New Project! Raspberry Towers!

Hello! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my new project, Raspberry Towers. Raspberry Towers is a strange and wonderful place filled with 3 story's worth of angled ceilings, sharp alcoves and diagonal windows. Yeah, you heard me, DIAGONAL WINDOWS. Here's a before shot for you: drseussdidieverr

just kidding just kidding just kidding! That's not it! I'm being silly!

But, seriously there is something slightly Suess-ian about Raspberry Towers, the lovely home of my new clients Sailaja and Neel. (They call it Raspberry Towers because its three stories and there’s a raspberry bush in the backyard. I call it Raspberry Towers because it makes me think of Raspberry Beret. obvi) First up will be the top floor family room/guest room/office area. The goal is to make the room comfortable for medium to long-term hausguests while also leaving some space for a TV room/kid's play area. The budget is $500. rtpano1edittext rtpano2edittext WAIT JUST A SECOND! Did I say a "kid's play area"?... Well, but, that must mean...


Sailaja and Neel are expecting a BEEEEBEEEEE!!!!!!!!! So, I will be HausWitch-ing the nursery as well! They’ve chosen “Mad Scientist Baby” as the room’s theme and I’m pretty sure that’s the BEST IDEA EVER SO EVERYONE IS IN AGREEMENT ON THAT ONE FER SHERRR. Here are some before pics of the future nursery: rtbaby2edittext rtbaby1edittext Needless to say, I'm really excited about this project. Sailaja and Neel have compatible tastes, and a Pinterest board full of ideas and inspiration. PLUS who doesn't love the idea of a Mad Scientist Baby's nursery? C'mon.