Witch the Vote: The Podcast

Witch the Vote: The Podcast

Have you heard the good news?! We're officially millennials with a podcast!

Have you heard the good news?! We're officially millennials with a podcast! 
I mean, it was inevitable, right? With mainstream media outlets basically saying whatever the hell they want, we figured the best way to connect with other activist witches and offer accurate + empowering political content to our magical family is by literally (well, figuratively) shouting from the rooftops.

And it’s been such a cool journey already! Our first guest was none other than the Mayor of Salem herself talking some witch trial realness. The most recent episode features a particularly giggly conversation with astrologer extraordinaire Grace Harrington Murdoch, in which she confirmed that the cosmos totally want us to rise up in rebellion. 

But why else should witches get into politics, you might ask? 
Well by definition, witches work intimately with the forces of Nature and Spirit, forces that are being attacked by our colonial government through white supremacy, draconian immigration enforcement, disastrous environmental policies, sexist reproductive laws, crippling healthcare costs, and oppression of the LGBTQ community. The colonial philosophy that spurred the founders of the United States to commit ongoing mass genocide against the Indigenous Nations of Turtle Island, also inspired the witch hunts (which ALSO continue today). So as witches with a great deal of privilege these days, we feel in our bones that it’s our job to dismantle the cis-hetero-capitalist-white supremacist-patriarchy and help heal the Earth (which is literally on fire).

Obviously we’re not the only witches thinking this way. Witches are waking up everywhere!
There are a lot of important conversations happening in the witch community about things like racism and cultural appropriation. But eliminating appropriative practices from our craft is the bare minimum; we need to do some serious ancestral healing and give offerings to targeted communities, every day. Offerings of money, advocacy, and yes, political action. As much as we’ve been conditioned to keep politics secular, politics are inherently spiritual, and spirituality is inherently political. 

Unfortunately, religion is often used as a weapon by lawmakers looking to roll back rights and protections for people who don’t follow their dogma (if those rights ever existed in this country at all). The Constitution, a document written by racist, sexist men, is held up like their sacred text. If we witches can Get Organized, we can end that. 

We’d love for you to tune in, and we’d especially love for you to leave us a rating + review so we’re more findable for other witches. And we’d REALLY REALLY love to know who else you want to hear from or what you want to hear about! Are you witching the vote in your area? Tell us about that too; tell us everything! Let’s get organized. The witches are coming, and the oppressors better be scared. 



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