A Tarot Spread for Scorpio Season

A Tarot Spread for Scorpio Season

by Kalyn Anderson

Welcome to Scorpio Season, witches--time to break out your Big Witch Energy sweatshirts, light up your candles, and embrace an air of mystery. This water sign is most known for their intensity, protective (and sometimes defensive) nature, and often an interest in the mysterious and taboo. This archetype also knows a thing or two about transformation: scorpions molt their exoskeleton several times throughout their lifespan! In Tarot, Scorpio is associated with the Death card--a card that symbolizes a metaphorical death/rebirth much more often than it represents an actual death in the physical realm.

Falling right in the midst of the "season of the witch", a time of transitioning seasons where the "veil" is thought to be thin and our connection with the spirit world is amplified, Scorpio season is the perfect time to tune into spirit/intuition and explore the parts of yourself that are seeking transformation. Honor the authentic facets of yourself that may feel frightening or taboo. Speak and act on uncomfortable truths, because truth is more valuable to this sign than comfort. 

The Tarot spread below was designed with some of the themes of Scorpio season in mind to help ANY sign lean in to the energy this season has to offer. As always, feel free to take what serves you and leave what doesn't, and modify or add on to these prompts in any way you'd like! If you do this spread for yourself, I'd love to see it...post to your stories and tag @hauswitch! Happy Scorpio season!!!

1. What am I being called to shed/put to rest this season?
2. What is being reborn/renewed for me this season?
3. A helpful reminder/guide to assist me in this time of transformation. 
4. A part of my depths that is currently vulnerable and in need of loving and healthy self-protection.
5. An uncomfortable truth it would benefit me to witness or speak. 



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