September Crystalscopes

September Crystalscopes

Welcome to September, crystal coven! This month is ushered in with a Pisces Full Moon sure to have most of us deep in our feelings…and that’s ok! You can feel your feelings and keep going. As we move from Summer into Fall, our attention begins to be called inward. Listen to the messages your intuition has for you at this time. What is ready to be harvested, what is ready to begin decaying? In these crystalscopes, I use tarot + oracle cards to take a peek at the dominant energies at work for each sign this month and recommended crystals for support. Work with your crystal recommendation however feels best! You can carry your crystal with you throughout the month, meditate with it, or put the crystal or an image of it on your altar, desk, nightstand, wherever! As always, your magic is YOUR magic! 


Not every fire is your job to put out, Virgo. In fact, quite a few of the “fires” you’re stressing about aren’t emergency situations whatsoever. Check yourself before you wreck yourself and evaluate what actually needs your attention and what you’re just having trouble giving up some control of. If you feel like you can’t get any help around here…look around. Getting help from others requires trusting them to take on some responsibility. You need to prioritize rest right now, allowing yourself time away from your to-do list to look at the big picture…and more importantly, dream! Focus on getting your *energy* sorted out and the rest will follow suit. But you’re going to have to let go of your need to micromanage in order to get the rest and reflection you need to sustain your vision. 

Ocean Jasper is the perfect crystal companion to help you see IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS. The soothing ripples of white, green, pink, red, and black support us in seeing things for what they are when we’ve been stuck in a “glass half empty” mindset. This crystal has a soothing and grounding effect, here to remind you to cool your jets and take a few deep breaths. 




This is the month to move carefully, Libra, but you have to make moves all the same. You’re dealing with some sensitive situations and it might feel like there’s no “good” choice. You have to choose, all the same. While trying to see all sides of a situation, you may have blinded yourself to your OWN truth. Are you taking everyone’s opinion into account but your own? At the end of the day, only you can make the choice that’s ahead of you. Be aware that not everyone always has your best interest at heart. This doesn’t mean we need to close ourselves off, but it does mean we need to use discretion. Who or what is benefitting from your separation from intuition? Take note. 

Magnesite can help you reconnect with your own thoughts, feelings, and choices. This stone is known for helping us to receive clear messages from intuition/our higher self/our guides, etc. It helps to balance our emotions and awaken us to our deeper truths, helping us find our way towards our highest potential. If you’ve been puling the wool over your own eyes, Magnesite is ready to set things straight. 




This month asks you to examine the defenses you have built around your heart. I know, I know, it sounds mushy gushy, but ignoring your heart doesn’t make it go away, sweet Scorpion. Look at where you may be over/under-protecting your heart and the things you love. Maybe you take no shit from anyone…except yourself. You need to set healthy boundaries with your inner critic, as well. The heart needs protection, but we need to be sure we’re protecting it from the right things and not just all things that might make us feel vulnerable. If you want intimacy, you’re going to need to sort out your defenses and pull back or beef up where needed. You’re experiencing a transformation of the heart this month. This is an opportunity to re-evaluate your approach to self-love and love with honesty.  

Stichtite has a sticky-sweet lavender cotton candy hue, but she packs a serious punch. Both heart-opening and protective, she brings the balance you need to see this transformation of the heart through with grace and courage, rather than contracting back into old/safe/stale patterns. Let this stone liberate your heart and offer divine strength and protection as you clarify which walls are worth tearing down or building up. 





“You reap what you sow.” is the thing to remember this month, Sagittarius. If your life is feeling out of balance right now, it’s time to take a closer look rather than leaping right into change. Look at where your life is feeling good vs. where you feel lack. (Of course, “you reap what you sow” is an oversimplification. Capitalism, racism, patriarchy…these structures all create systems that create consequences for us that are NOT of our own creation if we are oppressed by these systems.) That being said, there’s no denying that the effort and attention we put in CAN and DOES create change in our lives. What kind of energy have you been feeding the areas of your life that feel good? How about the ones that feel not-so-great? Is that energy different? And if so, what needs to be changed so you can access abundance in the areas that feel lacking now? It’s also important that you give yourself credit where credit is due, and recognize your accomplishments up to this point, big or small. Punishing yourself is much less effective than simply addressing the issues at hand. It’s time to ease up, root down, and balance the scales. 

Healer’s Gold is actually a combination of Pyrite and Magnetite, so you get a two-for-one with this crystal pal. This stone helps promote a sense of vitality and well-being, and could help you start to see the sunny side of life again. It can help give you the energy and optimism you need to believe that you can create the reality that you really want, as well as helping you see all the treasure (emotional or material) already waiting for you! 





It’s time to start dreaming a NEW dream, Capricorn. Are your current ambitions/goals/values really your current ambitions/goals/values? Or are you holding onto outdated stories about what you “should” want/value? Release “should”. Work on releasing the stories that have been imposed upon you rather than sprang from within you. Sweep out the dust around your fantasies and dreams for yourself. There is renewal here for you this month, a new voice of your own waiting to come through. The revelations you have this month won’t come from planning, pushing, or grasping, though, Capricorn. This is the kind of awakening that only happens when we let the conscious mind slumber, through sleep or meditation or gentle space and time. Let your subconscious speak, and look to your shadow for the keys to this dream. 

Black Phantom Quartz is clear quartz with black inclusions of carbon or manganese. (Not to be confused with smoky quartz, which gets its smoky color from natural irradiation.) This stone can help us alchemize our “light” and “shadow”, or rather the parts of ourselves we are comfortable expressing and those we feel fear, shame, or guilt around. This stone is both grounding and illuminating, giving you the courage and insight needed to create a newly aligned vision for yourself that allows ALL of you to be expressed. 





Maybe nothing in your life really looks how you thought it would at this point, Aquarius. But what if that wasn’t a bad thing? Instead of focusing on all that could be different, find the resilience to fight to find enjoyment now. Delight will bring you further than getting caught up in fantasies yet to be achieved or perceived failures of the past. Oftentimes, we’re being saved from ourselves when we don’t get what we want. And even if we’re not…the things we dream of are seldom as flawless as we imagine them to be once we have them in our reach. Going too far into your own head right now could be keeping you from seeing the joy available to you as things are. This doesn’t mean you have to stop trying to move forward, but make sure you’re giving yourself some time to enjoy yourself along the ride to the top! That way if the fantasy isn’t all we made it out to be once we have it, we won’t have wasted our time! The binary values of “success” vs. “failure” begin to carry much less weight when we find enjoyment in the process. 

Strawberry Obsidian is actually a pigmented glass, streaked with flashes of bright, peachy-pink. These stones always remind me of the warmth and playfulness of a summer sunset at the beach. Life may not feel like a beach right now (and there’s certainly plenty of work needing to be done collective-wise), but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of joy. Notice what seems to help the clouds part from time to time, and cultivate more of that around you where you can. 





September wants you to remember who the f*** you are, Pisces. It’s time to stop playing victim to self-deception and remember your power. Call back your magic. Get clear about what you’re willing to fight for, protect, and love. Then act. You know what you have to do, but it’s going to require courage. Thankfully, you have plenty of that. It’s been waiting for you to return to it. You’ve allowed yourself to drift in the sea of your own self-doubt for long enough. No hero is coming to save you but yourself. So have some faith in yourself. Trust that you can save your own ass, even if that means having the courage to ask for the support you need. Whatever it is you’ve been telling yourself you simply “can’t” do because it’s too big/scary…give yourself permission to try. You may be surprised how quickly your strength rushes back to you. 

Golden Tourmaline encourages your inner cheerleader to come to the front. When you need a boost of will-power, confidence, or strength…Golden Tourmaline has your back. This honey-gold beauty can also help to bring clarity to your thoughts, helping you see the courageous way forward more clearly and dissolving any remaining illusions about your own worthiness or strength. 





You’re not going to like me for saying it, but this is the month to pick your battles, Aries! And not just for the good of those around you…this is for your own good, as well. It’s important to have healthy boundaries but hyper-vigilance is exhausting. Where could you lay down your arms and start paying more attention to what you’re trying to build instead of what you’re trying to avoid? This will actually bring some clarity around where the REAL threats to your well-being lie, and you can set new boundaries accordingly. It’s important to focus on weeding out the garden, but it’s equally important to give it sweetness and nourishment. The same goes for your energy. What are you trying to grow? What parts of yourself/situations have you been trying to beat into submission? Try giving them a little love and care instead…you’ll see more progress this way. 

Charoite is a DREAM when it comes to maintaining healthy energetic boundaries. It helps keep us protected, while also opening us up to messages from our inuition so we can feel into the energy of any situation and accurately assess, rather than being purely reactionary. Its intuition-boosting quality will also help you see what needs nourishing and tending, and identify what our spirit wants more of in life. 





You might be feeling knocked down and dragged out at the start of this month, Taurus. Where have you been forcing yourself to keep going when it’s only draining you dry? It’s time to reconnect with your self and take a look at where you’re still operating from old patterns. Kill the old self. Let the wound bleed. And then connect with who you are here and now. You’ve been feeling pulled in too many directions, which leads to feeling like you’re disappointing everyone because nothing is truly getting the attention it deserves. It’s not that you need to do more. It’s that it’s time to PRIORITIZE and set more realistic expectations for yourself. Real connection requires time and space, and you’re being called to do some serious connecting with the face in the mirror this month. That doesn’t mean you have to bear the burden of this overwhelm on your own, though. Be cautious not to self-isolate or withdraw completely from your support systems…sometimes we just need a little help to get back on our feet.  

Bloodstone will put you back in touch with your life force, Taurus. This stone will help to remind you that you DO have the strength to continue, but that you need to ground down into your power in order to do so. How do you do that? BY PRIORITIZING CARE, MY FRIEND. If you feel on the edge of giving-up, whatever that means for you, this deep red and green stone is jam-packed with strength, fortitude, and revitalizing energy to give you the boost you need to get up ask for/give yourself the care you need to start again. 





September is about making the most of where/who you are NOW, Gemini. Woulda/coulda/shoulda has no place here anymore. Wishing things would return to the way they once were is keeping you blind to the options available to you in the present. Besides, these memories you keep finding yourself lost in are idealized. They were never really all that. That’s not to say they weren’t beautiful–but in reality there were probably things you wished were different then, too. You’re normally known for your fluidity and flexibility, but you’ve been stuck in a rut of nostalgia that may be keeping you rigid. Come back to your curiosity, your strength, and your adaptability. With effort, defense, and care, you can take root whenever and wherever. You already know this, remember? Embrace where you’re at. We don’t have to be caged by memories of what once was…let the wisdom of the past move you forward. 

Fiery Cinnabar will help get you in touch with your inner Magician and give you the spark you need to start making magic out of your current reality. It can help us blast through perceived limitations and gives us the mind of the alchemist…allowing us to clearly see the ways in which we need to blend the energies at hand in order to create our desired outcome. This crystal will also lend some of the motivation and energy you’ll need in order to get back on the horse. You’ve got this, and Cinnabar is here to remind you. **Cinnabar contains Mercury, so use caution when handling! 





This month makes it clear to you that it’s no longer enough just to go through the motions of life, Cancer. If you’ve been feeling a bit stuck, or like you’re floating in space without much direction, look to the small ways you can be of service to others. When we lose our sense of a larger purpose, these everyday acts of service can help lead the way back–and even if they don’t, we’ve helped out another person! Instead of basing your actions off of perceived scarcity or your “need” to meet a certain material benchmark, start to seek out the ways you most love to be of service. Key word here: LOVE to be of service. This isn’t about martyring or overextending yourself. This is about helping others in the ways that light you up most. The universe isn’t asking you to forsake the material world–rather, by recommitting ourselves to the kinds of service that light us up, we begin to see returns (emotional or material) that come in with more flow and ease than those we were basing off of a sense of our own scarcity or need. Focus your attention on the kind of care you like to provide, and the way out of your rut will reveal itself.  

Clear Quartz is the sweet and simple crystal pal you need to clear out some of the psychic muck that’s been clouding your vision. The pure, crystal-clear voice of your heart hasn’t disappeared…it’s just buried under all the noise. Clear Quartz will give your intuition a power-wash and amplify your energy so it can cut through all the bullsh** and get to the heart of the matter. This stone is a blank slate in a way, ready to bring you clarity and then give you a clear channel to express your unique gifts in the way that serves both you and the collective. 





Make a wish, Leo. Then get to work. There are no get-rich-quick schemes or shortcuts to success this month, whether you like it or not! You like to be the best at things…after all, who doesn’t? But if you find you have the tendency to give up on something when you’re not immediately good at it…that’s worth investigating this month. You’re NOT always going to be great at something the first time! That’s why it’s important that you learn how to embrace the mentality of the lifelong student: becoming great at something requires time, education, and practice! Instead of becoming frustrated and giving up immediately, have the perseverance to put in the time and practice to create something truly great if that’s what you really desire! On the other end of things, you may be asked to check your ego this month…are you compromising on quality in favor of having something to show the world FAST? Look at what needs more time/attention/repetition. Again, your dreams are totally within reach! But you’re going to need to get real about the time and effort required to make it happen with integrity. 

Onyx is here with all the tough love you need to keep your standards for your work HIGH. This deep black stone imparts focus, discipline, and perseverance: all the things you’ll need if you want to gain a real mastery of something! It helps us to take our dreams out of the fantasy realm and GET REAL about them, doing what needs to be done to make it HAPPEN. It can also help to cool off anxiety, impatience or frustration you might experience through the learning process, which will make it easier to keep at it! You can do amazing things, Leo, you just have to give yourself the time (and gentleness around mistakes) to make it something you can really be proud of. 





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