Ask A Witch Q&A

Ask A Witch Q&A

I have never run a customer service email besides, but I imagine most customer service reps don't get to answer questions about the current moon phase and whether it's a good time to cast a New Job Spell. I kind of never know what to expect when I open that inbox: Did everyone's package get delivered? Did I get back to that customer who wanted that thing? Which crystal IS best for helping that person's sister through her divorce? It's honestly ALWAYS a delight to see questions about general witchcraft and spells, because DUH... but I don't always have time to go as in-depth with my answers as I'd like. So since I can't hang out with you all in the shop for a bit, I figured we could do a little FAQ series here, and you can let ME know what YOU wanna know next! Let's dive in...

The number one, most frequently asked Q of all time: What books do you recommend for a beginner witch?

I am not being a smartass I SWEAR but HausMagick + all the other books/zines we sell here at HausWitch! Our brand of witchcraft is super DIY, anti-capitalist, and non-hierarchical so we have lovingly curated a library of empowering indie texts for building your own unique practice and contextualizing the figure of the Witch.

Is every witch Wiccan? Short answer: Nope! Long answer: There is no one thing that every witch is. There are Wiccan witches, Christian witches, Jewish witches, Buddhist witches, Catholic witches, Satanist witches, Muslim witches... a witch for whatever you believe! The HausWitch coven is pretty eclectic with our beliefs, but none of us are Wiccan and we are all witches. We also consider a witch to be a political term somewhere between socialist and anarchist with a little green-rainbow party thrown in (as a treat). So yes, you *can* be a purely political witch!

What is it with witches and the moon? Short answer: So pretty. Long answer: The Moon is the closest celestial body to Earth, so we feel its pull more strongly than any other planet (see: tides, gravity). Its phases reflect the cycles in our own bodies and vice versa, especially for folks who menstruate or track their hormonal fluctuations. The shadowy Moon is also the natural balance to the illuminating Sun (who tends to get all the glory); we need both night and day, dark and light to stay sharp. You could say that the Sun represents conscious, deliberate Thought while the Moon rules the subconscious, intuitive Dreamworld. Witches dance between both worlds, of course, but reaching that Moony Psychic Realm is usually the goal of spellwork or meditation. On a practical note, the Moon provides us a very consistent, not-humanmade (read: not patriarchal) calendar, and a great way to visualize spellwork. When the Moon is getting bigger, we're drawing in abundance. When the Moon is getting smaller, we’re shedding what we don't need and giving offerings for the next cycle. The Full Moon is for celebration + gratitude, the Dark Moon is for contemplation (when the moon seems invisible in the sky), and the New Moon is for setting new intentions.

How do crystals work? Short answer: Science! ...and magic. Long answer: Crystals are from the Earth, which automatically makes them magic, so jot that down. Everything in the whole universe, including you, vibrates with energy. That’s real science. Crystals, being made of powerful minerals and rigid structures, deliver really even, consistent vibrations, which is why we put them in our clocks and computers to keep energy flowing. We even work with these same minerals in our medicine, like Lithium, which is found in anti-depression medication as well as Lepidolite crystals. So you can probably guess that Lepidolite vibes can be a helpful addition to any self-care routine. You don't have to believe in crystals for them to work, they just do. So yes, you can hide Black Tourmaline in your mom's car to protect her during commutes! I bet you already know how to work with crystals; almost everyone who asks me What do I do with them...? immediately follows with ...Do I put them in my pocket, under my pillow, on my work desk? Hold them while I meditate? Correct! You smart witches!

You can read more about crystals in HausMagick, DIY Witchcraft, and The Pocket Book of Stones. *An important note: Like all natural resources, crystals are finite. Most crystals on the market are actually discards from more "valuable" gem mining (think diamonds and emeralds), so they are "eco-friendly" in that sense. At HausWitch, we're careful to work with suppliers who comply with ethical mining practices and stock only crystals that are found abundantly in many regions, but even then, we have to trust their word that they're treating the Earth and their workers fairly. That's why we don't recommend hoarding crystals: consider limiting your library to just a few versatile allies, and once you've worked together, pass the crystal along to a friend.

How do I cast a love spell? Short answer: On yourSELF. Long answer: Casting love spells on other people without their consent is not cool. Witches love consent. Better to cast a spell on yourself for recognizing your own attractive qualities and opening yourself up to receiving love! One of our favorite Muses, The Nude Witch, wrote you this gorgeous self-love spell as a suggestion. These Sigil Candles from Species by The Thousands are also great for getting specific about your intentions, and Rose Quartz can amplify your self-love so others take notice. Now… if your partner is into it and you have their express consent, sex spells can be a lot of fun. A really simple one is to light a candle together, set an intention (something really sexy like “we’re gonna be financially stable all year”) and declare your intimacy an offering. Then uh, ya know. Get it on.

What about hexes? Short answer: We hex systems, not people. Long answer: If we truly believe in the balance and flow of energy in the universe, we don't want to waste our own energy dishing out punishments that aren't ours to give. Energy is better spent on healing ourselves, not harming others. Healing ourselves is justice. That being said, we don't really subscribe to the whole idea of what you put out comes back to you times three rule. Thats a little too specific, and we would never try to stifle someone's righteous anger. We are not are not -love and light no matter what - witches. We are - honor your feelings- witches. We hex things like capitalism, the patriarchy, racism, colonialism, things that we can come together to eradicate. Systems that make people act the way they do, not people themselves. Making offerings to The Opposite is the best way to hex: consider delivering groceries to disabled neighbors or offering a few dollars to a local Native Tribe or Mutual Aid Fund next time you Hex the System.

How do I protect *myself* from hexes? Short answer: Firm up those boundaries! Long Answer: Here's a secret; most perceived person-to-person hexes and curses are totally subconscious. By that I mean, if you think someone is cursing you, they're most likely reflecting their negative energy at you, and you're savvy enough to notice. But congrats, you already have the higher ground because you are a witch and your conscious intentions eclipse their subconscious ones! We talk about boundaries a lot in witchcraft, drawing your energy in to yourself so it can't be infiltrated by someone else. There is a great exercise for pulling your energy back in Basic Psychic Development, and we also carry the brilliant Dori Midnight's Boundaries in a Bottle which you can spritz on and around yourself as a magic suit of armor. You can also work with rocks like Black Tourmaline or Granite for protection (both of which grow abundantly pretty much everywhere), give yourself a daily salt scrub to banish other people's stuff from your body, or (my personal favorite) give yourself a nice big shake like a dog and let everyone else's stuff fall out of your bubble. Now, VERY occasionally someone will hex on purpose. For that, I recommend a big ole belly laugh, and then go do something nice for yourself. Indifference is the best defense. So you just go about your day forgetting that person even exists and I bet you'll be just fine!

*Hexing is NOT the same as mental/emotional abuse. If you are being abused or bullied, please seek support and intervention. Witchcraft only goes so far. A lot of witchcraft texts talk about masculine and feminine energy, but I don't subscribe to the gender binary - can I not do spells? Short answer: You can do whatever the fuck you want, babe! You're the witch! Long answer: Just like *everything*, gender is a social construct. Some folks say that working with these energies in spellwork is more like a way to demonstrate the dual energies that exist simultaneously in everyone rather than honoring a strict binary or assigning gender roles, but it's also totally valid to NOT feel that way. Not everyone sees masculine and feminine as polar opposite, and that's correct too! Honestly, we could go on forever about the intricacies of gender identity, but that wasn't the question was it?! Energy-balancing in your spellwork could include working with: -Light and shadow (remember that light isn't good and shadow isn't bad.

Light can be blinding, dark can be protective. Some witches use the light/dark duality to justify racism and we say fuck. That. Noise.) -Sun and Moon -The Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit) -The Corners/Directions (North, South, East, West) -Wet and Dry -Polished and Rough -The color wheel -The Pride flag
Well that's it for now, witches! I hope this has been helpful. What else do you wanna know? Ask a witch at or find me on Instagram, @celestight!



The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.