Inspirations/Incantations vol. 1

Hey! I'm back. That new fancy job I got is keeping me pretty busy but I finally carved out a minute for some blogging! YAY! So I want to start a new little feature here about the little tiny reminders that we're not all just cogs in a corporate-capitalist-consumer driven machine. Earlier this year, when faced with moving back to Chicago, land of my people, endless amounts of meat and cheese, and many of the people, places and things that I love, I was shocked when I decided, "Hey, my life here in New England is actually pretty rad!" I realized that my quality of life was different here. Here, I walk through my neighborhood and everyone has amazing gardens and the whole place smells like flowers. Here, there are ACTUAL SEASONS instead of just 3 days of transitional weather before full blown summer or winter. I was shocked because these seemingly small factors completely swayed the course of my life and we stayed here in Boston. Happily. When I was in L.A. for three weeks on my business trip, it wasn't the completely amazing new McCobb dining room chairs that I missed, (okay, I missed them a little) it was cooking in my kitchen, walking to yoga, and my cat family. The point is this: in the bible according to HausWitch, quality of life has everything to do with duvet covers and lighting concepts, but it also has to include the little charming things like chopping up garlic and throwing it in a pan and appreciating all the houses in your neighborhood that are painted purple. Or whatever your deal is. So, long story long, in the interest of being able to post a little more consistently while I'm in between projects or when my day job is keeping me away, I am going to start posting some pics of the things that inspire me that are totally 100% free. (Follow me on Pinterest in you are interested in the stuff that costs American dollars that inspire me.) :) These first batch came from a lovely day in August when I was first decided to start this feature. I went for a run around my neighborhood and took some pics with my phone. (Obvi the quality won't be the same as if I used a fancy camera but that's not really the point I guess. It just bothers me because I'm an obsessive Type-A maniac.) inspiration collage In the future you can look forward to these posts being a lot less talk-y and a lot more look-y. I just has to testify a little in this first one. Stay tuned because I do have a couple of projects in the works, including some "Bro-Witching" that I'm doing at an apartment full of boys. That should be interesting.... Moon is in Libra. The witches say "Count the Stars" on Sunday.