This Thursday, August 15th, we have our only Full Moon of August. An August Full Moon traditionally coincides, in the Northern Hemisphere, of the time of the first harvest. It is time to really take stock of this year: where we’ve been, what we’ve learned, and where we are going. Collectively and individually.

Working on healing ourselves is imperative if we are to work on healing the collective. At this moment, we need to do both. Now is the time for all of us sweet, sensitive, caring folks to do the work internally and externally. We can fill our cups and call our senators. We can rest and also protest. Pick one or two things you are going to do for yourself, and  pick one or two things you are going to do for the collective. And then stick to doing those things every day, for the next few weeks. See how working on the internal, personal changes your experience of the external collective and vice versa.

These Tarotscopes were channelled for each sign for this August Full Moon. You may wish to read your sun, moon, rising, all three, or whatever planet or archetype in your chart you are working with at this time (Venus, Jupiter Mars, Pluto, etc.)

Take what you need and leave the rest.

Have a blessed Full Moon! May your blessings continue, may your obstacles vanish, and may you muster the strength to help us all change the world, in small and large ways, to the best of your highest self's ability.

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5 of Pentacles

Aries, please don’t ignore anything that is coming up for you around scarcity this Full Moon. The dance you dance to quell your fear that no matter what, nothing will be enough—yourself included—is wearing down the soles of your shoes. Even if this shows up in subtle ways, pay attention.

How do we know if something is coming up for us? It shows up as a thought, an impulse to self-blame. It shows up as a reaction, a challenging interchange with another. A trigger that has us backsliding into loneliness, despondency, and inaction. It can also show up when we want to distract ourselves and others. When we want to run, do something else, be something else, is actually when we need to stay put.

The greatest, most incredible gift you could receive right now is the deep understanding that you are not alone. You do not have to be anyone else, prove anything to anyone else in order to be accepted, loved, and showered with blessings. The greatest, most incredible realization that you could have right now is that you really can heal some of your wounds. Ask for help. Write down what you need. Write down what you want to make. Who you want to be. Accept that it all can come your way, so long as you remain humble. So long as you stop distracting yourself with all the stories of why it can’t happen just because it hasn’t happened yet. Pay attention to the doors that are open. Stop focusing on the ones are closed.

You are breaking the spell of scarcity. Be generous and loving to yourself as you do this necessarily work.

Suggested spell ingredients: An abundance spell with basil, a pink candle, bay leaves, malachite, and cash money, and an evening spent watching Moana or Robin Hood, while drinking fizzy water infused with cucumbers and mint.



If you feel like you are now at a crossroads, that’s because you are. If you feel yourself edging towards a culmination, slide yourself all the way into it. What would that look like? What would it feel like to take a step into the you that awaits? What would it take for you to tilt your head, look up, and truly hear the call about your purpose that’s been coming in?

This time period could feel like trial by fire. Luckily you are patient, you are tenacious. Start by wrapping up what you need to wrap up. Start by really examining what you need to get out of this phase of your life, so you can begin anew. You don’t need to burn everything down to the ground, even if you’d sometimes like to. Your transformation recipe is a dash of old dreams that still make you wonder, mixed with all the goodness of your current life, with a sprinkle of total surprise that you’ve been yearning for the last few years. Shaken, not stirred.

Here’s a little practical prompt for your every day: think outside the box. Mix up the order of operations. Use different vocabulary. Prove to yourself that you really want it, and you are ready for it. Show up when the muse flies by. You may need some help around this, so call on your trusted friends to help you come up with new solutions to implement so that this transformation is quickly made tangible to you.

Things will change when you do.

Suggested spell ingredients:Your favorite free jazz, high octane, experimental music to dance to, circles, triangles, but not squares, turquoise, lapis lazuli, red clover, and calendula flowers soaked in oil that you massage all over your body before you walk to your spell in the night field.


Knight of Pentacles

Growth doesn’t always look like external accolades and quadruple digits in your bank account. Although, if that is what you want or need right now, gentle Gemstone, that is amazing. This is the time to clarify what success looks like to you and you alone. Start with what makes you feel content, fulfilled, secure—what brings you that particular mix of peace and excitement. When you get clear on this, when you embody this and go after ways to reach your own particular flavor of fulfillment, this energy will carry you through the rest of the month, and most likely, to the beginning of next year.

You know this, but you might have forgotten momentarily: magic is completely reliant on you—not on candles, crystals, days of the week, or Full Moons. None of what is unfolding for you right now is reliant or dependent on anyone or anything else. It all comes from within. Some of the most effective magic you can cast right now is boundary magic.

Turn your beliefs into touches, tastes—into tangibility.

And finally, a message for the Geminis who need to hear this: stick with your plan. Especially if that plan was born out of somatic knowing—the deep redwood wisdom you contain in your belly. Keep going. Sometimes a pause is just a pause, not a confirmation that you made the wrong choice. Sometimes a hurdle is just a lesson you are finally ready to learn.

Suggested spell ingredients:your body, your breath, your mind, your heart, and the earth, air, roots, and trees.


Queen of Wands

Once upon a time, you started understanding you were beautiful. The trickiest thing about our own beauty is that it is hard to see accurately—our closeness to self inhibits our accurate perspective. But your experience of your own beauty is found in how you feel. Gather up those beautiful feelings and turn them into sensual actions. Remind yourself to spend extra time smelling the cut lemons; whisper to the orchids you just bought for yourself; let the stars reflect your glimmer every night; hold yourself in the most precious of esteem, especially with your energy. It has to feel easy and it has to feel playful and it has to feel worthy. Use these as your guidelines, or come up with your own.

Once upon a time, you started realizing you were powerful. Soft power, bold power, intuitive power isn’t always accepted by the powers that be. So maybe you tucked it away, shrugged it off, downplayed it. Maybe you started punishing yourself before others could. It is time to reclaim this power. To use this power. For good, for the collective, for the future. But mostly, first, for yourself.

When you combine your beauty and your power, you become unstoppable. Make magic with this irrefutable knowledge.

Let every precious cell of yours drink this in under the light of this glowing Full Moon.

Suggested spell ingredients:red roses, red or pink candles, bloodstone, lemon water, a pleasure to-do list, and one thing that you really, really want to get through joy, flow, or ease.

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5 of Swords

There’s winning for the sake of winning, and then there’s living life on your own terms. The most important opportunity you have right now is your own inner harmony—that absolutely could come with speaking your truths, with saying your piece. It could also come with conflict, if that’s what you choose to focus on. Reframing your worries and woes around peace of mind can help you make one or more decisions you must make. However you decide to grow, you’ve got to prioritize the bigger picture. You’ve got to accept that your success is going to come much faster when you aren’t expecting conflict, suffering, or betrayal as a part of it.

Trust issues are important to deal with because trust is the foundation to meaningful relationships, including the one you cultivate with yourself. What are the parameters surrounding how you trust yourself? Do you trust others to see and love you when you are head-in-hands crying, or is it conditional, only when you are funny or generous or strong or joyful?

Know when to stay in inner and outer conflict, and know when to walk away. If you need to cut toxic people out of your life, do it. If you need to end toxic behavior, this is your invitation to step into gentleness and compassion. The only person you need to get right with at this time, Lovely Leo, is you.

Give yourself space without conflict. Choose to trust peace.

Suggested spell ingredients:optical quartz, doves, deep breathing, selenite, trust magic, cord-cutting spells, and lepidolite. 


Ace of Pentacles

It is always a gorgeous gift to receive an Ace, especially on a Full Moon. This Ace, the Ace of Pentacles, is an affirmation that all the hard work you’ve been doing is paying off. Literally, metaphysically, and in terms of your internal growth.

This Ace is speaking to a new cycle that is beginning for you around these particular themes: worth, abundance, security, foundations, and your legacy. You will know exactly which one to focus on. In order to begin this new cycle, you need to step into it. In order to kick it off, you need to be clear on what is coming with you, and what is being left behind. In order to get the energy flowing, physical things need to move. What you say no to and what you say yes to must be shifted as well. A lot of your thoughts about your worth are outdated, based on what the rotting systems and societies told you, or someone at one of your first jobs, or a family member. Shake off the harm and bury them in the ground.

The most important action you can take at this time are loving actions towards yourself that affirm how very valuable and worthwhile you are. There’s no more room for imposter syndrome, begging for scraps, favors, or doing things out of obligation that deplete your energy. Read that again; let it sink in.

This card is about our soil, our nourishment, and what we need to prosper. It asks whether we need to leave the garden, or if we must put down new roots and tend to what is already growing. For you, this is actually going to be a mixture of both. What roots have gotten too big and need repotting? Where are you to go in search of more green, more support, more prosperity? It is all up to you. Doors will be opening no matter what. Only you get to decide which ones you walk through.

Suggested spell ingredients:bay leaves, basil, house plants, green and brown candles, crocodile jasper, tiger’s eye, gold, pictures of root systems, and pentacles.


King of Cups

This Full Moon is bringing you affirmation of your emotional mastery. You’ve learned something deeply important around your ability to hold space for yourself, and to hold space for others without taking it on. The emotional reprogramming you are working through is a priceless gift. You’ve become, or are becoming, the surfer of emotions. The benefits of this are beautiful. The same old b*llshit doesn’t bother you anymore, because you now understand that it isn’t about you—no matter what they say. A great weight has been lifted whenever you remember that it was never about you. That it was never your fault. This frees you up to examine what you feel, what you need, and why. This frees you up to think bigger, with a more spiritual, heart-centered perspective. Which is what you are doing now, or about to get started on.

There’s another piece here about your relationship to others. Who is your community? Who loves you? Who do you need? Who do you need to be? Cultivating friendships, based on your present evolved self, will, over time, become a web of safety—a source of the truest mirrors there could be. If you need to reach out, reach out.

Lovely Libra, you’ve got a lot on the horizon. Some of it involves injecting more of your own unique art into your life or career. It doesn’t matter whether you are a creative director or an accountant, a nanny or a professional witch. Upgrades, shake-ups, and tweaks to how you experience your everyday must be made. You know what parts of your creativity is ready to be expressed. Following your intuition is always the right choice. Sailing into your own waves of trust is where you need to let your soul feel into.

Flow into the depths of all of the possibilities that float in the ocean you hold inside of you.

Suggested spell ingredients:water, waves, beaches, emotional surfing, photos of sea turtles or pond turtles, a new pair of shoes to match your sea legs, a beautiful head covering to catch all the insights that are raining down around you, aquamarine, coral, pearls, moonstone, and a long ritual bath to connect you to your angelic helpers.



Ace of Cups

In the movie that everyone must watch, the Matrix, an Oracle tells a hero what he needs to hear in order to save the day and fulfill his destiny. The hero didn’t actually need to know that everyone was counting on him. In reality it would have been too much pressure, too much information. It would have changed what he did. The Oracle tells Neo, the hero, that he wasn’t the “one”, so he could continue to save others.

There’s a similar approach you need to take on this Full Moon, sweet Scorpio. Yes, your sense of responsibility is always large—heavy, one could say. Part of what you need to do at this time, to continue on in a way that is truly sustainable for you, is to lighten your obligatory load.

You must fill your cup and center your attention on what you love.

You must also make this all a little lighter. You won’t find your source of spirit, love, and renewal by crawling on your knees alone in the dark, thinking you are the only one who can solve this puzzle. You will receive spiritual awakening and guidance through floating in water; through letting your laughter dissolve into the air; through surrendering again and again until the moonstone-foam of renewal bubbles up into moments you cannot deny yourself. And, also: a lot of you Scorpios are in need of some real rest. A spa day, more sleep, more laying down. A quiet day spent in gardens, at the beach; on a picnic on a mountaintop.

Suggested spell ingredients:kunzite, time spent watching birds communicate with one another, a water altar, seaweed, lotus roots (preferably edible), and a recommitment spell to love, to spirit, to ecstasy, to bliss that is blessed by your tears.

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The Devil

Happy Full Moon, amazing Archer! Your feelings around this time, and the next few weeks, could be a mixed bag. When the Devil appears, it is a prompt for you to examine your desires, and what limiting subconscious beliefs are keeping you from obtaining them. And whenever the Devil appears, it is a reminder that you are strong enough to make big changes, and you are ready to look at your various addictions. At this Full Moon, sit down and write them all out: your addiction to suffering, your addiction to distraction, your addiction to numbing out, your addiction to playing small. Look at them, and figure out how to reframe, love, loosen, or end these beliefs from continuing to run the show. Take your time. The Moon will wait for you.

There could always be some specific part of you that will feel uncomfortable. This discomfort keeps you small. It stops you from seeing your own beauty. There will always be people who will not see you, who will not know your worth, who need to keep you small in their minds for their comfort. This isn’t about them and their comfort. This is about you acknowledging that it is you who is the gatekeeper of your destiny. And it is you who is no longer accepting the false stories of others into your psyche. If your brilliance is coming up against self-doubt, negativity, or growing pains—well, of course it is. Stay with yourself. Continue to encourage the brilliance while loving the parts that need care.

There could always be some specific desire you will feel unworthy of going after. It isn’t always necessary for you to untangle that knot. Your cosmic homework from now to your birthday is to commit to going after what you want and what you need. Even if it feels uncomfortable. Particularly if it feels uncomfortable! 

Your curse could also be your blessing. Connect with, and perhaps even celebrate, all the ways that the pain has led to liberation. This is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Suggested spell ingredients:a cord cutting ceremony to the addictions that keep you small, black tourmaline, willow, compassion, and an object or visual that symbolizes what you want, to focus on when old thoughts or compulsions arise.


7 of Wands

Past stories control us more than we’d like to admit. If you’ve had a shaky month, or even a few months, that’s ok, sweet Sea Goat. But don’t mistake a rough patch for an always, no-matter-what, nothing-goes-right-forever road. Don’t confuse your impulse to control—to hold fast, to defend your precious ground—as a safety device. Somewhere, in your very long list of thoughts and dreams and to-dos and actions, you are getting preoccupied with matters that are a little too petty for your attention. To paraphrase RuPaul: What other people think of you is none of your business. Let everyone else be their own problems, not yours.

That gives you a lot more energy to mind your own business. Which is the number one thing you are to do. 

Just ahead, is a clearing. Just ahead, there’s new heights to scale. Just ahead, for some of you, is the end to any creative blocks or ruts. You will only get to experience all that sparkles for you in this new realm by radically transforming your awareness, your energy, your own spark, and what you are focusing on. Minute by minute, day by day.

Under this Full Moon, let go of the past and summon your bright future.

Suggested spell ingredients:lemon quartz, apple opal, green apples, yellow candles, and time spent leaning against a tree and seeing if it will tell you how old it is. Set a timer on your phone—when it goes off, ask yourself: am I directing my awareness and attention on my present, or on the past? What can I do to infuse my present with my wildest, dreamiest future?


Knight of Cups

We teach others how to treat us. In our interpersonal relationships: the folks we see every day, the folks we rely on, the folks we engage with. This is an oft-repeated statement, but it bears repeating here. It can be hard to look at how you enable or push away others, but it would be worthwhile time spent. It could be painful to see how you’ve spent a lot of time pouring water into a cup that can never be filled, but that’s what the first step might have to be in order to find the vessels that are strong enough to support your expansiveness

Going where the love is abundant is a must, a non-negotiable. Let yourself be loved, beloved. Only you know what you need to feel safe and supported. This isn’t an external transaction, based on labor and silence and patterns and settling. The love you need is all around you, because all the love you need is inside of you.

Only you can bring your expressions of love out. Once you can call that into practice, more art will flow, more connections will come, more healing will transpire.

Suggested spell ingredients:rose quartz, desert rose, a blue or silver candle, Hawthorn berry tincture, and a YouTube video of koi fish, dolphins, eels, or any other marine life you feel called to connect with.


The Emperor

Oh, happy day, Pisces! The Emperor is your card for this Full Moon, and he told me to tell you that you’ve got what it takes to really go for what you want. The Emperor wants you to really ride your surges of energy, of inspiration, for the next (and last) four months of this year. This special archetype that speaks to our own authority, and our own ability to lead, is here to tell yourself that you are in an especially primed position to rise up, and to keep rising.

Make a plan. Get organized. Create structure around your dreams. Schedule in time to rest, time to float, and time to get down on your knees and pray to the universe. This part is particularly important: schedule in free time, so that when amazing opportunities float in, you are ready to receive them with open arms, not a clenched jaw.

Claim what is yours. Reclaim yourself. Call your energy back, and move it into actions, small and large, that will over time, help you build the world that you want to see.

Suggested spell ingredients:petrified wood, orange candles, honey calcite, oranges stuffed with cloves that you steep in hot water with nettle and then refrigerate, the Pomodoro method, and the words “hell yes!” or “no, thank you”.


Written by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

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Sarah Faith Gottesdiener lives and works in Los Angeles. Sarah is an artist, designer, writer, teacher and Tarot Reader. Sarah’s artwork and designs are based in the spiritual, feminist, and mystical. You can shop her intersectional feminist line of clothing, accessories, art and paper goods through her store, Modern Women or on the HausWitch site here.

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