Leo Season Treasurescopes

Leo Season Treasurescopes

Leo season is upon us, witches! Beginning tomorrow, July 22nd, the Sun makes its way out of the watery, Lunar depths of Cancer and comes into the golden light of Leo...and we gotta be honest: we're more than ready! This fire sign is all about confidence, expression, generosity, and play!

This season is the perfect excuse to "treat yourself" and those you love...and the perfect reminder that you don't NEED an excuse! Remember that too often when we talk of "treating ourselves" we're simply talking about treating ourselves well...and that doesn't require a special occasion! Focus on ways to celebrate yourself and those you hold closest over the next few weeks--whether that means picking out some treasures, cooking up an especially delicious meal, or simply giving yourself the rest you need or deserve. 

The treasures below were picked with the intention of helping ANY sign align with the energy of this season, but of course they also make great gifts for your favorite Leo (don't forget our Leo Astrology Essence)! You can also shop the whole Leo Season treasure collection here! Stay golden, witches!

Carnelian Gem Essence

This season is all about embracing that inner fire and letting your light shine bright...both for your own benefit, and the benefit of those around you! If you've been feeling in a rut, uninspired, or just a little alone in the dark...grab some Carnelian Gem Essence. Add a few drops of this essence to a drink, your bath (we recommend the Love Ritual Bath Salts from Erin's Apothecary for Leo Season!), your face wash...anywhere you'd like to add some extra fiery + motivated energy. Our HWIC loves to put a few drops of this gem essence in her running shoes before she goes for a run! If you need to light a fire under your own ass, Carnelian is the flame-free way to do it. We also sell beautiful Carnelian tumbled stones, but we love the convenience of being able to drop a little Fire energy into ANYTHING!


Night of Flowers Secret Spell Candle

Night of Flowers is one of our recent Secret Spell Candle releases, and it's the got the perfect balance of sweetness + intrigue for this sultry season! With notes of Rose and Clove, this one is a secret spell for romance that's both romantic + spicy...just like we wanna be during Leo Season. You don't need to be in a partnership to indulge in this secret spell, either! Leo season wants you to romance yourSELF, too! Why not?! We like to light this one on our nightstand before we begin our nighttime rituals...by the time you're ready for bed your room will smell like a tryst in a moonlit Summer garden. Talk about sweet dreams! 

Summer Haus Spell Kit

Leo has always seemed like the ultimate Summer Child to me...after all, their planetary ruler is the Sun! Our Summer Haus Spell Kit is made to help you embrace and work with the energy of Summer to boost your confidence, self-love, and playfulness...so it could have JUST as easily been a kit just for Leo Season! You get a super-cutie mini dropper of our Carnelian gem essence, a "High Summer" crystal spell pouch, a Soft Island Secret Spell Votive, a 1 oz. bottle of our citrusy Solstice bathroom cleaner, and a booklet with instructions for an illuminating Gold Sun meditation! Don't let your moment in the Sun pass you by without celebration--this kit has everything you need to amplify and honor your own light.

Universe Super-Healing Elixir

Leo can sometimes have a reputation for vanity, but we think they're just invested in putting their best foot (or face) forward! We don't see anything wrong with being committed to your beauty rituals, whatever they may be. Whether you're a total beauty queen or more of a "put-on-some-lip-balm-and-go" beauty, the Universe Super-Healing Elixir by Botanical Stars will add some extra magic to your routine (and will take just a few seconds to apply)! With ingredients like prickly pear, chamomile, B vitamins, and licorice, this serum is made to improve texture, tone, congestion, and firmness in ALL skin types. After all--we want to be GLOWING when we step into our spotlight this season!

Jaguar Jasper Tumbled Crystal

Big feline energy here!! While Carnelian can get that inner fire roaring, Jaguar Jasper helps us find balance, healing, and a more loving view of ourselves and our world. If you find yourself stuck in negative thoughts spirals and your inner critic seems to be shouting through a megaphone, Jaguar Jasper can help!! Great for breaking out of patterns born from insecurity or fear, this stone helps us see our own light and can help heal emotional wounds that keep us from letting it shine bright! (We love love love this one paired with a bit of Cinnamon Jasper!)



Vetiver Incense Sticks

We love the way scent can transform a space, and these incense sticks from Alight Incense will fill your room with their delicious aroma before you even light one! With notes of warm and grounding Vetiver, bright and sunny Bergamot, and sultry and resinous Amyris, the Vetiver blend reminds us of the scent of sun-drenched skin and sand...perfect for this Solar-ruled sign! Even better—10% of the proceeds from this scent are donated to organizations fighting for animal rights! 


Aura Room Spray

We told you we’re all about the scents here at Hauswitch! It’s time to ditch the idea that warm + spicy scents are just for getting cozy in the Winter…because we find few things as motivating, inspiring, or downright sexy than a little bit of Cinnamon, Clove, and Vanilla during the height of Summer! Our Aura Room Spray was created to inspire your creativity and ground you in your own sensuality…and that’s NEVER out of season! Like all our Lighthaus products, this spray also gets an extra energetic boost from gem essences: Golden Calcite and Carnelian, in this case! Spray into the air, onto your body and hair, or onto linens to activate your passion! 


"Conduit to Channeling the Soul Path" Color Meditation

With tones of orange, red, and purple, this Color Meditation is perfect for anyone ready to fully step into their own power + purpose! The “Conduit to Channeling the Soul Path” Color Meditation Print from Moon Nectar Apothecary features a beautiful color sphere along with instructions for a color meditation. Part artwork, part portal…sign us up. We love this one in particular for Leo Season because of its fiery colors with just a hint of royal purple…Lions are royalty among the big cats, after all! It’s easier to let our gifts flow and shine when we have a clear idea of what gifts we’re working with and what it is we want to share with the world. This print acts as a daily reminder to follow where our soul leads us and embrace our unique callings and abilities. 

Pleasure Activist

This collaboration between author Adrienne Maree Brown and one of our fave witches--Dori Midnight--is a REGULAR in our daily potions lineup! A blend of essences of honey rose, wild ginger, tulip poplar, rainbow shower tree, opal, rhodochrosite, carnelian, dolphin love, hot springs, northern lights, and honeybees in spring water + honey brandy, this elixir helps you tune into the pleasure in every day--something Leo urges us to do! No lie--the first time I used this essence I was having a particularly annoying day. Within hours of putting a few drops of this sweetness under my tongue, I was admiring an actual double rainbow shimmering over the ocean while I ate an ice cream cone...talk about turning the day around! I've sworn by it ever since when I need some extra help finding the bright spot in myself or my day.

Radiance Face + Body Oil

When we picture Leo, we picture RADIANCE! Even a lion's mane looks like a glowing golden halo around their face! If you want to get glowing like the Leo Season goddexx you are, Under Aurora's Radiance Face + Body Oil is the ticket! All the oils in this blend are non-comedogenic and safe to use on the face for ANY skin type. Argan oil brings antioxidants, fatty acids, and Vitamin E to the party while Pomegranate Seed soothes inflammation and Meadowfoam Seed keeps skin bouncy and supple. There's something luxurious about an oil you can use literally from head-to-toe after getting out of the shower. The name doesn't lie...this stuff will have you looking illuminated from within! 

"175K" Crystal-Infused Ritual Nail Polish

FirmeArte brews up some of our favorite magical candles, scrubs, and now…nail polishes! Their line of Crystal-Infused Ritual Nail Polishes puts the magic of some of their most popular spell formulas right at your fingertips…literally! Free of the “big 10” chemicals found in some nail polishes, cruelty-free, and made with a mix of cosmetic-grade and biodegradable glitter, these polishes work some serious glamour magic. Our shade of choice for Leo Season HAS to be $175K: a bright glittery gold to call abundance, joy, and sunbeams your way! Put some magic on those claws! 



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