Happy August, crystal-lovers! 

As always, I’m here with your monthly crystal guidance! This month, I pulled the cards that supported these crystal selections under the Aquarius full moon. Not surprisingly, themes of embracing authenticity, clearing away all that isn’t yours to carry, and finding ways to shine your light brightly for the benefit of the collective came through across the signs. 


Happy August, crystal-lovers! 

As always, I’m here with your monthly crystal guidance! This month, I pulled the cards that supported these crystal selections under the Aquarius full moon. Not surprisingly, themes of embracing authenticity, clearing away all that isn’t yours to carry, and finding ways to shine your light brightly for the benefit of the collective came through across the signs. This month, your “magic words” are excerpts from the Wyrd Sisters Oracle Grimoire that accompanies the Oracle deck, which I used for this month’s ‘scopes. It’s an absolutely magical deck, and I’ve been awe-struck by its messages since I began working with it. In fact, some of the crystal recommendations are also directly informed by the deck, as some cards include crystal suggestions of their own. I couldn’t miss the chance to give you a taste of Casey Zabala’s powerful writing. (Casey has no idea I’m writing this…I just really love this deck. And a witchy little bird may have told me it will be available at Hauswitch soon!)

Work with your crystal recommendation however feels best! You can carry your crystal with you throughout the month, meditate with it, or put the crystal or an image of it on your altar, desk, nightstand, wherever! As always, your magic is YOUR magic! 


Your namesake is Ares, the god of war…and we all know you’re down to fight for what you believe in, Aries. August, however, is calling you to recognize that strength isn’t always about force and will. Sometimes the toughest battle is the one to remain open and soft in a world full of harm. August asks: how can you be strong the way a child is strong? Resilient the way a willow tree is resilient? There’s a fearlessness that comes with innocence that tends to fade with age, with experience, with repeated harm and disregard for our spirit.

This month isn’t asking you to stop fighting against a hostile world. It’s simply asking you to devote an equal amount of time and energy to fighting FOR a world that feels healthy and whole. Allow yourself to be idealistic. Don’t limit your vision of how beautiful the next steps could be. Connect with your inner child, let go of resentment, and feed your resilience through play. This is for the long haul. Garnet will help you see where pleasure intersects with strength, creativity with fortitude. It will help to ground and energize you, lending extra fire when yours begins to burn low. 

Magic Words: Candle For Strength//“Light an orange candle…allow the orange light and wisdom to coax you into comfort and a deeper knowing of your sense of justice and duty.”


In the midst of undeniably chaotic times, the cobwebs collecting in the corners of our psyche are easier to overlook than ever. August is asking you to take a clear and calculated look at your inner environment. Sweep out the cobwebs, get into all the nooks and crannies and make sure there’s nothing nasty lurking. Where are you pouring your energy and intent? Is it focused, or shooting out in every which direction, not being especially effective in ANY direction? Get clear about where your priorities lie, and then take decisive ACTION that speaks to those priorities.

Don’t get stuck in the “analysis” phase. You’ve already made a home there for too long. Ground down, clear the mental chatter, and then charge ahead led by razor-sharp intuition. Uncloud your energy. Call back your power. The rest will follow. Black Tourmaline provides the energetic deep-clean required to move forward, while grounding + protecting you as you take decisive action! Change can be a good thing, Taurus…brush off the dust. 

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Magic Words: Broom~Clearing//“Sweep away the dust from your body, from your home, and from your thoughts.” 


You’ve been deep in your feelings these days, Gemini, and that’s okay! What’s important is that you recognize that all these EMOTIONS are also feedback. Information. Concepts you’re often MUCH more comfortable with. When you learn to approach your own emotions with curiosity about what they’re trying to tell you, instead of fear or shame, we can start to use our emotions to inform our intuition, decision-making, and connection in a healthy way. No more rejecting your feelings entirely or being swallowed up by them completely. There IS a middle ground, Gemini.

You may be queen of duality, but that doesn’t mean you always need to operate from extremes…if you’re feeling out of balance, the reason is probably clear. Don’t be afraid of your own mystery. Explore your intuition, fantasy, and dreams with an open heart this month. There are discoveries to be made in these underwater caves, and you are ever the seeker. Ammonite is an ancient fossilized sea creature that will help you access your innermost wisdom, allowing you to spiral inward and downward without becoming lost. You already know these paths. Remember.

Magic Words: Sigil For Safe Travel//“There’s much to be discovered, recalled, and uncovered.”


Is your entire world coming to an end…or is a new one just beginning? Short answer: yes. Both. You’re experiencing a major paradigm shift, Cancer, and that may have you wanting to retreat back into your crab shell further than ever before. You love the comfort of familiarity, and familiarity has all but fallen away recently. What you may have forgotten, however, is that your deepest sense of security lies deeply rooted WITHIN you. The crab carries its home on its back, after all. It’s a part of you.

Take solace and sanctuary in your natural rhythms this month. Pay attention to how they are asking you to nourish yourself. Right now, your world is like a snow globe that has just been shaken up. Don’t scramble to try to put the pieces back in order. Sink into the flow of your instincts, watch + wait for things to settle. Feel into your needs in THIS moment. When have you felt echoes of this before? How can we approach this time with new wisdom? Have patience as you wait for the pieces to fall into place. Rome wasn’t built (or toppled) in a day. Ocean Jasper will help you connect with the cycles of your life and reveal patterns that can help guide you on your way forward. Allow the soothing, aquatic vibration to comfort and cradle you in the void of transition.

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Magic words: Moon~Cycle// “The Moon wishes to have a greater role in your mundane movements. Find ways to honor her silvery wisdom.”


Blessings are set to flow in for you this month, Leo (as is appropriate in your season!) However, balance is going to be KEY when it comes to making the most of this time. Pay extra attention to the areas in which you tend to go to extremes: work/rest, socializing/withdrawing, good/bad, strong/soft, physical/spiritual, masculine/feminine, etc. You will need to find a way to help these energies flow TOGETHER instead of oscillating between opposite ends of the spectrum. This is about dissolving a binary sense of vision. You are coming into a more authentic way of being, unfurling into fuller bloom.

The season is ripe with abundance, and the same rings true for your energy this month, Leo. The time and space for your spirit is available. You simply have to make it so. All that is required is a little bit of a balancing act. Herkimer Diamond will help you see the prismatic nature of your reality, revealing the complexity and beauty of your self and your experiences. This quartz variety can help you detach yourself from more linear thought patterns, and clear the emotional body to allow your purest nature to come through. 

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Magic Words: Spell For Wholeness//“You are the seed and the petals…may the magic that unfolds from your newfound sense of self radiate healing to your community and beyond.”


You’ve been covering your eyes, afraid to see what you fear most. It’s time to take an unblinking look. You will be saving yourself endless anxiety and heartache. The problems we avoid facing because they seem too big/scary begin to lose their power just as soon as we start to approach them and see them for what they really are. This doesn’t mean they won’t still seem scary. They might. But at least we will know what we’re dealing with. To be honest, it’s almost never as bad as your most messed up anxiety spiral nightmares made it out to be.

Bring your fears into the light of day and start to piece them apart. This is how you find peace of mind. Not by eliminating fear, but by holding it close and saying “I can work with this.” Breathe. You can do hard things. Opal helps to bring a sense of calm and clarity through this process, lending a soft guiding hand. This milky-white, opalescent stone can also help us embrace optimism and imagination, so we can get to visioning and daydreaming and out of the nightmare-zone. 

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Magic Words: Candle For Peace//“Peace is a soft magic that is mimicked through personal interaction, inner work, and consistency.”


Are you ready for a total soul renewal, Libra? Yes, that’s a loaded question. But in all seriousness, a new and unfamiliar path will be illuminated in front of you this path. You may feel drawn in a certain direction without explanation. Ease down this path. Follow intuition, which often shows up in the form of curiosity. You are being redirected towards renewed pleasure and purpose…if you’re willing to envision new worlds for yourself. Pay attentions to the signs and symbols you receive from nature, from your body, from your own magic. You are blossoming into fullness at this time.

Begin to notice. The answer you’re looking for isn’t going to look the way you think it will. In fact, it may be time to evaluate if you’ve even been asking the right questions. Allow your heart to lead. There is power in evolution. Red Jasper will awaken your life force and creative drive, keeping you present in your body while you explore the realms of your higher mind. This stone can also help balance discipline and focus with pleasure and inspiration as you embark down this previously unexplored path within. 

Magic Words: Spell For Personal Power//“Remember the seasons that support you, the winds that carry your song, the waters that replenish you, and the plants that fortify your magic.”


It’s time to close that door for good, Scorpio. Whatever cycle is begging to come to a close: put it out of its misery. If you’ve been waiting for a “good time”, there isn’t going to be one, and you know it. Be conscious of where we use the concept of “closure” as a scapegoat for not moving on. We keep needing to open the wound, beat the dead horse, talk in the same circles because of this craving for “closure.” Ask yourself what closure really means to you. Ask yourself how closure would look in this situation, for real. Odds are, you don’t know. Because there isn’t always closure to be had.

Sometimes we simply must create our own closure, our own rituals, our own ceremony to officially close the door. Give yourself what you need to cut the cord. you can no longer afford to have energy sapped by this situation. It’s time to bring down the sword. It feels heavy, because it is. But once the deed is done, you get to walk away. Grieving, but lighter. Free. Selenite will help cut through the toughest of energetic cords, clearing your energy and providing clarity of thought and higher vision for your future. 

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Magic Words: Spell For Ending//“Death is best facilitated through ritual, acknowledgement, grief, and cathartic release.”


I hate to break it to you, but you’ve been robbing your usually exuberant self of your own joy lately, Sagittarius! Your mind has been playing tricks on you, catching you up in a cyclone of self doubt and anxiety, ultimately disconnecting you from your body, joy, sensuality, and pleasure. Remember what sweetness feels like, then call it to you like a flame calls to a moth. You are the flame, not the moth, and this is key.

Tend to your inner flame to remember that pleasure exists within you. It’s not about anything that can be bought or sold, and it’s not entirely dependent on your circumstances (though these definitely play a role). Don’t worry about how how “presentable” your self care looks. Simply spend the month sinking back into your senses, reconnecting to deliciousness in all its forms. Tangerine Quartz will help you tap into your passion, inspiration, and sensuality. This sunny crystal will also help bring that sparkling optimism you’re known for back to life. 

Magic Words: Sigil For Eros//“Tap into the channel of your true passion.” 


The most formidable obstacle in your way at this time is you, Capricorn. Where are you giving away your power in order to avoid conflict, expansion, responsibility, or the unknown? What parts of you make you feel the most tingly…excited, but also a little scared in a fun way. Lean into those parts of yourself this month. There is huge potential for you to make your most treasured visions a reality, but that means there’s extra incentive to be certain you’re bringing some playfulness and sexiness to your vision.

When you think about your future, it should turn you on! I don’t mean this in a purely sexual way. “Arousal” can look lots of ways, sexual or not. The point is that your life should get you BUZZING. Allow your imagination to run wild and see what fantasies can be brought to reality. Being a little naughty (in ways that cause no harm) will take your vision for your future to new heights this month. Golden Topaz will super-charge your powers of creation, helping you to focus your sparkling intentions into glittering realities. 

Magic Words: Wand~To Make//“Get your hands dirty and relish in the process of making magic.” 


If you’ve felt like you’re at the whims of the Universe these days, you’re not wrong! But it’s not for nothing…there are definite lessons for you in this chaos, and they’re deeply tied to your inner fire—your creativity, warmth, compassion, and enthusiasm. Another layer of your unique light is being revealed to you at this time. A new constellation discovered in the cosmos of your inner world. Another layer added to the mythology of your own journey.

In the middle of the story, things feel unclear, but be open to the lessons in front of you and the plot will reveal itself in time. It will be clear how all roads led to here, and how this road leads to the next. Now is the time to flow, not fight it. You’re being tumbled towards deeper insight. Clear Quartz will cut through the noise of the chaos so we can be a crystal-clear channel for our deepest wisdom. It can also help clear/protect from any “sticky” energy lingering around so that you are more easily able to adapt to the changes being thrown your way at this time!

Magic Words: Spell For Fate//“Spinning, cutting, whirling, wheeling, fate is here to play.”


It’s more important than ever for you to tune out the noise this month, Pisces. In times of confusion, it’s tempting to endlessly outsource our processing/decision-making to others around us who we trust (or sometimes even people we don’t trust…we just want ANYONE to tell us what we should do!) This month, that can only take you so far. Set aside judgement and chatter for a while. Sink into the opportunity for self-reflection that’s been presented by this period of isolation. You may fear getting trapped in your own thoughts, but have faith that this is a spiral staircase, not a bog.

There is a light in the dark, and it’s your own intuition—But you need to dim the other lights in the room before you can see it clearly. Lean on your loved ones now for support rather than guidance. Even those with the best of intentions don’t always know us better than we know ourselves. There are times where the only choice is to choose for ourselves, and you’re facing one now, Pisces. Don’t feel the need to rush. Take the spiral staircase slowly. You’ll know when you’ve “arrived”. Tourmalinated Quartz is both grounding and amplifying, so it can hold you through the descent AND amplify the messages your wisest Self is trying to send. This combo-crystal helps us see the light+shadow in all things, appreciating them in their wholeness. 

Magic Words: Candle For Clearing//“What you are struggling to hold can be transformed into something manageable, lighter, less draining.”

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