A Valentine's Spell For Your Pals

A Valentine's Spell For Your Pals

Romance is important, but your friends deserve love too! Who else will show up with a pint of ice cream when the situationship goes sour? This spell is both an intention and an offering for your coven, your besties, your ride-or-dies who deserve their flowers sooner rather than later, because what is this life without friends? 

A Valentine’s Spell for Your Pals (A Pal-entine’s spell, if you will)


-Paper of any color (yes, even lined notebook paper)

-A writing instrument

-Something for anointing that gives you warm fuzzy feelings (like rose quartz essence, olive oil that you’ve warmed in your hands, water that you’ve sung to or played music for, etc)

-Roll up some pieces of paper nice and tight for stems (or use a popsicle stick or dowel if you have them. Or don’t make stems at all! It’s your spell, babe.)

-Cut or tear enough “petals” for each stem to get 5

-Focusing on one flower/friend at a time, write on the petals (one thing per petal):

  1.     Something you love about your pal that you want the world to see
  2.     Something you love about your friendship that you’d like to invest in more
  3.     A dream you have for your pal
  4.     A gift you would give them if you could
  5.     A spirit ally you want to send them (could be a deity, plant spirit, ancestor, ball of colored light, whatever they deserve)

-Anoint each petal with your oil/water/essence before securing them together (you can make this a really simple, daisy-lookin’ flower, or get fancy if you’re skilled in the paper arts!)

-Hold the flower and picture yourself giving your pal that gift, or looking on with pride while they accept the Nobel prize, or wrapping them up in a blankie of warm light. Send them all your best.

-Give the flowers out to your pals, or keep them in a bouquet on your altar and give them a little refresh with your anointing liquid whenever your pal feels down. 


Photo via: Rifle Paper Co.



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