ChannelEDTV: What Is Psychic-Ness?

ChannelEDTV: What Is Psychic-Ness?

What Is Psychic-Ness?
with Melissa Nierman

Hi, I'm Melissa. I'm a trained clairvoyant. I'm a witch. I'm a mystic. And these are all things that I just decided to call myself. I'm here to talk to you today about this idea of psychic-ness. Most of us have grown up watching movies, watching TV, seeing a particular portrayal of what a psychic person looks like. They might have a, you know, a kind of sparkly hat on maybe they wear a cape. Maybe they sit in back rooms with their crystal balls. And so a lot of people, you know, have this idea that only some people are psychic. It's actually something that for a very long time I felt myself. I've always been very kind of drawn to “the other realms.” But I never really felt like I was one of those people that could tap into it. And that really comes from socialization. 

A lot of people, you know, when they're young, they'll experience seeing ghosts, experience spirit communication from guides. They'll be able to talk to plants, will be able to talk to animals. But the people around us such as parents, family members of all sorts, teachers, they've been socialized in this culture that says, none of that is “real.” And so we're really all kind of indoctrinated in what is real and what is not real and this has a lot to do with our idea of psychic-ness, because really who's to say what is real and what is not real? There's so many cultures, you know, outside of, the Western capitalist culture that so many of us have grown up in that have a much stronger connection to the spirit realm and it's part of their everyday reality that you can talk to spirits, that you can know things about the future and know things about other people without necessarily being told. 

So, I want to share with you my personal theory around psychic-ness and obviously theories are theories and I really encourage you to create your own truth, your own system of truth. I think that's what it means to become an adult in a spiritual sense. So here's my theory: You know, we all come down to earth. And we come into these human bodies. We have skin. We have hair. We have a lot of weird body parts. And we feel separate, we feel separate from each other. We feel separate from objects, we feel separate in terms of space and time. But when we're in the spirit realm in our more natural form. This just isn't the case, you know, in the spirit realm, everything that I've kind of experienced myself and I've read about, we're able to feel and know everything that's going on, we're able to connect with each other on a different level. We all share the same energy. We're all just made of energy, and we're all supposedly from the same source of energy, whether you call that “God” or “The Universe,” whatever you want to, however you want to label it. 

And so really, you know, a lot of kind of like psychic training, which could be like training on your own, using tarot cards or all these other kind of tools or going to a school and learning how to quote unquote be psychic is really just a process of remembering, remembering what and who we are in our natural state, and what's possible in that natural state. 

So, when I'm kind of, when I'm kind of going into a quote unquote psychic trance, I really feel like I'm actually going into my more natural state where everything feels more clear. Things really kind of make sense. I don't feel, like, emotionally involved in them and that's not to say that, like, emotions are all BS, you know. I think emotions kind of tell us what's happening in our body and a lot of our emotions come from thoughts in our mind so when you're in that kind of trance state or that kind of, like, higher way of knowing, you're not as susceptible to all those ways of thinking that might make you feel like you can't have certain experiences or you can't know certain things. 

But I'll tell you this: I truly believe that all of us are psychic. And I truly believe that it's really about just working that muscle. And it's really about turning off this kind of left brain and turning off all of these kind of stories that we tell ourselves and that we've been told, certain ways of knowing are possible, and moving into our right brain where we can be more receptive, where we can use what we're taught is our imagination. Imagination has so much to do with psychic-ness. Imagination is not something that's silly. It's not something that's not real. In fact, it truly can be a bridge into perceiving more realness in our lives. So I just encourage you, I encourage all of you, wherever you're at with your psychic abilities to continue to question what we're taught is real, versus what we can actually experience and know is real.

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