DIY Fancy Fancy Clothespins

Okay, I kind of can't even believe I'm writing this post because this project was so easy it's like I'm cheating you out of an actual post. But I'm kind of a cheat- so here goes: For Jackie and Liz's Dining Room/Office Space, I used twine to give Jackie a sweet place to display her photographs in a non-permanent, easily changeable way. She can develop a photo, hang it up to admire it better, agonize over whether she loves it or hates it, declare herself a failure, and finally admit that she's a genius all within the privacy of her own little gallery. That's what you art people do, right? Since the room needed some "pops of color" I decided to paint the clothespins that fasten the art to twine. So here's how that went: 1. Martha Stewart's MULTI-SURFACE HIGH GLOSS ACRYLIC CRAFT PAINT is the JAM. I'm not like, an expert on craft paint or anything, but this one came in really nice colors and despite maintaining a healthy skepticism towards all things Martha, I felt like I could trust her authority on craft paint. 2. I tried to be lazy and water the paint down a little so I could just dip the pins in part-way to get the color blocked effect. This did not work. Don't do it that way. 3. Use those foam brushes instead. The straight edge and firmness is helpful in defining a sharp line without having to use painter's tape (again, lazy). I did take apart the clothespins that I painted completely first so the little silver part stayed silver. I think this was pretty crucial. paintcups paintsponges paintcups2 This project was actually super fun. Probably because the stakes were pretty low and I was dancing like, 98% of the time I was doing it.