Meet the Maker: Goddex Apothecary

Meet the Maker: Goddex Apothecary

Meet the Goddex behind the Apothecary! Kass just keeps inventing stuff we love, and we needed to know more about what makes them so cool. Find out why they were fated to create bath spells, what TV they’re watching during work hours, and where to get the best Thai food in Cranston, Rhode Island in Meet the Maker: Goddex Apothecary!

What's your name/pronouns? i'm kass and i use they/them pronouns !

What’s your sun/moon/rising? cancer sun cancer moon scorpio rising my chart forced me to make bath spells

When did you start your business? sept 1, 2020. goddex is a virgo sun pisces moon and scorpio rising

What's your favorite color? pink and lavender, together specifically

Do you have a lucky number? 5!

What's your favorite place to get takeout? a thai place called thai orchid in cranston (rhode island). it's a tiny mom and pop restaurant one one (1) table and it's run by a husband and wife duo. they basically watched me grow up + truly it's the best food i've ever had.

What's the best show/movie you've seen recently? i watch so much tv while making products it's so hard to remember what i watch though the grasp fleabag and normal people have on me specifically is unparalleled

Who are your favorite famous/fictional witches? elaine parks 4ever



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