A Tarot Spread for Sagittarius Season

by Kalyn Anderson

Buckle up, witches--Sagittarius season has arrived!! This Fire sign is known for a love for adventure, their insatiable craving for new experiences, and a (sometimes reckless) optimism that this Jupiter-ruled sign seems to pull off with ease--and often a hearty share of good luck. Sagittarians are deep thinkers--but more than contemplating their philosophies, they want to EMBODY and experience them. The spread below is designed to help ANY sign lean into the energy of this season and embrace all that Sagittarius has to offer. As always, take what serves you and leave what doesn't--Goddetc knows a Sagittarius would! If you do the spread for yourself, be sure to tag me (@sweetbitterritual) and Hauswitch (@hauswitch)--we'd love to see what the cards have in store for you this season! Happy reading, witches!

1. What philosophy am I being called to explore—not just through thought, but experience?
2. What kind of unexpected adventure should I remain open to this season?
3. How can I balance wildness and thoughtfulness in my day to day life?
4. Where am I being called to “ask forgiveness rather than permission”?
5. How can I make my own luck this season?