If you’re reading this, CONGRATULATIONS. You made it through the truly harsh astroweather of June & July!

As a bonus, On August 11th, Jupiter stationed direct!

Just like Mercury, every planet in the sky (except the Sun and Moon, for astronomical reasons) spends some amount of time in retrograde motion. That simply means that, because astronomy, from time to time a planet will look like it’s going backwards in the sky. It isn’t ACTUALLY moving backwards, but because astrology concerns itself with how astronomical events correlate to earthly events from an Earth-bound perspective, what matters is that it really does look like the planet is moonwalking.

Unlike Mercury, when Jupiter is retrograde, it’s far less disruptive. Jupiter spends about four months of every year retrograde, and when it does, we’re given a bit more time to evaluate whatever “biggening” Jupiter’s brought in and plan for what we’ll do once the gas giant regains forward motion.

This year is particularly special, since Jupiter is its home sign, Sagittarius. For folks with natal planets directly hit by Jupiter’s time in Sag (like if your Sun, Moon, Venus, etc. is in Sagittarius), the impacts of Jupiter are magnified even more. 

But, EVERYONE has Sagittarius somewhere in their chart, so that means that everyone feels Jupiter’s time there to some degree. As a planet associated with wealth, philosophy, spiritual development, higher learning, fertility, exuberance, and joy, Jupiter generally tends to bring that good-good to our lives. However, sometimes making something bigger isn’t exactly the most desirable or pleasant thing; big egos often cause big harm. 

By this point, Jupiter has already traced its first, direct path through Sag, spent some time re-considering what it’s up to, and is now rolling forward again. Our own plans, dreams, transitisions, and work all experience a similar forward-moving nudge. Hopefully, you have a sense of what’s growing and growable for you, and if you don’t, you fortunately have about four more months to take advantage of Jupiter’s more beneficial qualities.

Where Jupiter turns direct in your chart is a place where you can cultivate goodness — for yourself, sure, but look at the world we’re in right now: wouldn’t it be wonderful to cultivate some goodness for others while we’re at it?

Keeping that in mind, I made y’all not one, not two, but THREE lists with suggestions on how to work with Jupiter before it enters Capricorn on December 2nd. By rising sign (aka your Ascendant), here are ways to be generous as fuck until December. If you don’t have an exact birth time and can’t know your rising sign, read for your Sun sign instead!


ARIES: Freedom From Religion Foundation https://ffrf.org/
TAURUS: Indigenous Environmental Network https://www.ienearth.org/
GEMINI: FreeFrom http://www.freefrom.org/
CANCER: RAICES Texas https://www.raicestexas.org/
LEO: National Network of Abortion Funds https://abortionfunds.org/
VIRGO: National Alliance to End Homelessness https://endhomelessness.org/
LIBRA: Southern Poverty Law Center https://www.splcenter.org/
SCORPIO: Black Lives Matter https://blacklivesmatter.com/
SAGITTARIUS: Prisoners Literature Project http://www.prisonlit.org/
CAPRICORN: Critical Resistance http://criticalresistance.org/
AQUARIUS: American Civil Liberties Union https://www.aclu.org/
PISCES: Committee to Protect Journalists https://cpj.org/


As always, a small article like this is no replacement for a reading with a professional astrologer! There’s a list of a few of Diana’s faves at the end of this article over here, and Diana herself offers sessions, too!

Diana Rose Harper is a wanderer, tarot reader, astrologer, licensed massage therapist, and Reiki Master. Born under a New Moon, her life is filled with intention. Find her inspiring writings, posts, and stories lifting up amazing POC and BIPOC folx on Instagram at @ddamascenaa, support her on Patreon, and sign up for her newsletter to stay in touch. Diana conducts astrology, tarot and astrotarot readings via Zoom call and can be reached here for booking inquiries.