Coven-Approved Gifts!

Coven-Approved Gifts!

 Need some ideas for the rest of your gift list? No one knows our treasures better than us! Take a peek at what the HausWitch Coven is giving their loved ones this winter.

Erica: "I'm low-key obsessed with the Hard Broom incense cones because they give off the perfect amount of scented smoke without being overpowering. Plus the name is a nod to one of my all-time favorite witch movies, The Worst Witch. 

My other go-to gift this year is the color changing nail polish! I never get over how cool these are and as nail polish snob, I can say that these are really high-quality, easy to apply, and long lasting little shapeshifters! Like the Hypercolor shirts of my 90's youth, they change color according to your body heat and external stimuli. My fave colors are Flower Power, Wonderland and Wavy Baby, (which happens to be what we nicknamed the Counter Magick logo!)"

Dawn: "Astral: A Linen Spray for Dreaming. Imagine if you could bottle a lullabye, how it could transform your dreamscape. Astral is that lullabye. Boundaries in a Bottle is a must have for anyone who co-exists with other humans. And our Witches Candle is by far the BEST candle I've lit. Seriously, the smell plus the crackling of the wooden wick sends me into my imaginary witch cottage in the woods."

Paige: "My go-to gift is usually a Hestia candle, because I want everyone I love to have a Secret Spell for comfort in their home! Plus it's just a universally loved scent whether you're witchy or not, and I get to explain who Hestia is which usually leads to a fun conversation about magic that we wouldn't have had otherwise! 

Most of my family are out of towners, so if they're not a candle person I like to gift something Salem-y since I know they won't have it already! The Streets of Salem pouch if they're into crystals, or the Salem Map greeting card with a gift card or donation receipt tucked inside is a fave."

Lish: "One of my favorite treasures to give is our Ember Spray by Counter Magick! It's a universal, warm scent that is perfect for winter and channeling the calmest vibes. It's one of my personal staples and it is the perfect bathroom spray. 

Another favorite is any of our secret spell votive candles. These are the best gifts if you're gifting to a large group of people, or if you're looking to cross some names off of your list in a hurry. I'll be giving The Deep: A Secret Spell for Surrender to most of my friends and family this year. It's my favorite and we can all use this spell!"

Caroline: "This year, I’ll be giving my besties Firme Arte x Hauswitch’s Season of the Witch sugar scrub because it feels amazing, smells like a seasonal dessert and is a simple way to make your everyday routine a little bit more intentional and magical!!

Our Feast Secret Spell candle was a hit with everyone I gifted it to last year - it smells delicious and is a secret spell for abundance, which I thought was a sweet wish for everyone’s New Year!"

Cole: "During the colder months, I really like to give people carnelian crystals or, better yet, our Carnelian gem essence. The stone’s fiery energy makes dealing with shorter days and chilly weather much easier. Putting a few drops of this essence in some hot tea or cocoa is a perfect recipe for warmth and inspiration.

If I’m shopping for someone who isn’t much of a crystal person, our Furies candle is another great choice for this time of year. I like to think of it as having a similar feel to relaxing by the fireplace. Whomever you give it to will receive some majorly cozy vibes, and protection with the cedar wood scent."

Denali: "For the person in your life that needs a little change in 2023. A Fresh Start bath salt acts as an energetic reset button! Peppermint oil awakens your potential and amazonite has opportunity knocking at the door. 

Paired with the Moldavite gem essence it makes for the perfect transformation spell to bring in the new year. The gem essence is a budget-friendly alternative for the rare and eagerly sought-after stone. Perfect for your celestial bff."

Kalyn: "If you've got a witch to gift for in your life, you can't go wrong with the  2023 Many Moons Planner. I've been working with this planner for a few years now and the magic inside is perspective-changing every. single. year. It's a gift that will keep on giving for the ENTIRE upcoming year--just make sure to grab one for yourself too or you'll be sorry you missed out! 

For anyone who burns incense, I love the  Hand Rolled Rope Incense. It's a little something different that not everyone has used before, it burns beautifully, and (of course) it smells incredible. Give the gift of a little sacred space!"



The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.