Your Mighty Mars

Your Mighty Mars

What your Mars Placement Says About Your Strengths During Times of Crisis

What your Mars Placement Says About Your Strengths During Times of Crisis

Your mars sign holds so many key traits about yourself, from your deep underlying motivations to the direction of your life’s purpose. During tough times like these, it’s super important to understand how your Mars sign can give you hope and direct your soul’s growth.

To find your mars sign, all you need to do is enter in your birthdate in a birth chart calculator (it’s no biggie if you don’t know the birth time for this placement).  Check out the super fabulous birth chart on Chani Nichols (author of You were Born for This) website :

The Placements

Mars in Aries: Your placement is right at home for Mars in Aries! To you, there is nothing more frustrating than inaction. That's why you belong in the front of the crowd, where you can lead and motivate. You have a natural inclination towards athleticism, outdoor activities, and anything that builds your body’s stamina. Since there is an innate strength in you, Mars in Aries will take on the jobs that many are afraid to do, such as publicly championing and speaking on behalf of those who don’t have a voice, and being a cataclysmic force during rallies.

Mars in Taurus: You  provide a grounding, stabilizing energy like no other. You are good at accumulating and saving, whether it be a personal collection, money in your savings account or objects around your house. Your fondness for beautiful  material things makes you the ideal volunteer  to work with food pantries or providing donations of gently used clothing. This Venusian sign also thoroughly enjoys beauty , so being a patron and providing financial support for folks who make a living with their art is great karma for you!

Mars in Gemini:  For a mars in Gemini, constant communication is a lifestyle. Your current super power is battling all the  #fakenews. Use your social medias to spread positive updates that can overpower fear from erroneous information. Your inquisitive nature will make you naturally talented at separating the BS from the truth. Make simple-to-understand, informational posts about how the current situation affects a specific group of folks, such POC, differently abled or marginalized individuals.  Please, keep speaking, keep writing, and don’t stop until your voice is heard far and wide.

Mars in Cancer: There is  a beautiful motherlike, goddess energy in you. A warm cup of homemade soup while wrapped up in a cozy blanket is the comforting vibe you give off to others. Simultaneously,  you are fiercely protective of those you love, and have no qualms standing up in defense of something you truly believe in. That is why your sensitive yet fierce sprit would do well investing time, energy and resources in a social group or cause you can nurture. This  includes helping a start up charity just beginning to get its gears into motion,  or even growing an herb garden, because that means you can share the beautiful fruits of your labor with your community!

Mars in Leo: The generous,  golden hearted Mars in Leos are the ones you want by your side when things are feeling grim or overwhelming. Their time and energy will always go towards making loved ones feel like they can laugh and feel the sunshine again. Simply your presence lightens up those who see this sparkly, kind hearted side of you. Amidst all the troubling times, you are the one to provide relief through humor and add lightness to situations that can really drag others down. A talented performer, expressing yourself  through music, painting, signing, crafting and other energizing mediums provides the world with something positive to focus on... and when people shift their focus, the collective vibes raise higher and higher!

Mars in Virgo: Health and wellbeing is crucial to you, and you have accumulated so much knowledge from all the healing research you’ve been doing. You have a grounded, real world practicality with a calm and cool demeanor that emerges in stressful scenarios . The way you give love to the world is through acts of service. Cooking meals and delivering them, or offering rides when someone’s car breaks down, the people around you appreciate your ability to take care of the many forgotten, practical things during times of crisis. This also includes checking up on your loved ones’ mental health and offering them resources (ranging from articles to herbal remedies) they can find useful. No one has an encyclopedic knowledge on healing modalities quite like you do, darling!

Mars in Libra: The social butterfly of the Astros, your harmonious energy brings people together like no other. Even when social distancing is necessary, you are the one coordinating zoom circles, social media hangouts, and making sure no one feels left out. Your super power of inclusivity makes others feel like they are part of a family. During times when everyone is isolating from fear, your Mars in Libra will make space for those craving connection. Since you can grow a group from 1 to 100 in no time, everything from hosting donation drives to creatively promoting a local causes on your social media is right up your alley.

Mars in Scorpio: No one goes deeper and can gather insight as much as you Mars in Scorpio. The intensity with which you navigate life is something to channel into proactive causes. You take the challenges that involve probing and breaking down taboos while  bringing to light what society would rather sweep under the rug. For instance, Mars in Scorpios would recognize the need to support and provide rights for sex workers, the unjustly imprisoned, and members of society who generally get overlooked or scorned. 

Mars in Sagittarius: Treading uncharted new territory while simultaneously educating yourself is what makes  Sagittarius Mars wake up in the morning. Lovers of travel and adventures you crave to see as much of the world as possible.  Even if you have to stay at home, you can always find a way to get involved in causes involving aid to foreign countries. This includes donating your time and talents to organizations that involve progressive education, given that Sagittarius rules higher education.

Mars in Capricorn: You are the natural moral support. When it feels like your fight is losing, or not worth it, the Mars in Capricorns will step in and continue the work, inspiring those around them to join them in their tenacity and resiliency. You are a leader by example, because although reserved with your words, your are not with your actions. You serve best in causes that don’t have an immediate end, but rather are ongoing processes. Inner strength is gained  if you can envision yourself serving the cause for many years to come, so make sure your heart is truly set on it. Any organization would be absolutely lucky to have you, Mars in Capricorn!

Mars in Aquarius: Dear Mars Aquarians, thank you for sticking through with your unconventional, eccentric ideas that just end up WORKING. What the world sees as odd or too distant to come to fruition,  you instead see a very real possibility. A natural friend and comrade to many in your circle, your knack for combining revolution with friendly bonds is what makes you so powerful!  Your superpower is being able to overcome what society  thinks of you, because at the end of the day, your work for humanity means so much more. The natural philanthropist of the signs, mostly everything you do, from work to home life, will involve betterment of our lives.  Just keep being the wonderful you!

Mars in Pisces: The incredible unique Piscean Mars souls are able to tap into the collective energies and discern what they truly need and feel.  When there's so much stressful news being thrown our way, these Mars placements are able to soothe and give hope by providing emotional support. Sometimes providing a listening ear is so incredibly healing, and nothing boosts someones vibes more than just simply being heard, seen, and understood.  This would be the time to share your emotionally raw art and expressions as so many will relate and feel validated. My dear Pisces, you can start a chain reaction of goodwill that will pass on from each person, making you so necessary during times of world wide or community difficulty.

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