universe has done for me.

9. Who are your favorite fictional/historical/celebrity witches?

My all-time faves are the girls from American Horror Story: Coven, Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter (with no love to the author), and, of course, Stevie Nicks. I also need to give credit to the Hex Girls from Scooby Doo since they were my major introduction to witchcraft. Some of my more recent favorite witches are Nancy Downs from The Craft, Madame Razz from She-Ra: Princess of Power, and Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service.



The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.