Local Artist's Wall- i feel everything, i feel love

Local Artist's Wall- i feel everything, i feel love

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New on the Local Artist's Wall is a collection from our own Shop Witch Denali Musgrave! Denali is a graduate of the Montserrat College of Art just over the bridge in Beverly, MA- in her senior year she was part of the thesis exhibition Late Bloomer and was awarded first prize in Montserrat’s All Senior Show as well as The Senior Printmaking Award. In her own words:

“’i feel everything, i feel love' is a personal exploration of emotion and circumstance. feeling is a ritual in its own right, and acknowledgement of feeling is a spell for connecting with my highest self. this body of work allowed me to sit with a range of emotions, the difficult, the positive, the mundane and vibrant. what do these feelings look like in my mind’s eye? what do they feel like in my physical body? each painting is a manifestation of this exercise. ‘i feel everything, i feel love’ is a letter to my inner child that never felt safe in her spirit and forgot that she was made of magic. you are everything and you are love.”

Find Denali on Instagram, @denalimusgrave.studio and her official website 




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