April Full Moon Tarotscopes: Embodying the Unknown

April Full Moon Tarotscopes: Embodying the Unknown

Here we all are, at a very potent Full Moon. It is the fourth Full Moon of the year, in the fourth month.
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Here we all are, at a very potent Full Moon. It is the fourth Full Moon of the year, in the fourth month. The number four is associated with stability, building, and finding safe ground. Some of us will be seeking a space of solace. Some of us may be using our privilege to serve others. You may be called to cast a spell for protection and health, for yourself, and for us all. You may feel called to do four things that will offer aid to others on this day: an amplified message that we are all in this together, an enacted reminder that to give is to receive, that to receive is to give.

It is the time of the Emperor: Aries season just kicked off, and with it, the zodiacal new year. It is a Supermoon in the sign of Libra. Some of us may be picking up on the transformative power of lunar energy especially more at this time. It greets us on a Tuesday, which corresponds with Mars, which is the planet that corresponds with Aries. This is a lot of action, a lot of energy, a lot of vitality to be potentially worked with. Even if we can’t leave the house, we can reflect on our growth. Even if we can’t leave the house, we can collectively pray for the collective and contact our representatives and senators to help give aid to the most vulnerable among us. Even if we don’t have much, we can give a little to someone who needs it more than us. We can tap into what we truly need at this time and reach out for help. Humanity might be stopped, paused, or in acute crisis for so many, yet the world still spins on its axis. The Sun still rises every day. The Moon still rises every night. Our own personal patterns and healing still come up and through us.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are in spring. The earth blooms all around us, even when we can’t be privy to it. Even in times of distress, we can turn towards magic and ritual. In times of distress, we need our spiritual toolkit more than ever. We need hopeful actions to see us through. The Full Moon is an incredible time for casting spells and for making magic because the Sun—our visions, our perspectives, our life force, vitality, and our clearest form of consciousness—shines fully opposite the Moon. The Moon is our interior, our subconscious, our needs, our emotions, and the cycles and patterns of our lives. The blending of lunar and solar energy may bring up a lot, but it also supports us with a lot. 

This time has highlighted so much for us collectively and individually. All of us are processing this in our own particular ways—none is worse nor better, so long as it does cause harm. We are all in the unknown. This Full Moon is asking us to embody the unknown, the parts of us that are a mystery, the parts of our paths that are not yet certain. 

This isn’t a time to give up on your future self. This isn’t a time to give up on a future world. This is a moment to embody the energy you will need to navigate the unknown. Embodying the unknown opens us up to accept the spectrum of our emotions: joy then grief, gratitude then anxiety, anger then action. Try to accept that while the future is completely unknown, once we tap into the power of the present moment, we can make potent individual and collective magic. This is the moment to recognize that only together we can create another way, another world. 


Below are this month’s Tarotscopes to remind you of the beautiful qualities, energies, and resources you already have. You can call on these to address and transform any circumstances that are arising for you internally, externally, or both. They are here to affirm your intuition and intended to offer solace and suggestions for you. Take what you need and leave the rest. 

If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution, or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended. 

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The Fool 

Aries, what a cruel joke the current events have paid on your special season. Since the start of the year, you have been building momentum around goals, dreams, and self-actualizations. There you were, ready to take off, ready to do all the things—ready to truly, absolutely, jump into the brightest version of your next, new you. And now, this.

The good news is that this Full Moon is reminding you that this fresh-start-energy is still here for you, if you want it. You still are ready and able to take some leaps. What next version of yourself do you want to be? What extraordinary parts of yourself are you finally ready to trust? 

You are fire, flickering with potential and passion. You are the sun flooding the morning horizon with hope. You are the tiny sprout, miraculously unfolding silky leaves for us to gape at in wonder, even when the entire world seems locked on the pause button. Remember this. Embody it all. All the best magic starts from within.

Suggested spell ingredients: A fire breathing ritual, prompts to cajole the unexpected, a single spring flower you find on a (socially distanced) walk, pyrite, and “Set It Off” by Strafe on repeat.



7 of Swords 

Taurus, one of your strengths is your ability to be able to bring aspects of yourself to your work that aren’t always directly related to the tasks at hand: your empathy, your intuition, and your incredible taste to name a few. Sometimes these superpowers are hidden within the mundane, or express themselves in intangible ways. Yet they shine through as you enhance everything you touch with your golden hand. You have the ability to even out and harmonize the energies of a room. Even the smallest projects and moments are enhanced by your attention to sensuality, and your vibrations of care. 

The thing you sometimes forget is that because of your dedication and drive to all things hard work, nothing can actually ever be taken from you. This is important to remember, at a time when on a number of different levels you are grappling with some sort of loss: maybe even an actual theft of some sort. At the very least you are grappling with feelings of being out of control. Let this be a lesson to what and who you will be serving in the months to come—it always has to be your future you.

This Full Moon wants you to remember all that you have. Reframe your mindset and actions around all the true things you possess that nothing or no one could ever take from you. 

Suggested spell ingredients: A crying party (preferably over ZOOM), hematite, 7 minute meditations for the next 7 days, an elongated bath or shower with eucalyptus, and “Moody” by ESG on repeat. 



7 of Pentacles

Gentle Gem, burning within you is the potential of a thousand lifetimes—a million movies, complete with lush soundtracks and detailed title treatments and hiding within them parables of flight, despair, intimacy, and the heavens you are so frequently in contact with. This is a blessing. Do not treat it as a curse. Make sure your ever present positive sparks do not get overtaken by the mud of the times or the heavy sigh of this present moment. 

Gemini, if there's one ask this Full Moon has for you it is to make time for the internal pause. If you do so, you will not stop the momentum you’ve been building since the beginning of the year. I know that some of you are currently grieving the loss of that momentum, the loss of some of those brilliant movies and bright plans.Some of that grief has to come up in moments of pause and acknowledgement. When you pause, the energy you have amassed will be better directed to the present moment. I promise you, your quicksilver ingenuity will create other pathways for your dreams. They aren’t dashed—they will just come through in other forms now.  

Remember that you are in a liminal space right now. You aren’t meant to be dragged into the past, nor are you to speed towards unrealistic expectations. Let this Full Moon tell you what you are no longer meant to be holding onto. Let this Full Moon show you what actions will be in alignment with a more authentic expression of your desires. 

Suggested spell ingredients: prayers, lists of all you want to keep and all you want to let go of, merlinite, crocodile jasper, a plant friend to put right next your bed, and “Calling for Change” (feat. Joy Surrender, Stu Avery, Illya De'Arth & Charlie Koppert) by The Irrepressibles on repeat.



9 of Swords

What people don't always know about you, Moon Child, is how hilarious you are. They don’t realize how incredibly controlled you are. Your psychic abilities let you observe so much bullsh*t and yet, you kindly keep so much about others’ bad behavior strictly to yourself. (And that’s also a testament to your deep compassion.) Most people don’t understand how many holographic layers and levels are held softly inside of you. You are made of the Moon, and so, people project onto you what they want to see—not who you actually are

This Full Moon is bringing up all that you have been holding onto that no longer needs to have a hold over you. You are no longer allowed to be warped by all your pain or hardships. Let them inform you, yes. Let yourself stay present through the choppy waters you are currently navigating. You are no longer to be defined solely by your suffering. After you stop carrying around other people’s projections like bricks inside your heart, blocking you from seeing yourself, only potential awaits. Once you put the burdens of the past down, for once and for all, only brilliant expressions of your crystalline ingenuity remain. 

At this Full Moon take the time to name all your good, all your gifts. From now on, you are the only one allowed to define who you are, what your story is, and what you came here to create. 

Suggested spell ingredients: A shedding ritual, smoky quartz, passionflower tea each night before you go to bed, your favorite colors from your favorite Frida Kahlo painting, Blue by Derek Jarman, and “Broken Sleep” by Agnes Obel on repeat.  



9 of Cups 

Leo, none of your secret weapons are secrets: your natural warmth and kindness are legendary. The style you exhibit must be seen in order to be spread to others, and activated by spirit. All of this—and more—makes you one of the lucky ones. But that luck doesn’t mean it is easy for you. It means you’ve stepped into this world with a natural acuity for what kind of useful energy to channel and offer. Remember this as the April Full Moon rises in the night sky. Remember this as time marches on and situations progress around you and for you. 

For this Full Moon you’ve received your second 9 in a row: the 9 of Cups. (Read last month’s Tarotscope with the 9 of Wands here, for context.) Culminations are still in process. Now you get to taste the sweetness of your past efforts. You’ve done boundary work, tons of clarifying, and gotten more rest since last month. Now you are being rewarded by all the insights that are flowing through you, on special delivery from the present moment. Ask yourself: what would be the most empowering decision to make? How can I use my imagination to create the best possible outcome? 

Allow decisions to come squarely from your heart and intuition. Once you access the power of the present moment and bring the energy you need into it, the universe will help you take the next luck-laden step.  

Suggested spell ingredients: An altar that can be charged by this Full Moon on a windowsill—or on a porch, or in your yard if you have one—with at least one vessel filled with your wishes, lapis lazuli, focused heart awareness, movement-based activity that summons your magic, and “Location” by Khalid on repeat. 



The Chariot

Virgo, you are a synthesizing genius. Weaving the mystical into the practical, your efforts delight both the earthworm and the angels. You find a way to make perfection even more perfect. You humbly show up for the work. Over and over. Remember that these gifts are always a part of you, especially when you feel unmoored and unanchored.

Undoubtedly more than one plan has been put on hold or canceled. You may not have access to the temples you usually rely on that help you work. The temples of structure, specific sites and locations of work, certain tools, and many comforts might have become suddenly inaccessible. Many peoples throughout time—due to colonization, immigration (forced and chosen) and other limits and seeming impossibilities—have had to make do with what they had when they had to be in movement, or when their temples were destroyed, or when their access to kin, or home, or tradition were severed. As a result, many inventive, sustaining spiritual practices evolved. The Chariot reminds us that our bodies are temples, that holiness exists especially when we can’t see it. Ingenuity arises especially when we are called upon to give our devotion voice, our prayer form. Use your current limits to create movement and freedom as only you can.

You can still show up for the work you need to do right now: it is inside of you and all around you. Find ways to combine your natural gifts with what is currently available to you. Then relish in the outcomes and what it teaches you about who you are. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Jade, ballet inspired exercises, jet, tumeric and white willow bark, orange and yellow candles to cast spells of hope and new beginnings, a midnight walk alone under the Moon’s glow, and “Mirror Forever” Weyes Blood on repeat 



6 of Cups

Libra, you couldn’t be more charming: this sweetness flows out of your fingertips as you create pleasing worlds for everyone to enjoy. Your gift of being able to know what someone else needs, even before they do, is akin to heart-centered ESP. Your words hypnotize. You teach us all about the power of kindness and beauty, as you are the walking archetype of both. 

The potential of this Full Moon, your Full Moon, is one of much needed rebalancing. The healing that is available for you at this time is all about emotional availability. You give so much to others, but how are you at receiving? Tuning into your needs, and using that honey tongue to communicate to others how they can help you is your spellwork. With practice and in time, this could also heal something deep in your family ancestry.

Remember: letting others give to you is a gift for them too. A well-tended-to-Libra can summon all the pink-winged angels down from the sky to sing for us all. When you are cared for, the fierce love of Venus themself beams down to offer us their infused nectar shots of money, love, roses, and compassion. At this Full Moon and beyond, drink in all that you need to feel sustained and impeccably cared for. It all starts with knowing and asking for exactly what you need. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Rose quartz, rose petal baths, honey cake, a brand new altar that makes space for all that you are ready to receive, and “Venus as a Boy” by Bjork on repeat. 




Scorpio, you are steadfast, loyal, and steady. You teach us all about transformation: pain into art, thoughts into actions. Making the intangible tangible is your forte. Your respect for mystery rewards you more than most.The depths you dive into offer you a quiet, silky place to lay down in and philosophize about when the petty matters of the world get to be too much. You frequently remind and bring us into deeper meanings and lessons. 

There’s *almost* more going on right now than you can handle. Just when you’ve come up for air, just when you've closed one chapter, you are now plunged into an entirely different scenario you could not have prepared for if you tried. This Full Moon wants you to think very carefully about how you are using your energy. Any issues you are having right need to be alchemized. Let it go, compost it. Use it as fuel to help, not to hurt yourself or others. Let go of the need to control this alchemization—let it take the form it needs to. One form of alchemizing is called surrender. 

This is a time to make art. Make art of your pain, art of your challenges, art of the messages the angels bring to you through the wind and the bleak, unending sky. Respond to the calls of the universe to make greater meaning out of your one precious life. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Obsidian, one red candle, one black candle, one white candle to symbolize what is currently being transmuted at this time, the Dangerous Angels series by Francesca Lia Block, and “Music for a while” by Henry Purcell and Aldred Deller on repeat. 



3 of Swords

Sweet Sag, your generosity and enthusiasm keeps entire teams buoyed and sometimes, the lights on and the bills paid. You teach us all that where there’s a will, there's a way. And that way is usually more winding, more exciting, and sexier than we could have come up with on our own. 

This Full Moon is about making enough space to grieve and heal. Whether this is related to the current circumstance or not—emotions and long-standing patterns are coming up in order for you to make peace with them. First, you've got to feel your feelings and figure out where you cut yourself a little too short. Your first impulse will always be to light torches for others to follow through the deep backwoods of their fear. You'll always want to offer hope to others—joy and community are your lifeblood. It just wouldn’t be fair to pass up any chances to heal yourself now. There will be more time to bring solutions to others’ pain. First, tend to your own. Gently. Gingerly. With a light touch.  

The swords you figure out how to pull out of your own heart will make space for the gold to pour through into the cracks. The insights you learn about your own healing process ends up as inspiration to others to bravely embark on their own journeys.   

Suggested spell ingredients: Pyrite, videos of floating clouds, Magritte paintings, guided meditations by Tara Brach, oat straw tonic, any art making that brings you closure, and “This Close" by Molly Sarle on repeat 




Capricorn, what you can accomplish in one day would make any mere mortal’s head spin. You are exceptional at doing what you say you will, at taking care of business in a flash, as well as being in it for the long hall. So much of what you have to offer is forged in useful, easy to implement suggestions: you take the time to figure out what works, so we don't have to. Know that these skills do not crumble away in times of a crisis—they intensify. 

It is ok if this time period is filling you with doubt. This Full Moon wants you to know that even though some, or all, of your life has been derailed, you are still ready to follow your vision into another realm of being. This is a heart centered space. You are ready to do the hard thing. Which for you are activities along the lines of play, and letting the wild parts out to rewild your life, especially around the edges. The reward comes when you loosen your grip. Make a plan to take it a bit easier: on your expectations, your predictions, and your reality. It is ok to hold off on needing to know right now. Take those superpowers you’ve acquired them and use them to hold yourself. Tend to your inner journey, not your outer one. 

Suggested spell ingredients: A ritual to call in all your helpers (ancestors, guides, angels, humans, animals, etc.), honey calcite, art supplies, dialoguing with your inner wild one, and “Surrender” by Jhene Aiko on repeat. 



5 of Wands 

Your ability to discern and analyze is unparallelled. Synthesizing disparate learnings from seemingly unconnected places into exciting constellations that provide the public with helpful roadmaps is as natural as breathing. You present your own lightning bolts of spiritual downloads in order to create new neural pathways for anyone who has the privilege of paying attention to your findings. You illuminate the idea of life itself.

Current circumstances find you in a bit of an identity crisis. Apply some of your vibrant skills and talents that you so easily help others with to your soul. Evolution is imminent, but right now it looks and feels messy. 

Aquarius, it’s no secret that you don’t love a mess. You also don’t like letting yourself be a total mess, but this is required in order for you to decide what stays and what goes.

So go on, be a mess. Relish in what your process looks like. Create symbols that  describe your unraveling. Draw your own personal book of constellations. Start a story you aren’t yet able to finish. Experiment with mentors. Gather with your people, your angels, anyway you can. Work with others to create and define the present mess in a way that allows for the most visionary version of your future to coalesce.

Suggested spell ingredients: 5 candles that all represent different aspects of yourself to meditate on under the Full Moon, FaceTime life-coaching sessions with your besties, Post-it Notes full of key words and affirmations around the new identity you are creating, blue and green beryls, and Megan Thee Stallion’s “B.I.T.C.H" on repeat. 



The Sun

Pisces, you have a really precious gift that you don't always value: your ability to take your wounds and your rich emotional life and turn them into a balm for others. You make folks comfortable by way of witnessing your innate vulnerability, which sometimes feels painful to expose. There’s no other way for you to be: exquisite, impactful soul-baring is a part of your nature. This Full Moon is about you exploring that gift more. How can it travel into new arenas? How can you express your raw wisdom in ways that keep you excited?

This Full Moon is also about using your gifts in ways that feel equitable and non-extractive for you. Art, stories, communication, finding ways for folks to pay you for your insights, finding a larger audience to receive you, boundaries with who and where you share are all ways this could be coming up for you.

The Sun card arriving here for you symbolizes both a homecoming and a departure. All the work you’ve been doing in the shadows has paid off, and it is time for you to embrace and take up residence in your hard-won glow. Even though a lot of things are currently on hold, or sped up, or distracting right now  in your life, there are still many things you can do and many places you can travel within yourself. Create pathways for your consciousness to travel into that offers up a new story around belonging. Write that story into the brightest future you can imagine.

Suggested spell ingredients: comedy specials on Netflix, Dear Diary entries that become a poem or social media post or public art project, Vitamin D, the essence of sunflowers, carnelian, and “Sunshowers" by Billie Holiday on repeat. 

Written by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener




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