Meet the Maker: Erin's Apothecary

Meet the Maker: Erin's Apothecary

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Whenever a customer asks about Erin's Apothecary Bath Salts, we always say "Erin is exactly who you want making your ritual salt blends!" She's honestly an absolute angel and one of our very favorite friend-vendors to work with since way back when. She even launched her apothecary at the first HausWitch Moon Meditation! We’ve loved watching Erin's business grow over the years- a shining example of doing business from the heart, Erin puts SO MUCH care into everything she does, from growing her own ingredients to sourcing materials to hand-delivering her bath salts all the way to “HQ" and waiting for the stars to align just right for lunar magic. Can you say CANCER QUEEN? Wish the Bath Witch a Happy Birthday, and learn more about her in Meet the Maker: Erin’s Apothecary!

What's your name/pronouns?
Erin she/her

What’s your sun/moon/rising? 

When did you start your business? 
My ritual baths launched at the first-ever moon meditation held at Hauswitch. I don’t recall which year that was, but I know it was definitely an Aquarius full moon


What's your favorite place to get takeout?
I prefer to create vegetarian delights at home most of the time, but I can’t say no to street vendors that sell falafel wraps! 

What's the best show/movie you've seen recently?
I really liked Love on the Spectrum. But I also rewatch The Nanny all the time - you can’t beat Fran’s ‘fits. 

Who are your favorite famous/fictional witches?
Circe, Endora, and The Halliwell sisters. Baba Yaga is also a vibe. 



The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.