February Full Moon: Rebalance & Recalibration

February Full Moon: Rebalance & Recalibration

The February Full Moon is on Saturday, February 8th, in the sign of Leo, at 11:33 PM PST.
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The February Full Moon is on Saturday, February 8th, in the sign of Leo, at 11:33 PM PST. (It is on Sunday, February 9th, for folks in different time zones.) It is the first Full Moon of the year that isn’t a Lunar Eclipse. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, it is a Full Moon that rises during an in-between time: in between winter and spring, in between predictable temperatures, in between certain political outcomes. Remember that you are a part of nature, a part of the world, and you might be feeling in-between as well: one foot in one way, one foot in the other. This Full Moon can support you while you hold these paradoxes. Think about what you wish to transpire in your life around the Summer Solstice. That is a long time from now! A lot can happen. It is an optimal time to cast spells around the Self, love, taking up space, creativity, pleasure, connection, and community. 

This is a Full Moon about rebalancing and recalibration. Our various identities, our various aspirations, collide with our responsibilities. Cast your intentions around expansive possibilities, not limitations.

This is an ideal time to notice when your decisions, your reactions, and your behaviors stem from scarcity, defensiveness, and old paradigms. All of us struggle with our own limitations: limitations around resources, all forms of physical and mental health, privileges, time, and more. It is when we attach judgements onto our limitations—when we attach our identity to self-punishment and lack—that we suffer. We ingest harmful narratives about who we are from the dominant culture, the government, media, family, or other relationships and this squelches our self-regard and who we truly are. This is very real, and harms all of us, though not equally. 

The ask is to try dismantling internal beliefs that stop you from connecting to, and loving, your authentic self. Do you enjoy yourself? Are you interested in your own mysteries? Are you proud of how capable you are, of how far you’ve made it—in spite of, because of, and in defiance of—all the forces that tried to stop you, or could have stopped you? You are a miracle. You don’t have to do anything, prove anything or impress anyone in order to claim your beauty.

You do have a responsibility to tend to your dreams. It’s time to gather up all the experiences and learning curves, the sufferings and surprises, and wrap your arms around all of the ingredients of your life. You get to create new experiences for yourself forged out of who you know yourself to be, in the most loving sense, and who you know you are interested in becoming. 

Following are Tarotscopes for each sign: Sarah has drawn a card and channelled messages that come forth around each archetype. Feel free to read your Sun/Moon/Rising, or all 3. Some folks read the signs that their other planets, like Mars or Jupiter, are in as well. Take what you’d like and leave the rest. The suggested spell ingredients are meant to spark inspiration and/or be used in ways unique to you. If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution, or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. 


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Page of Cups 

Life hasn’t exactly been predictable as of late. It can be easy to focus on how much you don’t know and feel overwhelmed, and then get reactionary. In some ways, that loop serves as a defense mechanism. That pattern stops you from remembering you actually are ready to do things differently. Whatever is transpiring right now requires another version of yourself—a version that is inventive and compassionate, and sweetly trusting. A version that possesses a magical ability to change your tune through play and ritual; through listening; through letting help in. 

There are many mystical messages around you. Helpers hover like lightning bugs, waiting for you to acknowledge them. Animals, dreams, repeating patterns, and other synchronicities may be surfacing for you at this time: pay attention. Or, make your own: journal, see what comes up. Sing: see what truths tumble out in your own lyrics.

All you want right now is a shred of control, sweet Aries. However, that isn’t the point of this card, or this Full Moon. Spend as much time surrendering as you do focusing on your heart. Spend as much time refining your energy as you do being as inventive as possible in your solution seeking. Look for the beginnings in all the forms they appear. 

Suggested spell ingredients: coral, repeat listens to Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s “Don’t Despair”, lotus root, water, bibliomancy through poetry—either from the poems you write, or the ones that give you the most inspiration.  



3 of Pentacles 

There is the work you do in the world: that which you are known and respected for, that so many have come to rely on you for. Then, there is the work you do in YOUR world: your relationships, the construction of your personal philosophies, and your unique creative expression. It isn’t that these two are completely separate—you bring so very much of you to all that you do. However, at times, all your internal growth—all the self-development you’ve invested in over the last few years—can seem at odds with your public or career-oriented self. This Full Moon is asking you to envision and begin creating a more authentic integration between your internal and your external root systems. 

The path you are on is the one you have been paving for a long time: each stone set down seriously, each climb up carefully considered. As a result, you have achieved success, you have gained important experience, and you have known the pride that is inherent within perseverance. However, where you are now is the culmination of dreams that were articulated years ago—you were a different person then. Now, your needs are different. You must begin building dreams from the present. It is absolutely encouraged for you to try making a different path, one that takes all the various definitions of the word “work”, into consideration. 

Your manifestation potential is very great at this time, beautiful bull. Begin building off of a blueprint that honors those that have paved the way before you, all who you wish to serve, and a way of working that prioritizes the sacredness of all the components you possess. 

Suggested spell ingredients: pyrite, edible gold and sea salt sprinkled on dark chocolate that you let melt in your mouth as you vision, an ancestor altar to folks before you who paved the way in your current field or in the one you are aspiring to currently, repeat listens of Earth Wind and Fire’s “That’s the Way of the World”, and at least 3 invitations extended to helpers who can support your new direction (human or not).  



The Moon 

Beyond the crashing waves of confusion some of you Gems could be experiencing right now lie subtle currents of calm. The message of this Full Moon isn’t to get completely still. It is to flow with, not against, the tides washing through your life. The ask is to go a bit deeper. Flailing about on the surface, toggling between the over-analyzation of air and the superficiality of fear-based emotions aren’t going to get you the answers you need. 

Let yourself float through the depths of your psyche. Soon enough, your intuition will chime in on what’s waiting to be weeded out. That’s why you could be experiencing discomfort—there are patterns you are ready to step away from. Stepping closer to what it is you truly need—to feel whole, to feel seen, to feel wholly expressed—is this Full Moon’s move. Remember that resistance will bubble up. 

Ignoring your doubts isn’t self-betrayal: ignoring the greater mission of your life is. 

This is a Full Moon where you have access to really important healing that will enable you to experience your magic in truly freeing ways. First, you have to meet yourself and your feelings halfway. You have to boldly dive into your mysterious, undiscovered self. 

Suggested spell ingredients: motherwort, layers of blankets if you are in the Northern Hemisphere or herbal face steams if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, selenite, and repeat listens to  “Orange Moon” by Erykah Badu. 



5 of Wands

There is strife somewhere in your world right now that you must deal with: tension or stress, blocks or challenges, real or imagined adversaries. You could be enacting self-sabotage in some way: playing the compare and despair game, trying to prove yourself to people who won’t actually ever understand you, or fighting some deep, creative and energetic expansion that has been wishing to burst through you like seedlings out of the soil. 

Underneath this tension are deeper spiritual issues that need tending to. When and where are you censoring yourself? Where are you afraid to express yourself and why? What spiritual and creative practices do you need to invest in? Where are you letting distractions that will not matter in the least later this year, or even later this month, tangle you up? 

What is happening right now in your life is ultimately helping you develop skills that you can use far in the future. It is about knowing when to drop the rope, and when to keep fighting. It is about mastering energetic transformation: anger into action, dissatisfaction into discipline, impulses into innovation. It is about tapping into your spiritual and creative energy and plugging these into more appropriate outlets. What this all is helping you to do is to choose your own Self. 

Suggested spell ingredients: red, orange, and yellow candles, colors, and crystals; peppermint in your tea or on your altar, earth magic, boxing classes, repeat listens to “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince. 




You’ve been feeling at a crossroads as of late. Since before the start of the year, you’ve spent very fruitful time reflecting on all that is going well and all that could be improved on. At the heart of your motivation is meaning. More than ever before, you wish to weave your activities, your relationships, and your various modes of expression into ones that have deep meaning. This Full Moon in your sign could summon an awakening around how you can actually do this. You may receive insights, answers, and a-ha moments. Open yourself up to receive them. When you look back on this time, you may think of it as a moment that you made some important decisions that set into motion a transformation, pivot, or opening. 

There are a number of bulbs and plants that generate their own heat, softening the soil around them in late winter, causing snow nearby to melt (skunk cabbage and crocuses are two examples). This is part of your role at this time, for those around you, and for yourself. The more warmth you give out and the more growth you nurture, the more you will receive. Angels are all around you: affirm them when they glide in, in the form of opportunities, conversations, and downloads. Remember that you are an angel too. 

Suggested spell ingredients: crocuses, aragonite, angel aura quartz, salt baths, melted snow, ice cubes, and “Heaven’s Only Wishful” by MorMor on repeat. 



3 of Cups, Reversed 

This Full Moon could be shining its light on what is out of balance in certain relationships or partnerships, or with the colleagues you keep. When the 3 of Cups appears reversed, there is a strain: triangulation, exclusion, or miscommunication could be pointing to where it is time to create boundaries, or enforce certain protocols. In some way, your relationships or partnerships at this time need tending to. If you’re feeling used or underappreciated, you might need to communicate your needs clearly. It isn’t shameful to want to be celebrated. In fact, being seen and taking up space is some of the magical work this Full Moon is asking of you. 

If you are taking certain people for granted, or certain ways you relate to others are on autopilot, get honest. Hopefully, those in your life are there to help you bloom and support your blossoming. Hopefully, you see the people in your life not merely as transactions or obligations. Hopefully, you are supporting them because you love them—not because you need to be seen a certain way, or need something transactional from them. 

This strain could be solved by unpacking some of the pressures you put on yourself. Needing to be fair, liked, or impervious to blame might be obscuring some other truths. Grief is to be processed, not avoided. Remember Virgo, as long as you are operating from your deepest integrity, it is not your job to manage what others think of you. While keeping the peace is absolutely important, it should not come at a punishing cost of repeated self-sacrifice. Gather love, support, and vulnerable connections around you. It is time to expand upon your capacity to give and receive love without strings or expectations. 

 Suggested spell ingredients: yarrow, lavender, clear quartz crystal clusters, “Shades of Blue” by Kelsey Lu on repeat, rose quartz, reishi mushroom tincture, and videos of dolphin pods.



The Sun

Libra, you’ve got some pretty strong messages around this Full Moon around living your truth. Who you are and what you can do are ready to take flight. Recently you’ve been experimenting with living from the inside out: with generating your own energy. Spend more time soaking in your own supplies of joy. You were absolutely put on this planet to help others: one way you do this is by being unabashedly yourself. You can get what you want, but only if you commit to showing up for yourself as never before. 

If you’ve experienced any confusion or doubt, The Sun card wants to burn off the clouds in your brain. More affirmations will come from movement, prayer, and the prioritization of play and pleasure. You can trust the light. The more you let in, the more will continue to flow through. 

This Full Moon wants you to commit to your own definitions of freedom. What would that look like for you? Cast your spells from that place. Travel far away from your regular surroundings, your regular reactions, in order to travel closer to yourself. Do it by going somewhere you usually do not visit. Go somewhere that will allow you to try something fun, and will feed your body and soul. Meditate, tap into your own source energy. Then, take that energy into your mornings and nights, into your friends and family, and to the cashier at the grocery store and the people you run into. Let your light shine freely. 

Suggested Spell Ingredients: sunstone, elder flower tea, Picasso jasper, “Feel Up” by Grace Jones on repeat, a meditation where you imagine yourself flying into the sun so that all stagnant energy is purified into inspiration, and breath of fire. 



The Ace of Wands

Scorpio, did you know that your namesake molts all in one shot? There’s no waiting, no hesitating. Only a profound cellular transformation that happens in the blink of an eye. A totally different creature bursting out of the shell of the old. This Full Moon, in some way, could kick off a similarly quick rebirth.  

Your ideas might surprise you. A switch might be flipped: all of a sudden you are done and can move on around a lingering issue. Everyone gets excited when an Ace is pulled; it is a good omen, an exciting possibility, a buy one get one free coupon for your magic. But there’s less talk about how getting an Ace must always be accompanied by follow through. Your unusual impulses at this time must be followed and acted upon. They might ignite outcomes you can’t predict: an impulse to kiss someone might lead to a book recommendation that awakens your consciousness; a missive you receive around creating an artists support group might end up getting you a lucrative commission. Revere the flashes of inspiration that come through—they are spirit, they are source, they are divine. Then care enough about them to do something about them. 

Suggested spell ingredients: cayenne pepper, videos of Scorpions shedding their skin, garnet, a ring of tea lights surrounding you when you cast your spell so that you are protected and warmed by fire, “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross, and red lipstick. 



10 of Pentacles, Reversed 

Sweet Sag, this Full Moon wants you to continue to do the work of aligning your actions with your desired legacy, with pairing your beliefs with abundance. Believe it or not, this is the second Full Moon in a row that the 10 of Pentacles got pulled for you! You can read your last month’s Full Moon Tarotscope here (https://visualmagic.info/portfolio/january-2020-lunar-eclipse-tarotscopes/). But WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Yes, the reversal does shift the meaning. It means you are now ready to truly invest in yourself. Reflecting on what abundance means to you, at its core—which is a feeling, which is security, which is the ability to speak and share and create and move however you’d like—is the beginning of this process. 

Last month, so much of your work was around where you’ve been: the root systems of lineages that got you here. Now, you are ready to take risks that reflect where you wish to go. Take the chances you will never regret. Never underestimate how much the actions you are taking now will pay off in grand ways you can’t even fathom. Never underestimate how inspiring your leaps and investments are for your friends, your family, your community, and your ancestors to behold. 

Suggested spell ingredients: pine cones, crocodile jasper, sage tea, “Day Dreaming” by Aretha Franklin on repeat, grounding practices, and a blank check made out to you, from you, with a word that encapsulates what investing in yourself would result in.



4 of Swords

You are highly intuitive, though sometimes you cloak it in logical pragmatism. You pride yourself on your prompt responses, though sometimes this speed is a way for you to feel more in control. You almost always keep promises and meet due dates, though these are often mechanisms put in place to quell your anxiety and keep yourself in righteous territory and self-imposed isolation.  

This Full Moon wants you to reflect upon your true motivations and the stories you’ve constructed to keep you safe. At least one of these stories is a broken record that is ready to be taken off the turntable. At least one of your defenses or security-driven impulses is ready for a rest. What is up for consideration at this time is a reframing around what your gifts and abilities are really here for. 

Peace of mind is the priority. This isn’t about being right: this is about letting go of conflict. This Full Moon is asking you where you can conserve your precious energy in order to gain priceless solace. 

Suggested spell ingredients: willow, bay leaf, bloodstone, a meditation practice, smoky quartz, “Rest” by Michael Kiwanuka on repeat, and deep cleaning your room, your inbox, your mind, and your resentments.



Queen of Cups

This Full Moon, and the rest of your birthday season, is emphasizing how much influence your practice of self-love has had on your dreams, your spirituality, and your community. You’ve held your own hand through shadowy forests in the middle of the night, you’ve held fast to stewarding the creative visions that flow through you, and you’ve bravely continued to hold onto a sense of possibility even while certain things—metaphorically and literally—crumbled inside and around you. And now, here you are, vibrating at a level of reception that facilitates fundamental support on a variety of levels. 

As long as you continue to come home to yourself, you will be able to offer yourself genuinely to others. Make honoring your needs and your boundaries as non-negotiable as the open and honest relationships you invite inside of your space. 

As long as you continue to focus on connecting to love, and acting out of love, your successes of flow will continue to unfold. 

You want love, so be love.  

Suggested spell ingredients: an altar made up of bowls of water, cups of water, and glasses of water that you consider magically; “We all Try” by Frank Ocean on repeat, pearls, seashells, and group trips to the spa. 



King of Swords 

Sometimes, precious Pisces, you can mistake detachment for cruelty: for lack of care, or lack of feeling. This month, storms of the mind will best be navigated with logic, and the affirmation that you do belong. Avoid extremes: your power will be best served if you do not latch onto tendencies to make situations personal, or continue with patterns of running to rescue others, or circumvent abandonment. 

At this time, your life requires you to view certain situations from a different vantage point in order to gain clarity. If that means writing down events as they happen, and interpreting this as a story, try it. Rewrite it. Rip it up. You could try speaking out loud various beliefs that are attached to blocks, and asking yourself if they are really true. Chances are, they won’t be. Crumple them up and throw them out. All of this is to foster alignment; all of this is to support you as you vision, as you communicate, as you continue to sing in the key of confidence. The truth of the matter is that you are a leader, a teacher, and very much an authority in many realms. Now, commit to being a leader and an authority squarely in your own life. 

Suggested spell ingredients: optic calcite, dandelion tea, “Cranes in the Sky” by Solange on repeat, blue candles with your desires carved into them, and a new journal to house your new project ideas. 

Written by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener



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