The HausWitch Guide to L.A.

As my time here in Los Angeles is winding down I wanted to celebrate by writing about the best things I saw, ate, smelled (warning: lots of stuff about fancy candles ahead) and shopped. I definitely can't take all the credit though.


My friend Sheba gave me her own "Best Of L.A." list before I even got here. The thing about Sheba is that she knows everything that's cool, happening everywhere, all the time. You could be like, "Hey, where can I get a good leather purse and a pair of clogs on Neptune?" And she'd respond in like 10 seconds with: "Oh you gotta check out this place (insert Neptunian purse and clog shop name here) and while you're there go next store to the bakery that makes cheese filled hot dogs!" So, to keep it all straight I made a Google map. Which you can see here: West Coast Witch Map

The Highlights:

OtherWild Goods and Services. la4otherwild

Okay, so we already knew about OtherWild from this post in which I shamelessly gushed about them, but now I actually got to go there. Did I shamelessly gush about them in person too? Yep. Did I completely geek out and tell them that I write a blog and I wrote about them and OHMYGODILOVEEVERYTHINGTHATYOUDO!!!? Yep. Were they sweet about it? Yep. Guisados A decent chunk of my time here in L.A. was spent on what I am calling my "Taco Tour". Guisados is a no-nonsense local fave in Echo Park that only serves tacos . No chips, no salsa, no fancy margaritas, no nothing, except tacos. The good news is: they're delicious. El Conquistador Speaking of tacos, this place is awesome, but it's closing soon. ;( The food was alright as far as I remember but I'm having trouble remembering because the margaritas were so good... and everything else was so sparkly...


Mohawk General Store So Mohawk is kind of an "aspirational" location on the tour. After my first visit I found myself contemplating buying a $450 purse. Now, those of you who know me or read this blog know that that is something I could never do. EVER. (My practical Midwestern bones would probably shatter into a million pieces.) However, the collection at Mohawk is curated so beautifully that you just want to be a part of it. Needless to say I did not buy a $450 purse, but I did go back a second time just to smell all of the fancy candles they have under bell jars (to trap the scent) and ask about jewelry prices just for fun. I ended up getting my HausWizard a fancy cologne at their men's store but shhhhh! don't say anything. His Midwestern bones are even more practical than mine. Reform School This place might be my favorite. The Pomme Frites Teakwood and Tobacco fancy candle I bought there made my hotel room smell AMAAAAAAAAZING. The jewelry is killer, and when I went they were doing free tarot readings with The Wild Unknown deck. I got there too late (because I didn't know!!!) and I couldn't get a reading and I will be sad about that forever.


Spellbound Sky Sheba was adamant about this one and I'm glad she was. I stocked up on crystals and candles like the good witch that I am.


Casbah Cafe Salted Chocolate Chip cookies. Nuff said.


Random other stuff:

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The moon is in Capricorn, HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!