Whether you bless up to Aphrodite, Aine, Xochiquetzal, Oshun, Guanyin, or Laverne Cox, the goddesses of love & beauty are ALWAYS around to bring the sparkle. Some witches think these queens are just rulers of romance, but actually they bless us alllll the time with feelings of love, compassion, & appreciation for beauty. We can feel their presence whenever waves of pleasure wash over us after hearing a beautiful song or seeing a gorgeous sunset. Who doesn’t crave more of those moments, right?

But goddesses don’t exist solely to give us pleasure, just like WE don’t only exist to give another person pleasure, either. So after you’ve done your self-love spell, give your Mother Ocean a call to say ‘thank you’ for all the pretty things in the world & your ability to recognize them. Here’s a really easy, fun spell of gratitude for whomever you want to thank.

Sandcastle Offering


  • - An offering of any crystals, shells, or flowers you’re ready to part with
  • - Any tools you need to build a sandcastle
  • - A trash bag & gloves

Go to the beach when the tide is out.

Do your best to clear the beach of garbage.

Build a sandcastle where the water will cover it at high tide. Build the castle as big or small as you want & decorate it with seashells and pretty rocks. Around the base of the castle, draw lovey-dovey doodles in the sand. Goddess symbols, hearts, body parts, poems, swirls, whatever! Make it elaborate and beautiful.

While you’re building the sand castle, talk to your divine being; think of your creation as a real palace, and describe the treasures you’d put in each room for them if you could, the meals you’d serve them, the parties you’d throw. Thank them for all the moments of love & beauty you’ve experienced lately. Let them know you’re excited for what comes next, and that you’re open to receiving their messages.

Sit with your castle as you watch the tide coming back, and ask your deity to accept this offering as thanks for all the love they’ve shown you.

Remember to take your bag of trash with you when you leave. Even if you tidy up & then toss your offerings of crystals or flowers into the sea without building a whole castle, that’s a great thank you spell.


Paige Curtin is HausWitch's Shop Manager, bath witch, and blue-haired angel. You can find her at the shop, posting at @witchthevote, or baking too many cookies.



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