February Crystal-scopes

February Crystal-scopes

Happy February, angels! At Lighthaus Magic, we're big believers in the power of crystals, and we want to spread more mineral magic in 2020!

Happy February, angels! At Lighthaus Magic, we’re big believers in the power of crystals, and we want to spread more mineral magic in 2020! Each month we’ll be bringing you intuitive crystal-scopes for your sign. You can carry this crystal with you throughout the month, meditate with your crystal, put this crystal or even a drawing or photo of it on your altar, or buy/make a gem essence with your chosen crystal to use as you wish in February. It’s up to you, your magic is YOUR magic! There’s also some food for thought and some magic words given for each sign to help you on your way. Read your sun sign, read your moon sign for a deeper look at what you may need emotionally, read your best friend’s sign, read them all! We love you lots and hope you experience BEAUTIFUL transformations this month bbs  


Aries, when you’re in you go ALL in, and we love that about you. But it can also get you burned when other people’s intentions aren’t as on-their-sleeves as yours. As a result, you’ve probably built up your fair share of walls around your heart over the years. February offers a chance to leave any outdated defense mechanisms in the past. Cavansite is a brilliant blue beauty that can help you transmute painful past experiences into healing lessons and move forward with a more joyful, optimistic outlook in your connections with others. 

Ask Yourself: What might happen if I believed in those I love enough to believe they would understand me if I revealed my truest self? Magic Words: I remove all armor to reveal my truest heart.


We know you bulls believe actions speak louder than words, but February is calling you to put more of a focus on the way what you SAY shapes your world. Witches know that words are magic, and yours are no exception Taurus. Chrysocolla is a stone that evolves from a combination of other minerals over time, and it can help you express your higher self and release patterns of unwarranted criticism and negativity. This turquoise look-alike is powerful for opening and cleansing the throat energy center. Clean up your act in what you're saying about yourself and others, and see how the energy in your life changes.

Ask yourself: What have I been criticizing others for because I don't want to acknowledge it in myself? Magic Words: I speak with care, because each thought I speak is a spell.   GEMINI: KUNZITE

Your mind can be a noisy place, Gemini. You're great at analyzing and categorizing information. Be cautious that you're not treating your experiences or other living things like data. This month is asking you to embrace a less judgemental outlook in favor of a more fluid and accepting approach. Do this by grounding yourself, quieting the stream of analysis in your mind, and tapping into your true instincts and intuition, ego aside. Kunzite is like an even WARMER and FUZZIER rose quartz. It can help to release any sticky blocks around your heart and imbue you with a more childlike wonder for the world around you.

Ask Yourself: How would a child approach this situation? How would an animal? Magic Words: I call in my most instinctual and loving nature.   CANCER: CRYOLITE

This month wants you to uncover your deepest truths, Cancer. Thankfully, you have the soothing and protective light of Cryolite to guide you. This milky-white crystal has a refractive index similar to water, which makes clearer specimens “disappear” when submerged. The purifying, healing, watery energy is just what you need to keep your cool as you navigate the rough waters of self-discovery ahead. Take a close look at what you’re working towards and why. Is it still in resonance with who you are, or are you playing out the patterns of a less evolved version of yourself?

Ask yourself: What repetitive themes am I seeing in my life currently? What is being highlighted, and what attention does it need from me? Magic words: I allow myself to evolve into newer, truer forms.


We love your fire, Leo, but it’s time to cool things down a bit (in style, of course) for February with Aquamarine. This flashy, pale-blue stone was said to be the treasure of mermaids in ancient lore! (Leos and mermaids: both known for their incredible hair.) If you’ve been holding onto any stale conflicts coming into the new year, now is the time to LET IT GO! Aquamarine can assist in cooling intense emotions, and empowering you to release attachments to old grudges.  Whether it means working it out, cutting someone out, or simply movin’ on, you’ll feel lighter and brighter for it. 

Ask yourself: How would I live if I received all of the apologies I am still waiting for? How can I start to live more like that TODAY? Magic words: I carry forward only what is of genuine importance.


You get a chance to play to your strengths this month, Virgo! February is going to be all about taking a fine-tooth comb to your routines and rituals in order to make sure you’re building the world you want for yourself AND others. You’re being asked to get grounded and really look at the way your daily actions affect not only yourself, but the collective. Focus on building new structures and habits that benefit you, the earth we live on, and those we share it with. Dense, silvery Hematite is like a much-needed anchor. It helps to immediately ground you and connect you to the earth’s energy, giving you the fortitude to do what needs to be done. 

Ask yourself: Do my routines and habits show that I value myself? That I value others? That I value the Earth? How can I do better? Magic words: I am a powerful force of good in the world when I turn my plans into action.  


Ruled by Venus, you’re happy to indulge in the flowers, chocolates, and romantic air of February. And you should! But this month is also going to ask you to Get Real. Now is the time to set your sights on clear goals, and make sure those goals are in absolute alignment with your values and the future you envision for the world. February will be a study in discipline, self-mastery, and will-power. Tap into the protective and strengthening power of Onyx. This deep black stone is like your tough but tender bff who will always protect your boundaries and give you the pep talks you need to keep your resolve.

Ask yourself: Where do I want to go in life? And how do I plan to get there with my values intact? Magic words: Success comes when I act with integrity.


You’re generally not one to wear your heart on your sleeve, but let’s not forget you ARE a water sign, sweet Scorpio. And while you’re good at keeping calm waters on the surface, it can be a vicious whirlpool of emotion underneath. February wants you to turn your attention to balancing your emotions. This doesn’t mean shutting out “negative” feelings, it simply means finding ways to keep your head clear, your heart open, and your feet on the ground through emotional turbulence. Lepidolite is a gorgeous purple stone that has incredible mood-balancing effects. To us, it’s like the weighted blanket of the crystal world. Use it to come back to your center when you’re beginning to spiral. 

Ask yourself: What actions can I take to stay grounded during challenging emotions? Make a list and use it when your inner seas get rough. Experiment with new methods of grounding as well, and note what works. Magic words: I come home to a sense of deep inner calm.


Your crystal for the month reminds us a lot of you, Sagittarius! Sunstone is a salmony-orangey-reddish-pinkish (it’s hard to pin down, alright?!) stone that absolutely LIGHTS UP with golden sparkles in the sun. It’s got firecracker energy, just like you! This month wants you to step your confidence up a notch, and Sunstone is like your personal crystal hype-man. You’ve got big dreams and big visions, and they will do the world good, Sagittarius! It’s time to own them, own your Self, and get moving!

Ask yourself: What is the best way my unique gifts can benefit the world? Magic words: By allowing my light to shine, I can spark the lights of others.


February is all mirrors and prisms for you, Capricorn. You’re going to be expanding your awareness when it comes to how you relate to others, and Dumortierite will help you tap into a sense of unity with the whole, as well as stimulating your intuition. The deep-blue energy brings focus and calm to those just on the edge of a breakthrough, and that’s you this month! Evaluate the ways in which you value or judge others mirror the ways in which you value/judge yourself. Work toward a gentler view on both ends. You want the best for everyone, but it’s time to accept that you may not always know the best for everyone.  

Ask yourself: What might change if I removed the burden of my expectations from my interactions with others?

Magic words: I find harmony with the collective. 



Happy Aquarius season, water-bearers! The sun is in your sign for the first half of the month, which means now is the time to really let your star shine! We love an Aquarian streak of dark humor, but if your self-deprecating jokes have taken over your inner monologue, it’s time to ease off yourself! Don’t let a sense of cynicism taint your natural ability to create wild visions for the future! The naturally-occuring combination of Ruby and Green Fuchsite gives you a boost of passion and confidence while also instilling a rooted and earthy sense of trust and well-being. Pay attention to how you’re speaking to yourself, and call bullsh** on the bullies in your head.  

Ask yourself: What desire could I allow myself to speak out loud if I released the fear of failure?

Magic words: It is safe to believe in myself. 




Your time has finally come, Pisces! The final sign of the zodiac, your season kicks off on the 18th when the Sun enters your sign! It’s time to celebrate yourself, but don’t get too carried away...the word for you in February is humble. This doesn’t mean timid, passive, or self-diminishing. Instead, you’re being called to recognize the areas in your life where you may need to check your ego. Epidote is a vibrant, mossy-green stone that helps lead us into a mindset of abundance and optimism, while also bringing what needs to be released into stark contrast. Take note, take action, and you’ll see the benefits. 

Ask yourself: What does it look like when I act from a place of security and confidence? What does it look like when I act from a place of insecure ego? Sit with the difference. 

Magic words: My worth speaks for itself when my intent is genuine. 

Check back next month for your March Crystalscopes, and see our story highlight on Instagram for almost more crystal beauty than our eyes can handle! 




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