Meet the Maker: Shannon Broder

Meet the Maker: Shannon Broder

If you've ever hugged a HausWitch Exclusive Pillow, you have Broderpress to thank! Broderpress was founded in 2009 by artist and printmaker Shannon Broder. She loves drawing and silkscreening all sorts of creatures and brings them to life by sewing and stuffing them into objects you can play with and love! We asked Shannon to fill out our Teen Witch Magazine-style "Meet the Maker" interview and now we're obsessed with "poppy red"!

What's your name/pronouns?
Shannon She/Her

What’s your sun/moon/rising?
Unclear, but I'm a gemini

When did you start your business?

What's your favorite color?
Poppy Red

Do you have a lucky number?

What's your favorite place to get takeout?
Bombay Heights in Bedstuy Brooklyn

What's the best show/movie you've seen recently?
Oh gosh, my guilty pleasure is Below Deck.

Your favorite fictional witches:
Hermione Granger.



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