77 Ways to Work with Crystal + Gem Essences

77 Uses for Crystal Essences

  1. Add one drop of Selenite to a glass of water to unify your energy
  2. Add two drops of Amethyst to a glass of water for balance
  3. Add three drops of Rose Quartz to a glass of water for drawing in community
  4. Add four drops of Black Tourmaline to a glass of water for stability
  5. Add five drops of Moldavite to a glass of water to ease transitions
  6. Add six drops of Pyrite to a glass of water for abundance
  7. Take a drop under your tongue during your daily vitamin/medication routine
  8. Sprinkle on your pillow before bed
  9. Mix with essential oils to make a magical room spray
  10. Add to your shampoo to activate your crown energy
  11. Add a drop to your pre-mani cuticle soak to shoot magic out of your fingers
  12. Add a drop to your cat-don’t-do-that spray bottle to chill them out
  13. Add a drop to your pet’s food to show them some extra care (just a drop won’t change the taste or nutrition)!
  14. Mix Kyanite and Selenite essences to make a “Spirit Guide Staff Meeting” potion: great for checking in with your cosmic team and refreshing your psychic channel.
  15. Add a couple drops to your body lotion to get the glow all over 
  16. Sprinkle across your doorway so bad vibes get left outside and good vibes get welcomed in
  17. Make a spell jar with a candle, herbs, and a few drops of crystal essences. Bury it in your yard or place it in another special place where it can work its magic. 
  18. Add a drop into your watering can so your plants can have some magic, too
  19. Add a drop to your paints or clay to infuse your art with intention
  20. Add a few drops to your laundry detergent to turn your clothes into sacred garments
  21. Moldavite Margarita
  22. Rose Quartz Rose or Pink Lemonade
  23. Carnelian Chai 
  24. Add a drop to facial toner or mist for a boost of glamour magic
  25. Add a couple drops to your bath to ride the vibrational wave
  26. Anoint your crystals at the Full Moon to infuse them with gratitude
  27. Anoint your crystals at the New Moon to set an intention for the coming cycle
  28. Anoint your crystals at the Dark Moon to encourage introspection
  29. Anoint your crystals during the Waning Moon to release built-up energy
  30. Anoint your crystals during the Waxing Moon for extra manifesting magic
  31. Anoint a red or pink candle for love
  32. Anoint an orange candle for inspiration
  33. Anoint a yellow candle for joy
  34. Anoint a green candle for MONEY (or new growth/opportunity)
  35. Anoint a blue candle for peace
  36. Anoint a purple candle for wisdom
  37. Anoint a black candle for protection
  38. Anoint a white candle for clearing
  39. Anoint a gold candle for abundance
  40. Anoint a silver candle for Lunar magic
  41. Anoint your tarot deck to charge it with extra energy
  42. Anoint your forehead to awaken your third eye
  43. Anoint your lips or throat to encourage clear communication
  44. Anoint your heart to heal hurt feelings or open your aura to love
  45. Anoint your hands for creativity + power
  46. Pyrite it down! Grab a piece of paper and write down an intention, give it a couple drops of Pyrite essence, and leave it in a magical spot to manifest. 
  47. Add a couple drops to a bowl of soup for a holistic health experience
  48. Add a couple drops into your salad dressing for some spiritual nourishment
  49. If you dye your hair, add a couple drops of a crystal of the same color!
  50. Mix a few drops with dried herbs to make a magical tea
  51. Four words: Crystal essence jello shots (or jello mold if you’re fancy!)
  52. Mix Moldavite and Rose Quartz essences to make an “Unbreak My Heart” potion: great for moving through emotional hangups and infusing some self-love into your energetic body.
  53. Make moonwater by adding a couple drops of crystal essence to a glass bowl or jar of water and leaving it out overnight! 
  54. Make sunwater the same way but during the day!
  55. Bake a batch of cupcakes with crystal essence-infused frosting 
  56. Give yourself a crystal essence tattoo by mixing a couple drops into henna paste or skin-safe ink
  57. Add a few drops to a bottle of sunscreen so you always have a crystal companion at the beach!
  58. Put a couple drops of Blue Kyanite on your toothbrush to scrub away slips of the tongue
  59. Put a pot of water on the stove, add a few orange or lemon slices and fragrant herbs like cinnamon or rosemary and a few drops of crystal essence, let it simmer and infuse your whole space with good-smelling magic
  60. Tie-dye some old tshirts and add crystal essences to the pigment
  61. Anoint a piece of sidewalk chalk and write charmed messages or sigils all over town
  62. Having a campfire? Turn it into a ritual bonfire by putting a couple drops of crystal essence on the logs before you light it (Carnelian would be particularly fiery!)
  63. Dab some kyanite essence on the base of your throat before tuning into your spirit guides
  64. Mix a couple drops of Carnelian or Rose Quartz essence into your sexiest perfume before date night
  65. Add Selenite to your hand sanitizer for extra purifying
  66. Put a few drops in water on your ancestor altar as an offering
  67. Have a magical movie experience: choose an essence or two that match the vibe of whatever you’re watching and immerse yourself in the feeling!
  68. Massage a few drops into the soles of your feet for grounding
  69. Mix Black Tourmaline and Amethyst essences to make a “Body + Mind” potion: great for protecting your precious self and keeping your mind open to inspiration. 
  70. Dab Pyrite essence on the palms of your hands to attract abundance
  71. Put a few drops on your cash or debit card to attract abundance! 
  72. Add it to your lube (one teeny drop per bottle to protect your pH!)
  73. Add it to your bongwater!
  74. Put a few drops of Black Tourmaline on your car tires or steering wheel for protection while traveling
  75. Add it to coffee grounds before brewing your coffee
  76. Mix into a jar of honey to create your own magically empowered honey
  77. Work some color magic and match your daily crystal essence to your outfit

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