April Crystalscopes

April Crystalscopes

We may have no idea what day of the week it is right now, but we DO know that it’s finally APRIL! And that means a new round of Lighthaus Crystal-scopes for all of you angels! This month has a LOT of blue-green crystals coming through…it seems like the collective could use some cooling and clarifying energy to accompany us on the deep inner-dive that is social distancing!

Supportive crystals and magic words for each sign are detailed below. Chosen intuitively, you can carry your crystal with you throughout the month, meditate with it, or put this crystal or an image of it on your altar, desk, nightstand, wherever! As always, your magic is YOUR magic! Use these crystal-scopes in whichever way they offer you support! I recommend reading your Sun AND Moon signs in order to get a closer look at what your emotional body may need!

This month, I’ve also included your Tarot guides! These are the cards I drew in order to give context while channeling each crystal! Deepening your relationship with a specific card is an excellent way to expand your Tarot practice (and put any extra spare-time you may have this month to good use!)

If you’d like a more in depth and personalized version of your ‘scope, head over to the Psychic Portal and book a tarot reading + crystal “prescription” session with me! We’ll meet through the magic of Zoom and use Tarot and oracle cards to explore how you can reconnect to pleasure (and your personality outside of a n x i e t y…remember that?) Then, you’ll receive a super-cute, downloadable “crystal prescription” card with custom crystal recommendations and magic words based on your reading! Sending you lots and lots of Lighthaus love!! xoxoxo


Stunning, honey-warm Amber isn’t actually a stone. It’s actually fossilized tree resin! Its ancient origins make it an excellent crystal for tapping into our own inherited wisdom. It can help us to see ways for our past to empower us rather than hold us back, no matter how painful they may be. This will be important this month as you explore old, unhealed wounds that are coming to the surface (ready or not!)

We’re in your season for most of the month, and your impulse may be to party it up as much as possible under these circumstances. And the sunny, sweet energy of Amber encourages you to embrace positivity and love! But this month is also about setting healthy boundaries for yourself, and looking at the ways in which you’ve let your suffering become your identity. Consider that embracing genuine love for yourself may be a more sustainable route to connection than throwing yourself into catastrophe. Spiraling deeper into your pain without any attempt to examine the wound, heal the wound, or draw the poison out is useless. 

Tarot Guide: 3 of Swords

Magic Words: Healing is within my reach. 


The intricate banding and patterns of Botswana Agate help us to recognize patterns in our own lives. As creatures of habit, it can be hard for you to notice when it’s time to make a change, sweet Taurus! April is calling you to re-evaluate your relationship to the things you hold most dear, though.

Now is the time to challenge your relationships to pleasure, beauty, harmony, romance, and connection. This certainly doesn’t mean giving up on these things! You’re simply being called upon to evolve, to relate to these concepts in new ways that are more aligned with who you are now. Botswana Agate will help to keep you grounded through heady spiritual “downloads” and the inevitably shaky feeling of ridding yourself of old and limiting (but often comfortable) beliefs and patterns. 

Tarot Guide: The Lovers (Reversed)

Magic Words: I allow myself to see beauty in a whole new light. 


Herkimer Diamonds are true diamonds more affordable, equally gorgeous cousin. The clear vibration of this stone helps us to find clarity and elevate our consciousness from the material realm into the spiritual realm. This stone will make a useful ally as you wade through rapid-fire thoughts and ideas in order to redefine your relationship to value and worth in order to get back to your roots.

It’s time to banish your inner Monopoly Man and forget about what society has told you makes a person “successful”, and item “valuable”, or time “well-spent”. Focus on what carries real weight, real joy for you. You’ll feel it in your body and your spirit. You know what makes you feel rich. Now say f*** the rest. 

Tarot Guide: King of Pentacles (Reversed)

Magic Words: Only I define my wealth and worth. 


Moldavite is a type of Tektite formed from the impact of a fallen meteor. It’s quite literally the stuff of stars! Tap into the infinite energy of the cosmos with this stone as your guide this month, Cancer! If you’ve been feeling heavy, this month is asking you to unburden yourself so you can elevate. When anxiety is running high, we can end up feeling both paralyzed AND exhausted. You feel like you’re working yourself to the bone, and yet you haven’t gotten anything “done” to show for it. And then you feel guilty about it all and the cycle starts again. Enough!

Is everything you’re carrying around even yours to carry? And what’s the worst that could happen if you chose to leave a few things behind? You can’t reach the next level if you’ve got the emotional equivalent of cinder-blocks on your feet! It’s time to put some things down so you can tune back into your truth. 

Tarot Guide: 10 of Wands (Reversed)

Magic Words: I unburden myself. 


Forgiveness has been a reoccurring theme for you this year, Leo! And it’s back again for April. This month wants you to focus that forgiveness on yourself. You’re being called to get in touch with your smallest, most vulnerable self. Some call it the inner child, call it whatever you want. Access the part of yourself that is more fearless, more trusting, more imaginative, more playful, and less critical.

It’s not an easy ask in a time where even our own bodies are under suspicion, but this month wants you to let your guard down. To think about how you may interact with the world if you had never been hurt. This isn’t about ignoring pain or shadow. It’s about forgiving yourself for the painful situations you’ve found yourself in. Forgiving yourself for the healing you haven’t done yet, forgiving yourself for not always acting in your best interest, and most importantly forgiving yourself for just being HUMAN. Chrysoprase helps you tap into this open, child-like energy and opens the heart energy center to a more joyful sense of ease! 

Tarot Guide: 9 of Wands (Reversed)

Magic Words: I forgive myself. 


Have you been more of an observer than a participant in your own life recently, Virgo? April is begging you to be present in the moment and make actual moves in your life to call in more joy and connection! We know you love to get every detail right, Virgo, and we’re not sure if there’s a sign that loves A Plan more than you. But you can get so caught up in the planning and perfection of it all that you forget to ever actually ACT!

Hiddenite can help get you out of even the most stubborn rut, and aids in finding your “happy place”…which could really be any place, once you’ve explored what makes you tick! Hiddenite contains Lithium, giving it a warmer, fuzzier feeling than other stones that can help us access our intuition. Just because we have to stay home doesn’t mean you have to let life pass you by! It can be easy to sink deeper into isolation right now, but this month is suggesting you do the opposite: take your efforts and your vision into the physical world now! 

Tarot Guide: The Hermit (Reversed)

Magic Words: I create the life I desire. 


The end of March may have you feeling a bit defeated, Libra. Your sign generally thrives in social situations and through connection with others, so this whole social-distancing thing may be proving extra difficult! Not having other people or social gatherings to act as a buffer has you running up against cycles of negative self-talk, self-doubt, and general insecurity. You may either feel like lashing out or giving up completely. But Lapis Lazuli is here to bring you back to your divine self!

This deep-blue stone has powerful effects on our intuition and focus, and helps to calm feelings of anger, frustration, and powerlessness. Use Lapis Lazuli to hand the microphone over to your higher self, instead of bowing to that pesky negative chatter in your mind. You know which one is speaking the real truth (spoiler alert: it’s your higher self). If you feel like you’ve lost your spark, the Jupiterian vibration of this stone will help you see that this was just the contraction before beautiful expansion. 

Tarot Guide: 5 of Swords (Reversed)

Magic Words: I feel my inner spark return!


April wants you to stop chasing shiny nothings, Scorpio! You love the chase, but constantly chasing a moving target only leads to one thing: burnout. It’s easy to be distracted by the next-best-thing, to keep our focus moving so that we don’t have time to notice pain we may be feeling, issues we may be ignoring, and wounds that require healing. If you’ve been having a hard time hearing yourself think lately, take a good hard look at the ways you may be “escaping”.

There’s no harm in a little escape, especially in times like these. But when our refuge from the real world becomes another carrot at the end of a stick we never quite reach, is it really a refuge at all? Simplifying is the name of the game this month, and the ultra-calming and meditative energy of Azurite will help you hear your intuition loud and clear. The vibrations of this crystal promote mental clarity, an easy flow of knowledge, and brings peace to chaotic emotions. Like a few other signs, the real message here is to return to your roots. 

Tarot Guide: Knight of Wands (Reversed)

Magic Words: I see what is truly important. 


April wants you to sink into the soothing, oceanic qualities of Larimar, Sagittarius! Setting strong boundaries is important, but now is a time to quell your more reactionary impulses. Emotions are running high all around the world, and there’s a certain tension in the air for sure. But April is asking you to tap into a quieter, gentler, more graceful type of power than you may be used to. Think all bite, no bark.

This isn’t about showboating, or lashing out in fear or a need for control. This is about being so self-assured, so trusting of your own strength, you have no need to front. You can relax. Larimar has an intensely soothing energy, but like the ocean, there is still immense will and life-force there. Trust that your defenses will be there when you need them. Until then, try to keep things chill! 

Tarot Guide: Strength

Magic Words: I am as strong, gentle, and wild as the sea. 


Whether you’ve taken notice yet or not, now is a time that’s rich with opportunity for you, Capricorn! You usually like to keep two feet firmly on the ground, but this month will challenge you to cut away old thought patterns in order to give new seeds of intention room to grow. Think of it like weeding out your garden, doing a little extra tending in order to make space for things that are fresh and new! Everything may feel topsy-turvy right now, but this kind of chaos often serves as a powerful mirror that reveals potential for growth we may never have seen otherwise.

The beginnings of an exciting new project, adventure, or passion are underway. Try not to get bogged down in the nitty-gritty details of the “how” just yet. For now, it’s important to remain flexible and allow any roadblocks to serve as useful and informative redirection instead.  Kyanite will help keep your thoughts on their highest and best track, and keep everything cool, calm, and balanced while you take on the fiery energy of a new beginning! This beautiful, blue stone will help you piece together fragmented thoughts and ideas, and makes you a clear channel for communicating them. 

Tarot Guide: Page of Wands

Magic Words: This is the start of something good. 


Odds are the way the world was running BEFORE all this went down didn’t make much sense to you either, Aquarius. While other people may be totally overwhelmed by the ways their daily routines have been disrupted, your unconventional and alien (in all the best ways!) self is fairly well-equipped to roll with the punches. You love a revolution, and most come with times of upheaval. Now is actually a time for you to shine!

There is potential this month for you to make big moves when it comes to your stability, your material success, your health and body, and your home. Smoky, grounding Jet makes the perfect companion. This ancient, fossilized driftwood helps tap you into earth energy so that you can bring your ideas out of the ether and into the real world. Many Aquarians are excellent organizers, and we need organizers in our communities now more than ever! Now isn’t the time to scatter your attentions, Aquarius. Tap into the focused and strong vibration of Jet to clear your head and align with the present moment. It’s time for thoughtful action. Trust your self and your vision completely. 

Tarot Guide: Knight of Pentacles

Magic Words: I move forward with clear intention. 


Fire may not be the element you feel most at home with, but April wants you to embrace its warming and revitalizing energy, Pisces! You may be feeling like you lost your footing, and you’re unsure how to move forward in this new, liminal space of a world. But this lack of control has actually opened new roads for you. It’s going to take some creative problem solving, and certainly some paradigm shifts, but the world is still your oyster, Pisces!

No one has taken away your ability to live a passionate and creative life! It can be easy to lose touch with our desires when everything seems to be going off the rails. But sometimes disorder (and rearranging) are the perfect muses. It’s okay to grieve the world you lost, but be ready to celebrate the new inner and outer worlds you’re being called to build. This isn’t an overnight or linear process. There will be more grieving to do along the way, more ups and downs, more uncertainty. Do not pressure yourself to abandon your old worlds all at once. But let the awakening energy of Garnet inspire you to keep building your beautiful new world, rain or shine.

Tarot Guide: The 2 of Wands (Reversed)

Magic Words: My creativity is the antidote for ennui. 

Crystal image credits from top to bottom, all from Instagram: @tresors_thestrand, @rockhound61116, @lecomptoirgeologique, @silverskys_moldavites, @poweredbyluna, @mineral.splurging, @mineralsspecimen, @xtine92, @luckycat.charmz, @rhodopeminerals1, @crystalsrockaustralia, @miss.inbetween 



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