A few weeks ago, on a sunny, sweaty Sunday, the Cauldron hosted a witchy community meetup at the sunbeam treasure palace. HausWitch has always been one of our favorite places, even before The Cauldron existed, a place of pleasure, reprieve, warmth, and magic. For these very reasons it is always such a perfect place to bring together our community for a few hours of quality time (and of course spending on some sweet treats). 

The Cauldron is a radical feminist social practice focusing on transformative experiences through intentional gathering, vulnerability, and fostering community. Based in Boston, this community believes in taking up space, unapologetic fury, intersectional feminism, platonic intimacy, and radical listening. Many of our events offered highly structured conversation, dedicated programming, or hands on activities. And while we adore this so much — we also believe it’s important to get together with no agenda in mind, just to be together, to meet each other, to get to know one another better, and to share some drinks, giggles, and space. The Cauldron x HausWitch Summer Fling offered the place just for this. To feel safe, and seen, and held, together, in a beautiful, welcoming, feminist space. 

At this late July event, we gathered Cauldron community babes from all around to sip rose, meet each other, take selfies, find community, and buy all of the things. People came that we only knew previously on the internet, and turning digital bffs into IRL bffs is truly one of our favorite things. Witches even came from NYC! (They are majorly angling for a move to Salem now.) We heard people talking tarot, books, and collaboration. There was talk of kombucha workshops, fundraising efforts, sex magic, candle carving, pastries, crystals for positivity, linen, plant magic, photography, and so much more. 

The inimitable and compelling Melissa Genest, the Nude Witch, did reiki sessions with attendees, a grounding and potent experience for all involved. Above/Below Jewelry sold their swoon worthy wares and limited edition Cauldron bat wing earrings! 

Gathering with no other agenda other than to gather, is powerful. Bringing people together who don't know each other in a treasure palace (ah-hem HausWitch) is powerful. We felt that power in HausWitch last month. Let’s continue to come together over competition. Let's support feminist businesses. Let's get vulnerable and weird with new people. Let's put ourselves first and share in that magic together. 

Spaces like HausWitch remind us, that when a space for you doesn’t exist, you make it. You can make your own radiant, colorful, magical, intersectional feminist, space. It can be beautiful and also badass, full to the brim with sweetness and tearing down the patriarchy, it can be tender and tough, all at once. Seeing other badass babes doing the work and imagining new futures keeps us going, builds us up. 

Thank you to HausWitch and Erica for opening your space to us on what felt like the hottest day of the summer. We left on cloud nine. Turns out we could never have imagined how sweet the future could be  and we forged this future ourselves. Is it time to do it again already?


The Cauldron is a radical feminist social practice focusing on transformative experiences through intentional gathering, vulnerability, and fostering community.

This project was co-founded by Carlie Febo and Kate McBride, two feminist killjoys working hard to create community by elevating platonic intimacy, getting angry, and thinking critically about celebrating each other and ourselves. We loved having them in the shop!! Find out more about The Cauldron and their work on their website and follow them on instagram for event updates!