ChanneledTV: What Is A Spell?

ChanneledTV: What Is A Spell?

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What is a Spell?  
with Paige Curtin 

Hi, I'm Paige from HausWitch Home and Healing here in Salem, Massachusetts and I get a lot of questions from witches of basically every skill level about spells and a really common one is “What exactly is a spell?” Well, it's a ritual that you do, an intention that you put out a lot like a prayer or like a blessing a lot of times. But I also like to think of a spell as a moment in time when you find yourself really connected with your intentions and with your surroundings as well. 

So, when we talk about having ritual tools or companions in our spells, what we're talking about is channeling our energy through different media. Some people do that through the elements, some people do it through the senses or through deities or ancestor worship, but it all just meant to channel your intentions into one promise, or contract that you're making with the universe to make something happen or keep something from happening, or make something continue happening or increase. 

Some words that we talk about what spells are: manifestation which is bringing more into your life, or we talk about banishing which is getting rid of those things that don't serve us. We'll talk about hexing, which is kind of a buzzword around the witch world, but we consider it to be a promise to tear down systems that no longer serve us or never served us or never served certain people. 

So there's really no rules to spells exactly except that everything you do should have a meaning to you, it should be connected. So, if you're reading that a certain herb or a certain color or a certain number has a symbolism, and it's telling you that's not what that means to me you should really go with your gut, and use what you think is right and what's going to bring you the most connection to your intentions.

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